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Desert Bloom
Desert Bloom
The 50x50 Desert Bloom lot

Desert Bloom Park is a neighborhood in Oasis Springs in The Sims 4. In the middle of the neighborhood lays a 50x50 lot where the Desert Bloom park is located. Around the main park, there are paths and wilderness that Sims can explore. The neighborhood is in the center of Oasis Springs.

Park and neighborhood amenitiesEdit

The Desert Bloom lot itself contains many barbecue grills and tables, a space-themed playscape and monkey bars, some chess tables, a fishing pond, an indoor lounge with a bar and public bathrooms. The surrounding areas feature three fishing spots, a few grills, tables and bench seats, public bathrooms and a few resources to collect.

The neighborhood also contains one of the two entrances to Forgotten Grotto, the secret lot of Oasis Springs. To break open the entrance, level 10 Handiness skill is required.