Diamond Heights is one of the districts in The Urbz: Sims in the City on console. Diamond Heights is a fashion district situated in the northern part of the city, just west of Neon East. While travel by subway here is possible from any district, it is recommended that visitors travel from Cozmo Street or South Side Bridge for the best views of the waterfront on their way to this high-rise district. People have been known to get dizzy at the extreme altitude here, with the top floor on level with the nearby advertising blimps. Those afraid of heights should stay home, but those into high-culture and high-times should dress up and expect a fun-filled night filled with glamour!

Getting a reputation here will get one noticed by the residents of the South Side Bridge district.

Residents of Diamond HeightsEdit

About the ResidentsEdit

The Residents of Diamond Heights noticeably dress in expensive clothing with shimmering fabrics and furs. For some reason, various motorcycle gangs have taken to crashing the celebrity parties for fun, so watch your step at night.

The show here is run by fashionista Diva Roma and her famous twin models Sophie and Babbette Couture. Former rap star, record producer, and impresario Cash Monet is also known to party here on occasion along with quadruple platinum recording artist Pootie Fads. Rumor has it Diva and Mr. Monet are related in some way to organized crime figures such as "legitimate businessman" Louie Bricks and Jimmy Two-Shoes, as they are occasionally seen at parties here as well.

Preferred Social MovesEdit

  • Euro Kiss
  • Paparazzi Pop
  • Snap Shot
  • Striptease
  • Vogue



A girl modeling at Diamond Heights

No trip to Diamond Heights is complete without giving the catwalk a try. Open to the public, this fashion runway is loads of fun to use even if your personal style is more "statement" than "state of the art." Real culture vultures will want to make a beeline to Diva's Snapshots, the local fashion agency. If you've got the look and the attitude, you can make more money posing for pictures for a couple hours, than working in any other district! Finally, there is the exclusive party at the Catwalk club.

There is a shop located just to the left of the elevators as you step out.

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