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How did Don get to Riverview?

  • My theory is that one of Don's friends made a stupid bet that he couldn't get rich in six months. The loser had to give the winner $50,000. When Don's friend {I think his name was Fred} found out that Don actually could get rich by marrying Cassandra, he panicked and told Cassandra about Don's many affairs. Cassandra {who I think has expiremented with Time Travel before} shipped Don off to the past and into Riverview, and all the other girls witnessed the revenge and were the people laughing. Hurshbr (talk) 18:25, March 1, 2013 (UTC)Hurshbr
  • My theory is that Don wanted money, he only married cassandra for the money. After finding out that Cassandra and Mortimer were able to make a time machine Don thought of a plan to become much more rich: traveling to the future and steal al inventions from all the genius scientists and sell it in its own time. So Don travelled to the past when everybody else was asleep. In the past he went to Sunset Valley with a train. In Sunset valley he went to the Landgraab Industries Science Facility to steal some inventions. Unfortunatelly the scientists discovered his plan and let Don step on a circle wich caused him to lost his memory and awareness. One of the scientists said Don came with the first time machine (by their known) so they decided to send him 50 years more back in time. The scientists put Don in the spacetime machine wich caused him to teleport to Riverview. The female scientists had the good sence of humor trait so they laughed at a joke when Don woke up and teleported to Riverview...
  • I Think that Don drank a potion that stoped his from aging for 40 years while he was living in Riverview and moved to Plesentview

  • Personally, I think it was a setup for revenge gone wrong -- Don was ready to finally settle down and marry Cassandra, only to find out the wedding was a trap, where Kaylynn, Dina, Nina and Cassandra all had planned to get rid of him. They were going to use the Teleporter, but didn't happen to know what it did exactly, or how to work it. They shoved him into it, and he got teleported back in time & into Riverview. Nina and Dina attempted to send him anywhere, not realizing he was already gone into Riverview in the past. They opened up the teleporter, and accidentally fell on into it, sending them off to Barnacle Bay on accident. Kaylynn attempted to grab Nina or Dina to prevent them from being teleported, but was also teleported as well, in a similar way that Don had been. However, Kaylynn's transportation was slightly bugged, changing her age and sending her back to her own childhood, where the real-her then (probably aged older than she is in The Sims 3, assuming that she didn't take an age-stopping elixir any time between TS and TS3) became one with the now teleported her, leaving only the younger Kaylynn. Cassandra obviously noticed chaos was going on in the small few seconds that all this teleporting happened in, and was able to steer clear of the teleporter before she, too, might accidentally fall into it. I know it's weird, and probably not likely, but hey, I like it.

  • So here is my little theory. In the family bio it says that several women were laughing. So maybe, when he married Cassandra, he moved in with the Goths. Eventually Cassandra, Nina, Kaylynn and Dina found out that he was in love with all of them, so they pushed Don into Mortimer's teleportation pad. But they all (except Cassandra) were still in love with him, so they all jumped into there too. But unfortunately for them Kaylynn was transported into Sunset Valley and Nina and Dina into Barnacle Bay. BUT unfortunatley I didn't realize that Don had left Cassandra at the altar and never married her. So, part of my theory doesn't really check out, and I should do a better job with my reaserch... -_-

  • My theory is that Dina pushed Don into the teleportation pad because she was in love with him and she wanted to escape with him, and the limit of the pad was one person. Dina followed, hoping to end up where Don was going. Nina knocked on the door and opened it and saw Dina getting onto the pad. Dina jumped on, and Nina quickly ran to her, not knowing that it was a teleportation pad. Nina tripped and fell onto the pad. Don was transported to Riverview, and Dina was transported to Barnacle Bay, much to her disappointment because there was a good chance she would never see Don again. When Nina tripped onto the pad, she also ended up in Barnacle Bay. Bakerychaz 02:39, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

  • After the infamous "wedding breaker", maybe Don comes up and asks Alexander "Why can't we go back to the way things were?" Well, no one really knows what Alexander is thinking, but the fact she works in the science career and tends to be as bitter as his Crumplebottom ancestors gives me a good idea...xD Making my own meaning 23:35, June 2, 2011 (UTC)

  • I think Riverview Don is really his father Nicolo Lothario before he married Adriana, except the game made some mistake and he turned out being Don

  • I think Don wanted to go back in time so, he wouldn't have to deal with his "life changing" decision, by marrying Cassandra. So, he snuck into the Goth home and found Mortimer's unfinished Time Machine. He stepped on it and traveled back in time to Riverview.(Not sure why, but the machine might've messed up his destation, so instead of ending up in SunsetValley, he ended up in Riverview.)

  • I think EA ran out of ideas and stuck him back in

  • I think that Alexander Goth found an old time machine. He showed his sister Cassandra, who had recently found out that Don was cheating on her. She along with all of his other lovers tricked him to coming to where the time machine and they all pushed him in. The laughing was theirs. The shock of being of finding out that all the girls knew his little secet and the whole time machine thing that he fogot everything.

  • For me the many women laughing where his fiancée and many lovers. He escaped back in time. I think that in a future expantion pack will pop up with a little Don.

  • To me, everything started with the pressure Don Lothario felt about marrying Cassandra Goth. He probably got a crisis and, in a rush, freaked out and stepped into the Time Machine which exists in Ambitions, so I can base my theory on that. The several women laughing were probably the Caliente twins, as well as Kaylynn Langerak, who saw Don step into the time machine, and decided, as an act of revenge, to not help him and let him go. Cassandra was left at the altar, and never saw Don again, wondering what had happened to her future husband. I love how this game allows us to use our imagination! FranB96

  • Don was such a popular character in the Sims 2, I think the game designers felt obligated to bring him back, even though it was a prequel. Therefore, they conceived a potential story about a time machine and they put him in the Riverview town to keep all the Don Lothario fans happy.

  • That Don was murdered by Dina but Nina found out so Nina went back in time before Dina murdered him and kissed him goodbye and came back to her own time feeling so accomplished even though the next time she would see him he would be as old as Mortimer Goth but they could still marry

  • that Mortimer had wanted Don to save his true love Clementine from drowning so when Bella disappeared he would have still been happy

  • Don was murdered and instead of going to the dead lands he went back in time

  • I think when Bella was abducted by aliens, Don knew that he was in a big trouble. Feared of being accused of murder since that the evidences would be against him. - The theory of the police would look like: "Don, as we all know, has many girlfriends. He was with Dina, Nina and Cassandra. When he meets Cassandra, noticed especially in her beautiful mother Bella and wanted to know her through her daughter. One evening he invited Bella to go to his home claiming to need to talk about Cassandra. Bella when she arrived to his house was very well received and she noticed that there was a very romantic decor. Don tried to kiss her but she refused. Don grabbed her and she fled, running to the roof. Don do not accepted well the denial that come from her. Bella threatened to tell everything to Cassandra and the whole world and he killed her and hid her remains in somewhere." - Don, was afraid to end up arrested and then he snuck in the house of Bella, to use the old machine to travel back in time from Mortimer to prevent that Bella was kidnapped and even prevent that she was never in his home that night. When he was about to enter the machine heard Cassandra going upstairs laughing, happy to be engaged to Don. Don ended up on the machine and it was already rusty and old and took him to a different time and a different world.

  • Alrightie, I think Don got Dina or Nina to call up some aliens who knew about time travel, so he could go back in time to get Bella before Mortimer could. but not only did they send him to the wrong time peroid, they also sent him to the wrong place... XD ~AmphyPrincess

  • I think Don chased after Bella after trying to kiss her in his condo, to apologize, she ran upstairs, to her roof top to get away, and shout out for Mortimer, who was at work and Don found her, she got abducted by aliens, and so did he they kept Bella, but made a copy of Don, one of him in Pleasentview,erasing his memories, so he doesn't remember what happened, and Riverview, simple!

  • So what really happened was that Don was caught cheating on Nina, Dina and Cassandra, which got him into a lot of trouble. So Don decided to teleport away from the town with the teleporter which he bought off a shady merchant from Strangetown, he also decided to change his name to Nicolo so that no one could find him. As he was teleporting the teleporter malfunctioned sending him back in time to a place called Riverview. Whilst in Riverview he met a beautiful woman called Adriana, but when Don found out she was pregnant he went into hiding, leaving Adriana and the baby. Heartbroken, Adriana left the town and moved to early Pleasantview or Sunset Valley as it was called. Here she had her baby which she decided to call Don. Don grew up to be the Cassanova of Pleasantview, not knowing the trouble he would soon get himself into... So much trouble was caused by him that he had to flee the town with the teleporter that he had recently bought, he changed his name to Nicolo so that no one could track him. But unfortunately the teleporter malfunctioned and sent him back in time....

  • Don, who had been busted for cheating on so many women, wanted a new life. So he moved to a place called Blue River Springs Which was previously named Riverview. He decided he would change his ways, and decided that he would be a kind man, that does not cheat on a woman. Dina, Nina and Cassandra all wanted revenge on Don, so they decided that they would send in a country wide article about when Don was a child, and when Don was a child, he was a chubby kid with acne. Don who was embarresed by this article, fled to an old abandoned warehouse. Not knowing that Dina, Nina and Cassandra were there, he went in and slipped on a slippery tile, landing on a strange circle thing. The three girls laughed as he dissapeared, but then realised that he had dissapeard and freaked out. The Goths, who had just arrived at Blue River Springs were out at the Mall. Alex and Cassandra stayed home, and Alex found Cassandra crying. He asked why she was crying and she explained what she had done. Alex, who was still wondering about his Mother asked her where the girls timetravelled him. She told him and so he wrote two books hoping to save his mother. He time-travelled them to the time Don was in. But when the books were being time travelled, they happened to drop right on top of Don's head, and these books were hard. This caused him to lose his memory.

  • Don was tired of messing around and loved Kaylynn and wanted to runaway together. But Kaylynn wanted to live in a diffrent time. So Don and Kaylynn, broke into the Goth's lab and were trying to start an old time machine. But Mortimer caught them and had a police officer with him so they'd get arrested for breaking and entering. When the time machine was ready, the police were coming down stairs. Kaylynn told Don to go on without her and that she'd be fine. And made him promise to come back for her when he could. He agreed to it all and headed into the time machine and it caused a malfunction when the police with destroying the machine. Thus,causing Don to teravel 50 years into the past. Don, however lost his memory and never returned for Kaylynn.

  • Maxis just wasn't thinking ro they just wanted to make some random story or they made some guy look like Don and so there have it!

  • I think it is possible that the Don in Riverview actually was born there, and he went to the future instead of the past. Also in the Sims 3 Ambitions there was a rumor of a time travel machine, and there never was one in the Sims 2.

  • I think Nina, Dina, Cassandra and Kaylynn got together after figuring out he cheated all of them and used a time machine to send him back in time because of what he did to them. They were obviously the women laughing because they were getting revenge...sweet revenge...He was sent back in time by a time machine that supposedly exists in The Sims 3 Ambitions. I know, I'm good.

  • I think some kind of guy who is a Don Lotharo homicidal mega fan (so much that he changed his looks and name to be like him) went back in time to kill Don's parents, so Don would never exist in the future. Then the fan would go back into the future to become the real one...yeah crazy I know...

  • I think that when Don knew he was in trouble for cheating on Cassandra and leaving her at the altar, so he fled to Strangetown. when he was there the mad scientist Beakers decided to use him as a test subject for their teleporter invention. but when don stepped into it it wen haywhire and, instead of teleporting him to downtown like it was meant to do, it took him back sixty years and caused him to lose all memories except from Circe Beaker laughing as he was swept away.

  • Here is what I think. Dina and Nina Caliente found out he was getting married. They got mad and so decided to teach him a lesson. Don, not knowing this, asked Cassandra to build a teleporter so he could go back in time to the time when he left to get Bella some snacks while she was looking out a telescope. Dina and Nina Caliente found out about this and decided that this was the chance they had been looking for. So they both went while the Goths were sleeping and tampered with the teleporter. They meant to break it. But instead of breaking it they made it to where it would take Don 50-60 years in the past. No one knew this, not even the Caliente sisters. When Don went to use it, instead of taking him back to the time before Bella was kidnapped it took him to a time when Pleasantview wasn't even made!! During the process Don also lost his memory. There you go, that is my theory.

  • I'm starting to think Don went back into time to stop Bella and Mortimer from dating! That way, he could have her! and She wouldn't have been abducted in Sims 2! That is, if he really loved Bella. But, I'm guess the teleporter malfunctioned, and instead of taking him to Sunset Valley, it took him to Riverview, and the reason he's a young adult, is because If you recall, in Sims 3 young adult is the default age.

  • I think, After Don left Cassandra at the altar, He ran back home and stayed there for a few days. In the middle of the night a shadow figrue was seen in Don's bedroom while he was sleeping. Don started waking up, then there was a big white flash of light. When he woke up he was sleeping on a strange looking couch. He looked around to see a furtue looking version of the Goth home. He heard footsteps coming from the stairs. He tried to hide but was discovered by the sim coming down the stairs. At first Don thought it was Mortimer but younger. Probably from an expirement. But the man was said to be Alexander Goth 30 years older. Alex, explained to Don that alot of things have happend in the last couple of years. Alex did not become a mad scientist, Cassandra is in a huge depression, Mortimer and Dina did not get married and both sadly died of old age 3 years ago and Don died in a house fire. Alex tells Don all of these events happened because he left Cassandra at the altar. So Don must go back in time the day of their wedding and to stop it all. When trying to time travel the time machine malfunctioned,causing Don to go back when Mortimer and Bella never even got married and ended up in Riverview. The malfunction caused Don memory loss. Alex however did send a childrens book Where's Bella? to that time hoping Don will get his memory back.

  • I think that Don, along with Kaylynn were actually really old in The Sims 2 but used surgery to hide their ages.

  • I think after Dina,Nina,Cassandra, and Kaylynn found out about each other they went looking for Don. but they knew he was already trying to escape from his wedding so they messed up th teleporter machine to take him back in time instead of taking him to the other side of Plesantview where he plans to hide.

  • I think it's pretty obvious--Don wanted to escape marriage from Cassandra and, from lots of Lifetime Happiness, got a teleporter to escape marriage. But the teleporter unexpectedly took him back in time to Riverview. But eventually he got back to Pleasantview. MJ567 02:40, December 18, 2009 (UTC)
  • When he became a young adult he used teleportation and went to Riverview from Sunsetvalley. Then used time travel to get to Pleasentview otherwise he would be dead. Also he is one of the new faces in the town of Pleasentview.So the theory title should be How did Don get to Pleasantview?
  • I think the teleporter was actually a gap in time. So Don was just minding his own business when he stepped into it and passed out. When he woke up the he couldn't remember anything and the time gap had closed up too.
  • Sims 3 is a parallel universe from Sims 2, I am not going to get into on why and how Don used the teleportation device, but it teleported him into what we know as the Sims 3 universe where things are different from the Sims 2 universe in very random ways. Personally I think this is the stupidest way of explaining it .

  • In the year 2065 Don Lothario was taken to court by Mortimer after being Accussed of luring Bella Goth into the Alien experiment that wiped her memory and taken her far, far across Simnation into the town of Strangetown. Don was also accussed of Cheating on his many Girlfriends. Don was found Guilty and charged with Cheating and kidnapping and sentanced to 8 years in SimPrison, Don then escaped thanks to his charms with a Hopeless Female Cop. Don was soon in a High-Speed pursuit with the cops and eventually fell of a cliff and hit a Tree, Don was luckily no harmed by the impact due to the Airbag in the car. As Don was climbing up he found a strange device with writing that said "Time Machine" Don asumed it said "Teleporter machine" Though as Don turned around, he was surrounded by armed cops and Simcopters. Don, without hesitation, activated the strange Device and suddenly, he was in a Duck pond surronded by confused people, Don got dry and asked where he was, he found himself in the town of Riverview and suprisingly dead people were "Alive", Don then set out to find how to get back to Pleasantview.

  • I think Don was actually sent back in time as a punishment ,I think Casandra Dina,Kaylynn and Nina found out about his cheating ways and had Mortimer use some old equipment from his Mad Scientist days to send him back in time which would also explain why his last memory is of women laughing

  • Because Don had a comfy life with multiple girlfriends, a great career, and simply being happy, Don was rewarded with a Teleportation Pad. He didn't believe it worked and showed it to his many girlfriends. He was defying the pad's power and stepped in - and poof. He ended up back in time, in Riverview, from a malfunction of the Teleportation Pad.

  • I think that Don had a bad night with his girls I say that because there were possibly a lot Then he teleported away, but he scrood up and teleported to Riverview.

  • I think that Don from the future was in the university because Sims 2 can only have young adults through that and teleported to Riverview like 50 years in the past.

  • I think Mortimer in the future had something to do with it, and he was taken at least 50 years into the past since Cassandra, Dina and Nina aren't born and Kaylynn is a child

  • I like to think one or both of the Caliente sisters and Kaylynn showed him in a teleporter for the laughs once they realized he was getting around, not realizing it would screw up horribly maybe because of Sims 2 mechanics, and half or more of them having low aspiration at the moment? Cassandra's likely in the dark about his ladies and their revenge, since it mentions he was still debating whether to marry her or not (if she knew, the engagment would have blown up spectacularly, so she's probably off panicking over her mostly-innocent fiance, while the other girls know they'll be in trouble if they say anything. I think the teleporter was his, since he likely had a good chunk happiness from not getitng hitched right off the bat and instead spending quality time with the other women. Right before they figured things out, at least. The other girls probably accidentally ruined the teleporter -- and his way back to their time -- struggling to get him back when they realized the severity of the situation, fled the scene when they realized it wasn't working, and let Don be put down as a simple missing person. Whether they eventually reveal that he got around and probably just skipped town or not is up for debate but not directly related to Don's actual time traveling trip.

  • I think that Cassandra found out about his treachery and with the help of Alexander and Mortimer she teleported back in time to when he was a young adult to ruin his realtionships because this is probably when he had the most relationships. She ruined his lovelife and he used the telporter to malfunction, send him back in time in Riverview, and killed Cassandra. Why do I think it killed Cassandra? Because there is a ghost named Cassandra in Mysims. Cassandra's crazy outfit was probably a disguise and Goth Boy is Alexander. He also used another time machine to go back in time when his parents were children and wrote a book about Bella. Does Where's Bella ring a bell? Zordon123456789mlw7 18:27, October 3, 2009 (UTC)

  • In Bon Voyage, you can learn teleportation from the secret ninja. Don made way to Riverview to start a fresh, new life... but has he gotten rid of his player ways?

  • I think that he was at a big party and he had lots of girls there. Mortimer found out that Don has been cheating on a bunch of people, including his girlfriend and his daughter. He knew that Mortimer was mad and when he saw him coming he tried to teleport away. This explains why his last memory was girls laughing. But the teleporter malfunctioned and he was sent back in time 50 years and to Riverview. As his description says, he escaped marriage with Cassandra. If he ever found his way back to Pleasantview (Sunset Valley), he would be very surprised to see his former girlfriend (Kaylynn), his former future father-in-law (Mortimer), and the lady whom he was wrapped up in conspiracy with (Bella) children, and his other three lovers unborn.

  • Okay, since that due to the conception of the Lifetime Reward "Teleporter", it has inspired the creators to put Don in the game. Maybe after the marriage of Cassandra, she got jealous at his other three lovers, then throws a house party to murder them. But Mortimer stops her, and says to "take Don away instead". Cassandra immediately divorces with Don, invites him along with the party, while Mortimer and Alexander work on the Teleporter. Cassandra invites a few other women who suffered the same thing (womanized), and jokes about Don. That night, Don is furious about the jokes, and heads upstairs. Mortimer and Alexander trap Don and Alexander sets an unknown location and time, causing him to teleport to Riverview, in the old granary. He can't see his future lovers anymore, as you can't move Don to Sunset Valley


  • I think that Don was sent back to stop something that was going to happen in the past(Sims3) and screw up the future(Sims2).

  • MMM yes I think that the Sims 3 is set in 25 years in the past. I think that he was Riverview's womanizer then moved to Pleasantview 25 years in the future. It's that simple!!!

  • I think he was fooled by the aliens. As a reward for giving Bella Goth to the aliens, he was given $100.000 and a teleporter (which actually is a time machine)! And then he celebrate it by inviting many girls to his party. Then the girl ask Don to show him how to use the teleporter (Time Machine). Don shows the girl but he's travelled back to Riverview 50 years before the event.

  • I think the only was possible is the spin circle dance thing on Nightlife, if you have high body skill, you will dissapear. I think when he dissapeared, the machine broke and he ended up in Riverview.
  • I say he didn't like being commited to one woman, somehow got a teleporter and somehow went back in time.

  • Cassandra probably found him after he ran away from the wedding. She was mad and decided to trap him and force him into marrying her. But little did she know that Don learned how to teleport from one of the Ninjas of Takemizu Village. Scared he made a mistake and teleported to Riverview 50 or so years into the past.

  • I agree with the one about using Mortimers old expieient. What I think happened, is that Nina, Dina, Kaylynn, and Cassandra found out about his cheating, and forced him to get on Mortimer's old (Broken) teleportation pad. Oops.

  • Don decided he wanted to marry Kaylynn instead of Cassandra. They tried to travel back in time to before Cassandra was born so that they could get married without her knowledge, but it didn't work. Don ended up in Riverview, and Kaylynn ended up in Sunset Valley. The time travel made Kaylynn get amnesia and age down to a child. As a side effect, the time machine also turned Kaylynn's eyes black and that is why they are not green like they are in TS2. --Sparrowsong 07:04, January 4, 2010 (UTC)

  • After he left Cassandra at the altar, he sped into Strangetown, unaware that he was about to be sent 50 years back by a Beaker family member. As soon as he was sent back 50 years, he got to Riverview with none of his loves/crushes. --rawrlego Whos that Rawing the legos? 02:00, January 10, 2010 (UTC)

  • I think that Cassandra, Nina, Dina, and Kaylynn found out that Don was having affairs, and it became too much for Don. Don then went on a teleporter, hoping to go to Belladonna Cove or some other town, and ended up in Riverview, 50 or so years before his time. He was forced to move into a small farm house, and maybe give up his ways. Maybe. Bleeh [iTalk] 10:35, January 23, 2010 (UTC)

  • I believe that all of Don's lovers found about each other and they had a meeting, which only them knew about. Dina and Nina had contacts with aliens (as their grand-father was abducted by them), so they said that they could all get him to an ufo and use the time machine (which was on it) to get him to Riverview a long time ago. All of them agreed, so next night Kaylynn invited him to a "romantic dinner". She gave him wine with a sleeping pill in it. He, didn't expecting anything, drank it and fell asleep. Then all of his ex-lovers came out of the room that was next to the dinning room. They took Don to the ufo that was near his house and they put him in the teleporter, waiting for him to wake up. When he woke up, one of them turned the time machine on and they all started laughting. The End.

  • Don Lothario knew he was screwed, he couldn't bring himself to marry Cassandra, he couldn't decide to go with Nina or Dina and he was in with Kaylyna. They caught Don in his action, so he cried because his love and popularity in Pleasantview ended, so he was laughed at and decided to use the Sims 3 teleportation pad to go to another place, but it malfunctioned and sent him back in time and erased all his memories, because he was never born at that point.

  • Here is what I believe. Don lived in Sunset Valley before Agnes Crumplbottom's new husband died. He planned to steal her fortune by killing her husband and then to win her over. After the murder the police found the evidence pointed to him ,so he drove out of town that night and far into the country town of Riverview where nobody would suspect him. So when he saw Betty Simovitch get heart broken by Bob he moved in on her. After a date at the juice bar when he was a tad bit tipsy he was abducted by aliens and held there until the days of Pleasantview in an anti-aging alien chamber.

  • I think Maxis just decided that would be the story for Don. What else? It's not like he's real!

  • Here is what I believe. Don got caught, woohooing with Nina Caliente, So Dina Caliente was so upset, that she told, Brandi Broke. Brandi, wanted to get revenge on Don, so she went to some of the neighbors in Pleasantview, so then, Brandi then told all his mistresses, hoes, etc., even Cassandra Goth. She told them, "We're, going to throw, a "House Party" for Don, because he cheated on Dina! And this player, needs revenge" and so all his lovers were mad and wanted to do it. So, at the party his lovers, including, Brandi was about to beat him up! So, then Don ran out of his home as fast as he could! So then, he accindently got into this invisible teleporter, that someone made to go back 50/60 years, to see mostly everyone that was dead in the Sims 2. So then he accidently, pressed some buttons with his back, and it was the "Start" button (My theory is once you get in that machine, all the walls appear and buttons). Anyway, before the party happen, Nina went over to Don's home, and messed up his clothes.But, they were laughing at him cause, he was running like a girl, his pants were ripped, he was scared, and the woman showed him not to mess with them ever again. So, anways when he was in the Teleporter, he ended up in the McDermott's farm! So, then Tom McDermott at 6:00pm found Don, laying on his farm scared and asked him do you want to bye that house over there and Don said yes, so then he told the Goverment, that Don was taking the house. So, they didn't destroy it and i bet when Tom was a teen that was his special hangout, with his 1980's car. Then, at 10:00pm Don came into the house, went to the nearest mirror, and screamed becaused he look different, and then he went outside and screamed because, he was in a new town, and then he fainted and went to sleep outside. -Sierra208

  • Oh, come on! Do you really think that if Don had married Cassandra was he going to be faithful to her? Anyways, I think that one of the Caliente's found out that Don had four women and tell Kaylynn and Cassandra (yes, Cassandra knew, because she is the only one of the four that could have brought the teleporter; Nina is quite stupid, Kaylynn is not that vengative, and Dina has the brain, but not the ways of getting it). They put him in the teleporter, and they were gonna send him to a desert island where he couldn't meet woman; in the time one of them press the button, Don tried to teleport like the ninjas of Takemizu Village, but failed; that made the machine also fail, and he appeared in Riverview, fifty years ago; he tried to go back to Pleasantview, but since it didn't exist yet, no one knew how to get there, so he made his life there. (Don didn't know Pleasantview was Sunset Valley; he didn't ever studied history on school).
  • In the Sims 2, Don Lothario is an adult, younger than Bella and Mortimer. Don Lothario is a young adult in Riverview, with no proof of a time machine. In Sunsetvalley, Bella and Mortimer are kids. Don shouldn't be born in that time, because Cassandra Goth wouldn't be close to birth at this point nor Daniel Pleasant or Dina and Nina Caliente?

  • Precisely. That is why according to the plot, Don teleported into Riverview. He went back in time to when Mortimer and Bella were children, before Cassandra was even born and the others existed.

  • I bet the Teleporter had a little age side effect to it! - Sierra208

  • Don was most likely inside a Hot Tub at a party, unbeknowest to him the Hot Tub was alien technology morphed into a hot-tub, when stepping into to the tub he may have pressed a hidden activation button hidden inside the 'Tub', transforming the 'Tub' into it's original shape leaving Don left naked inside the machine causing all the women at the party to laugh. The device activated, making Don instantly think it was a teleporting device, since Don didn't have the same DNA as an alien, or an alien hybrid his body became unstable, making him fall unconscious mid-trip and breaking the machine. Don then woke up in Riverview.

  • Don got into deep trouble with the entire town (But mostly Darren, Cassandra, Kaylynn, Nina, Dina and a few others) and fooled Don to go into a time machine room that Mortimer and Darren built and Don went back several years into the past.

  • Don proposed to a completely different girl as in not Cassandra Goth and left her at the altar, and then ate some Ambrosia and did the same stupid mistake to Cassandra Goth.

  • Don used a teleporter that malfunctioned majorly. Somebody in the sims 3 time blew up a time machine, and the timestream got messed up, so a teleporter became a time machine. girls were laughing because sometimes teleporters malfunction and your sim becomes embarassed, the moodlet saying because "was seen naked" —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) - Sign your comments with ~~~~

  • I think Don was cornered by Cassandra, Nina, Dina, and Kaylynn. They knew he had cheated on them and wanted revenge. They somehow created a time machine (isn't Nina supposed to be clever?) and sent him back. Alexander Goth knew their plan, and wrote a book about his mother's dissapearance, sending it back with him in hope that his question would be answered if Don ever returned. That question being, Where's Bella. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Hanhula (talkcontribs) - Sign your comments with ~~~~

  • hmm... my idea is a bit... well I can't it's say irrelevant but hey, gotta try. so my theory is that Sunset valley became Pleasentview, right? so Don lived in Sunset valley and (theroy time!) may have had the teleporter trait. he may have gone to Riverview by mistake or something and forgotten everything while he had a nap. or there may be the obvious fact that EA just made him live there... I think.

  • Every girl that he dated in pleasantview wanted to marry him. He decided to hide. But then he accidently got zaped back in time 50 years ago. Maybe he lived in Riverview till he died. Maybe he fell in love with every woman in Riverview. He should have justed stayed in Pleasantview. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Sims4ever (talkcontribs) - Sign your comments with ~~~~

  • With the discovery of magic and the discovery of him being such a man whore all the ladies of pleasentview talked to the head witch. She told them she was just going to send him somewhere but knew what she really wanted to do. Being that her late (dead) husband cheated ;) she send him somewhere she thought he would hopefully be tar and feathured for cheating. But as we can tell she didnt send him back far enough! J Robert Simpson (May 31, 2010)

  • My theory: After rejecting her from the altar, Cassandra was REALLY angry at Don. And wanted revenge. So, she started investigating about his life and found out he was dating almost all woman in Pleasant View. She didn't hesitate and called Dina, Nina, Kaylynn, and everyone, invited them to her house and told them. They planned a way to make him pay for all this years of cheating. So, Cass asked Mortimer if he could build a time machine. He had long ago finished making experiments, but was also so angry at Don that accepted. A month later Nina called him, and told him to "come to her house for a quick woohoo ;) " When he came, Cassandra and Dina caught him by the arms and took him upstairs, to the balcony. Nina said to him, "Now your going to pay, for everything you did to all of us" And everyone there, taking turns, slapped him in the face. Then they pushed him into the machine, chose the year 1950, and laughing, send him to Riverview! Sorry for my bad english :)

  • Dina, Nina, Kalylynn and Cassandra all came to Don's house one day(that would explain the women laughing). They wanted revenge so one of them got a time machine(Probably Nina..) and they pushed Don in and all the girls laughed. that's my theory.

  • 22:33, August 21, 2010 (UTC)What if it wasn't that he was sent back originally? Maybe Riverview was Pleasantview and young Don Lothario was just curious when he found a strange thing and was sent 40 years into the future, living as adult Don. Because he is only a child inside he does what his dad/mum/both did, become a love machine! Ten years later he was loving Kaylynn, Nina and Dina although when he saw Bella Goth he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and had to have her, at all costs. He knew she had a single daughter, he knew she wanted a family so he proposed quickly, just to get closer to Bella. Unkown to everyone Bella was also falling for the charms of young Don Lothario. When Don invited Bella over for a day to get to know eachother they knew they loved eachother but the problem was Bella had a family and was in love with Mortimer aswell. Mortimer was an old man and very ill and confused. Don and Bella hid their secret romance for a few days, until one night he took Bella onto the deck of his condo and showed her the stars and said "I can show you the world Bella, the stars everything, you know what you have to do". Bella was going to accept the offer but while watching the stars the aliens took intrest in her and took her on their ship. Don was freaking out about what to say if someone asked. He began to rember being a little kid again, the parfait and mum's home made waffles.He slept and when he woke up he was home but not as a young kid.-PinkSims51213.122.88.204 22:33, August 21, 2010 (UTC)

  • Stop theorizing, it's no use. I know for a fact that Riverview Don Lothario doesn't have ancestors or relatives.

  • if you look at his family tree. So not only is this just a theory, this is the truth: Riverview Don Lothario is just a CAS Sim.

  • I'm pretty sure the women laughing were Kaylynn, Cassandra, Dina, and possibly Nina. I think the person above me is honestly correct, but I think the theories are about how EA is going to say he got to Riverview in-game, not literally how he got there. I think Don got caught cheating (probably by only one of his lovers, but she told another one and the other one told another one and blah blah) and so he was, well, he was in a really, really bad situation. I mean, seriously? What with Dina being accused of Bella's abduction, can you believe what she'd do to Don after she caught him cheating with three women, with one of them being her twin sister? The woman's a witch, I tell you. My theory branches off here. Either: 1. He asked Cassandra, who still loved him, for help. She showed him her father's secret teleporter-machine thing. Unfortunately, Cassandra was unaware that it was also a time machine, and she accidentally teleported him fifty years in the past as well as to Riverview. 2. He asked Nina, who still loved him, for help. (After all, Nina didn't have any other lovers, despite her romance aspiration, leading me to believe her love for Don was genuine. And Cassandra saw that he was not only in the marriage for the money, but he was with three other women - including her possibly stepmom. Um, yeah. Dump city.) So, Nina channeled her inner alienness and asked her ancestors for help. They agreed, and abducted Don. However, the aliens decided it'd be funny to warp him fifty years back into the future instead. So, they did, but accidentally dropped him in Riverview.

  • I think the Don in Riverview is just a distant (older) relative of the Don in Pleasantview, as for the teleporter mishap, simple, Don (Sims 3 Don) was a womanizer (just like his future relative from Pleasantview), eventually all his girlfriends got mad at him and put him in a teleporter rigged to go to a random far away place (Which turned out to be Riverview).--Eduardog3000 04:31, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

  • I agree with the person above the guy above me, with a few changes. A. Don left Cassandra at the altar. B. Cassandra, embarrassed and very, very angry, hired a private investigator, who found out that he was in love with three other women. C. Cassandra then tells Kaylynn, Dina, and Nina that he was cheating on them all. D. They then somehow get a time machine (Haven't figured that out yet) and teleported him to Riverview. That would explain pretty much everything.

  • Sense Don haves so many fans out there, EA wanted to bring him back, so they made up a story with a time machene, just to keep everybody happy.

  • It could play out to Cassandra, with Mary-Sue's help, using one of her science invention and getting her revenge for either dumping her at the altar or findimg out he was around when her mother was abducted.
  • Don Lothario in this game is a Young Adult, while Don Lothario in The Sims 2 is an adult. My theory is that he actually went forward into the future, instead of back into the past. RaikuTalk 03:02, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

  • In my game, Dina did WooHoo with Don and got pregnant. Before Dina went into labour, Nina put a TV Dinner in the oven. While everyone was freaking out over Dina, the stove was on fire! Nina got burned to death before the fireman came. I think that Don was so upset, he stole the Goth's time machine, but broke it taking it back to his house. He wanted to go to the time right before he did it with Dina so he wouldn't have a kid, and Nina wouldn't die. He told Cassandra and she laughed at him and told him it would never work. He tried it anyway and ended up 15 years in the past. He came face to face with young Nina and Dina, who wanted to see themselves older. Don was okay and let them go. He used the time machine again and ended up 40 years from present day! Nina and Dina accidently ended up in Barnacle Bay. He wanted to warn Nina then, (and mabye win Bella over too) But got distracted by all the sexy ladies and forgot. Happy Simming! Mack_Double-U is out. Sue-Sue! :)

  • Okay, okay, here's what really happened. The aliens were planning to take over Pleasantview so they used Dina as a pawn to get them what they wanted and promised her that she would be the richest woman in Pleasantview if she did as they pleased. But they needed someone who was a descedant of the Goth family to impreganate so that they could begin, as the Goths had a few family secrets that the aliens needed to take over Pleasanview. So Dina married Michael in order to get close to Mortimer but Bella was too suspicious and too much of an inconvenience and along came Don Lothario. Dina realized that Don was infatuated with her and Bella so she used that affection in order to get him to befriend and manipulate Bella. Michael wasn't around to know what was going on around him (A burgular broke in one night and Michael died of shock.) Nina had no idea either, she genuinely fell for Don. So Bella came over to Don's one night and Don made a move on her which she rejected and when he went downstairs to cool off Dina got Bella abducted then the aliens created a doppleganger to pose as Bella in Strangetown. Cassandra was also plenty suspicious of Dina when her mother disappeared so Dina tricked Don into keeping her busy. As Dina closed in on Mortimer Don finally realized what Dina had been doing to him and Cassandra realized what he had been doing to her. So Dina manipulated Cassandra into getting Don into a teleportation device and blasted him off to Riverview before he could tell, they both watched as Don was blasted off into kingdom come. Of course the real Bella finally made it out of the alien's grasp and defeated them using her magical powers, she told Dina that she knew everything once she got home. The rest of the family found out soon afterwards and Dina -knowing that the plan had failed- decided to take Nina and flee to Barnacle Bay, she always did love the beach anyway. AND THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED.

  • When Don realized the mistake he made by getting Bella Goth abducted by aliens, he was afraid of someone finding out and telling the police. That day came, and all of the women he was with threatened him by saying they would call the police for making aliens abduct Bella. He was horribly scared so he ran away to the time travelling machine. The "several women laughing" were all of his affairs, and they were laughing at how cowardly he could be sometimes. He stepped into the time machine, but ended up getting dizzy and passed out because the machine was going too fast. He was there for the rest of the day. Then, HE WOKE UP ONE MORNING (the next morning) IN A WHOLE NEW WORLD (Riverview). The end.

  • Pleasantview were having a party and Don and all his girlfriends were there. They realised that he had been cheating on all of them. He had drank so much and fell onto the floor. All the girls started laughing at him. They pushed him into a time machine and sent him on his way!

  • Used a time machine. Now talking about the two girls laughing, it could be possibly Dina Caliente and Nina, so that explains why they are on Barnacle Bay. --Grunty Piggs 01:07, January 1, 2011 (UTC)Grunty Piggs

  • Easy! They remade the town or called it a different name.

  • My theory: Don actually went to the FUTURE, and the sims 2 shows him already there. So what happened was before, he was a baby boy who lived in Pleasantview who was thrown into a time machine by his parents so they could have an early retirement. Don had no memories of his parents, as he was just a baby when he was thrown in the machine. Don arrived in Riverview in a pile of scrap. He was taken away by the social worker, but when he was an adult, they kicked him out of wellfare. He was living in Riverview alone, and he broke into a local inventor’s time machine (made out of the scrap he left behind). Don hoped to go in the future because he felt he didn’t belong (he doesn’t remember he came from Pleasantview) However, the machine was rusty and broken, so instead of taking him to the future of Riverview, it took him to the futuristic Pleasantview. He then met his parents and all his lovers, and because he never experienced love as a boy, he couldn’t control his passion as a man, and became the local womanizer. The rest is history...

  • Simple, the Don Lothario in Riverview is not the Don Lothario in Pleasantview.--Eduardog3000 04:45, January 16, 2011 (UTC)

  • Don's appearance in Riverview shows the canonical error between The Sims 3 and The Sims 2. I mean, how could he keeps his appearance until The Sims 2 while Bob and Betty's appearance changes canonically? Other posiblity is, it seems that EA don't have much times to creating Don's young appearance in The Sims 3, so they remake him with his original appearance from The Sims 2.--Rocketshooter 05:47, January 23, 2011 (UTC)

  • Easy: Don Lothario took a time machine (which messed up) to futuristic Pleasantview-but he originally came from Riverview, and the fact that the sims 2 came first just means that most people think it was the other way around. And also, they have time machines in The Sims 3, but not in The Sims 2, so how could he have gone back in time? The only thing that contradicts this is Don’s bio in sims 3.... but otherwise I think that’s the answer.

  • If you've read my entry on Bella Goth's disapperance, this'll make more scence. Ok, so, Dina wanted to get rid of Don for betraying her, so she called upon her grandfather, PT7, again. She asked for a teleportation pad, but he accidentally gave her an experimental crossover between a teleportation pad and a time machine. It sent him to Riverveiw 50 years in the past.~Cade

  • Okay, Don Lothario was afraid he'd get caught cheating so he went to the Several Women Science Faculty and asked if they could take him somewhere back-in-time in a time machine. The women laughed, due to his attractiveness, and accepted his request. The experiment was a success. Don forgot to take the money he left at his house back in Pleasantview so he bought the cheapest place he could find in Riverview. So... there ya have it. Also, see my theory on the Caliente sisters theory page. --Katrina the Rich Girl 21:21, February 12, 2011 (UTC)
  • Okay, my theory is Don bought a teleportation machine and teleported from sunset valley to Riverview, girls were laughing because at the facility he was using the tele pad, they thought he was insane. He forgot his memories because upon arriving at Riverview, Hunter, who thought he was a cyborg from the future, punched him almost to death. Also, if you think my theory is off because of aging, Don is really 70-90 but since technology in Sims 2 he can live a lot longer.

  • I think after leaving Cassandra at the altar Don's former lovers gathered up and plotted to kill him. But what they didn't expect was that Don would be chased throughout the Goth Family Estate and eventually Don was cornered in the attic by the several women laughing but he had accidentally activated on Mortimer's old experimental Time Machine and was sent back in time to Riverview. The women were puzzled by this and decided to keep everything a secret. But that accident had a huge impact on Sim Nation's History. Don then tried to live his life as he normally did and what's more weird (Please note that this is fanon) That Don is his own Grandfather!

  • I think it's weird because in Riverview. His age is young adult.(close to Gunther ) but in The Sims 2 His age is adult.(close to Cassandra) So I think It isn't possible without time traveling. But I think this is only Don's Dream.(LoL)

  • I believe that this is what happened: Don, as everyone knows, is a gigolo (look it up). The women he was dating/engaged to/screwing all found out about his little game. Instead of viciously tearing each other's hair out (which most would expect), they decided to team up and kidnap, toture, and murder the man (in that order). However, just as the laughing women reached the murder part, Father Time (who, like all other supernatural Sims, considered this love pentagon their version of a reality show), took pity on Don and sent him back in time to before most of his life occurred, saving him from the scorned women.

  • I think Nina, Dina, Cassandra and Kaylynn got together after figuring out he cheated all of them and used a time machine to send him back in time because of what he did to them. That's what I think too. However, I think that Brandi was in on it too, so she could make it so her husband Skip could NEVER drown, and to revive the recipe for ambrosia. He would have to go straight to the Broke residence, and show evidence to Skip, saying NOT TO GO ON THE POOL. So in Sims 4, the following I THINK will happen:
  • -Skip will be alive and well and NEVER drowned as a result of Don Lothario warning him.

-Cassandra will have her man back, fully married. -Skip's baby will be blonde haired blue eyed, and will be named Bentley (okay I'm a sucker for Teen Mom, but Bentley is the perfect name for a blonde blue eyed kid). -Dustin will have made the honor roll, and join a more upscale career (either CEO, Mayor, or Politics) -Michael will be resurrected, and his sister would have her memory erased of Don Lothario. -Morty will be young again with his wife back. Alex will have contact lenses, as a teen, and be more popular and outgoing. -Dina will have her husband back. As a result, no more gold digging. I think she wanted riches as a result of a broken heart over her husband's death.

OR: Cassandra will marry Darren Dreamer, Dina will have her husband resurrected young again and they will start their own family, giving Cassie and Alex a cousin. Nina will still be the heartbreaker, Kaylynn will still be the homewrecker, but all four women will be best friends and get together.

  • After cruelly rejecting Cassandra , Don visits the Caliente's while Nina was at work and woohoo's with Dina . Nina comes home and finds them She calls their maid Kalynn and asks for a cup of tea but Kalynn is also shocked as Don was cheating on her too. They call Cassandra . The four women get really angry and they go to the Goth Home . By accident on purpose Dina pushes into an old time machine and Don finds himself in an old farm town ...

  • When Don was alone he I called up Dina and Nina. He woohooed with Nina when Dina was cooking Dina then realized the maid was crying. She asked what happened and found out that Don had whoohooed with her sister. She confronted Don and asked about any other relationships. He said none. She then chatted with townies and they found out about his relationship with his Fiancee Cassandra. They called eachother up and confronted Don. They then pushed him into a time machine. Laughing at him while he got sent back...

  • I bet he'll marry Cassandra in the new future, but it'll be like the Wolff Family. Don will hate kids.

  • I think the Calienta sisters learned he was dating both of them at the same time and instead of fighting over him, they made a plan. Dina got a time machine from Mortimer and set it up at there place. All they needed now was Don. Luckily, Don came to the Calienta's and asked for help because he did not want to get married to Cassandra. The sisters used this for thier advantage and trapped Don in thier time machine and set him to another time period. But, now the Calienta's alien relatives were mad at Dina and Nina for sending him back in time because he could mess up history. They sent the sisters back in time to make sure Don does not get up to any mischief like flirt with younger Betty Simovitch.

I think Don is born in this city, becuse in sims 2 he is adult and in sims 2 he is young adult, that is my theory
  • Cassandra was furious of Don. Just yesterday they were kissing and today, a rejected proposal in front of her family. She hired a private investigator to spy on Don. She was shocked as he was dating Nina, Dina and the maid! She called them over and had a secret discussion with Mortimer and Alexander. Mortimer made a time machine whilst Alexander worked on a secret book. Once completed, Dina called Don over for a woo hoo. Once he came over, the girls shoved him into the time machine which transported him 50 years back. They laughed their evilest laugh they could. Alexander threw the book entitled ' Where's Bella?' to warn Bella and get Don's memory back. However, the book hit Don's head hard, causing him to lose his memory in Riverview.

I think it is pretty simple: Nina, Dina, Cassandra and Kaylynn ended up comparing notes on Don, and finally all decided that he needed to be taught a lesson. Because she was the one working as a scientist, Cassandra came up with the teleporter trick, modifying one with extra parts usually used in time machines. Cassandra then corners Don about him running out on their wedding (with the other girls hiding in hearing distance), and when Don uses the teleporter to leave, they girls all laugh, knowling it will result in a wild teleport. The trip not only sends him halfway across SimNation as Cassandra intended, but back in time. It also affects his memory, wiping large tracts of his childhood. The McDermott family take pity on the amnesiac stranger and let him fix up and live in the old granary at the back of their property. Any toys on the top floor are probably old stuff of theirs. Don is just glad to be a long way away (both physically and temporally) from his fiancee and his other vengeful girlfriends. He doesn't really mind the lack of memories of his childhood as he still retains most of his adult memories. (I don't consider the ages an issue - S2 didn't have YA for normal neighbourhoods but instituted it as a standard age for S3. Both Don and Cassandra seem "young" in S2 to me.) ~Mimi Sardinia.

  • I think Cassandra and the Caliente sisters were seeking revenge upon Don Lothario cheating life style. They found one teleporter and threw Don in there. Dina and Nina laughed at the man, until Cassandra threw them too into the teleporter. As result of the confusion in the distortion of time and space, Don ended up in Riverview and the Caliente sisters in Barnacle Bay. (Sorry for the bad English, I'm brazilian Dx) - Bak Jhonny.

  • I like your thoughts about the Caliente sisters - Cassandra and Kaylynn turn and hear the twins talking about their own involvement in causing some of the trouble they blamed Don for, and send the two of them through the teleporter as well (together at the same time, so they end up in the same place). The knock-on effect of this however is a complete re-write of the timeline so the lives they lived in Pleasantview never happens, both Mort and Bella grow up differently, the Altos never succeed in taking over Sunset Valley and renaming it into Pleasantview, and Kaylynn doesn't grow up to be a housemaid. Mort and Bella do however have two children named Cassandra and Alexander, some descendants of the latter (also named "Bella Goth" - her gravestone is in the LL graveyard and there's a "Mathilde Goth", who looks a lot like Bella Bachelor, living in LL) go on the space ship that founds Lunar Lakes. Don lives a reasonable life in Riverview. ~Mimi Sardinia.

  • That's probably a clone.

  • I think it is a punishment for cheating and then breaking hearts. He broke down Bella and Mortimer, the old best friends and lovers. They fell in love when they become best friends. It is sad because I am sure they will love and loved and love each other forever. Everything is because Don. Kaylynn's life fell down, Nina and Dina, the twins, become haters because of Don. I think Kaylynn, Cassandra, Dina, Nina and maybe Bella (from Strangetown) wanted revange and the never want to see him again. So they asked Mortimer give them permission to use his time machine. Mortimer always disliked Don so he gave them the permission. Bella asked Don to come to her house. Don acceppted without knowing the game they played behind him. He went to Bella's house and the girls push him into the time machine. Actually they wanted to make him go to the time before he born so he can't born. But they made a wrong and sent him to the town he born, Riverview. The wrong made the memories became deleted. They thought Don stop cheating and having many girlfriends at the same time but Don never do that. When Don went forever, I think Cassandra and Alex wanted their mother'S revange too, Nina and Dina kidnapped their mother because of wanting the money Mortimer own. So Cas and Alex sent them to Barnacle Bay. Everyone was happy, but poor Bella. Everyone is okay, but she is alone, homeless and her family don'T know where is she, what is she doing. Bella will escape from the aliens she think they are still catching her. Poor Bella. I hate Don!!!! *DaughterofAres- (My nickname, Zelalsu, my name.)

  • I reckon that he killed Bella, didn't want to go to jail so he found a time machine but it failed and sent him to Riverview wiping his memories, as for the laughing women, I think that was his conscience.

  • I think murdered Bella by making her fix a T.v in a puddle of vomit/pee/water, and she died, but then he got uncofortable beacuse his conscience was laughing, so he moved. the game just forgot the memory.

  • I think Don dumped all of his girlfriends and fiance and they got all mad and pushed him into some time machine/teleporter and got to Riverview and the Caliente sisters felt guilty and went back in time to find him but they ended up in Barnacle Bay and decided to start a new life and forgot about Don.

  • I think his bio made it pretty clear. All of his lovers( Cassandra, the Caliente sisters, Kaylynn and anyone else he was dping) found out about his cheating, got mad at him and devised a plan to punish him. They called up some scientist, maybe Mortimer, or even Cassandra since she was in the science career, got the teleporter, then tricked Don into getting into it. The loss of memory was probably them, too, or it could be a mistake of the teleporter.

  • I think Don left Cassandra at the altar and afterwards they all found out (Cassandra, Dina, Kaylynn and Nina) that he was a womanizer and a cheater. Mortimer was working on a time machine and Don was there, so Cassandra invited all of the girls round her house. Mortimer went somewhere and got to get something for his unfinished time machine to get Bella back. While he was gone, the girls didn't realise Mortimer was finished with it so they pushed Don in, laughing for sweet revenge, and he found himself in Riverview. THE END!

  • Well I think Don only got with Cassandra because he saw how beautiful her mother Bella was. But when Bella totally rejected his advances and threatened to tell Cassandra if he didn't, he drugged Bella and kept her hidden in his house. He called Dina and Nina Caliente. The Caliente sisters are related to aliens so they called up their alien relatives because they loved Don so much they'd do anything for him. The aliens then kidnapped Bella but Don had to get away from all the speculation since Bella was last seen going to his house. So he stole the teleporter from Mortimer and was about to get on it to go back in time when Dina and Nina showed up to try and start a three-way-relationship with him! They jumped onto the pad - although it could only take 1 person at a time - and Don was sent to Riverview by mistake since the pad had 3 people. It broke and made him forget everything and Dina and Nina were sent to Barnacle Bay as one because they are related and twins the teleportation pad recognized them as 1.

  • I think that Don ran after Bella when she walked away. After abducting them BOTH, they realised Don wasn't worth taking and dumped him back on earth. Years later, Don goes out in search of aliens, but reaches Riverview. Now that Toothless Joe died, and the Caliente sisters moved out, Don sells his house for the old barn. Now giving up hope, who knows...

  • I think that Nina, Dina and Cassandra already knew about that Don was having an affair with Kaylynn, so Cassandra bought a teleporter (since she is very rich), and invited Nina, Dina, and Don to her house while they secretly set the teleporter to teleport him to Riverview, and told him that the teleporter could make him very rich, so he stepped into the teleporter while the ladies were laughing because he had fallen into their trap, which the teleporter was actuall153.107.97.165 (talk) 08:22, December 12, 2012 (UTC)y a time machine, which led him to the McDermott's garden.
  • I think that in the end Don loved Cassandra over time, that Dina did marry Mortimer, and when he died she went after Alexander a few years later to control the family. In Riverview, I think it is not Don, I believe it maybe Don's son (his kids will always have 'hair colour and facial features) ashamed of his fathers actions as a womaniser, and got trapped him in his mother's actic (Cluttered with rare and odd objects, historical, high class and paranormal design. Paranormal due to Mortimer Goths search for Bella Goth') by Nina's and Kaylynn's daughter (Nina having twins due to statics of twins having twins and Kaylynn's 'being a child due to the fact that Kaylynn has the perfectionist trait as a child and she has the Family Aspiration, so it seems natural for her to build up her assests to help her children to have perfect lives')'' for revenge for their mothers pain. Thus they retrieved/stole an old transport/timemachine from Don's home (Cassandra's family are all intelligent and rich enough to find one or buy one), Mortimer had got it decades earlier from an eccentric scientist and her husband in Strange Town, after being her test subject, he had travelled there hearing about a Bella look-a-like, who was really a Bella Clone (number one). Nina/Kalynn's daughters acted their revenge sending any hope for Don's bloodline to continue into the past, (though trying to send him somewhere worse) they laughed with malevolence but turned into fear as they were sucked in as well, Dina's daughter's trying to push the younger girl away, making her grab some of the rooms objects not to be pulled into the active transporter/timemachine and were trapped in another time in Barnacle Bay and Sunsetvalley (the twins were sent together because the machine saw their genetics and thought them as one). In trying to forget his past and the traumatic events that led him to Riverview, Don's son, decides to start a nice and simpler life. While as the twins are happy, the share regret for getting the younger girl abandoned alone, though they hoped she was spared from the machine and with their revenge and decide to live their lives as they wish and Kaylynn's daughter ended up in Sunsetvalley. ~thetrueCrystalvixen                                                                                                                        Notes:
  1. Nina's twins; young adults, Don's son; young adult and Kaylynn's daughter; a teen.          
  • Some idiot put a teleporter in the garden. Dons roommates Dina and Nina are talking and each find out of others love for Don. They turn on Don, but he comes up with a story that they belive. Don, scared starts walking back as they laugh and ends up in Riverview. Nina and Dina can't find him until Dina finds the pad. They jump in after him together, ending up in the same place. Kaylynn just carries on being a maid, then inherits and lives in Parker's old house. Kaylynn lives longer because she has disabled ageing.     
  • Ok this is my theorie!  and they for some reason want to ruin the Goth family. Anyway they are aliens (Well have alien relitives.) One night they contacted their reletives to help with ruining this. Dina had already killed Bella's brother and next was Bella herself! So they got the aliens to abduct Don. Don was cloned and his original was teleported to Riverview. His clone replased him with a mission to seduse Bella. The clone invited over Bella and tried to make out with her, she refused and he apologised and took her to the roof to look at the stars, she then was abducted and was cloned but her clone was moved to Strangetown and just incase her real self was found she was deleated. Dina and Nina then used Don to try and get rid of Cassandra and Dina try to get rid of Mortimer, both their plans fail, (Well however you choose the game to work.)
  • Here is my theory, Cassandra, Dina, Nina and Kaylinn were furios once they all realized Don was cheating on all of them so they invited him over and pushed him in a teleportation pad. and Cassandra pushed Dina in the teleporter for cheating on her father, Nina attempted to save Dina but fell with her. After that Kaylenn tripped and fell into the teleporter. Noticing the danger of the teleporter, Cassandra threw it away. Now Don is in Riverveiw 25 years back in time, Nina and Dina are in barnacle bay and Kaylenn is in Sunset Valley, also 25 years back in time.
  • Here is my theory: Cassandra found out that Don was romantically involved with her, Nina, Dina, and Kaylynn (I think, as I haven't played the game yet.) She told the girls, and they brought up a plan for revenge: teleport him back in time. The plan was successful, but what they didn't know, is that the time machine they had used wasn't finished yet. Don had lost his memories. Nina and Dina moved to Barnacle Bay (as I believe Barnacle Bay is in the same time as Pleasantview), and Cassandra continued her life in Pleasantview. But how is Kaylynn in Sunset Valley, you ask? Kayllyn is as old as Mortimer, but she had access to the Elixir of Life.
  • Well, think about it. RiverVIEW and PleasantVIEW. I think they were the same place, but Riverview got abandoned, the Pleasants found it and renamed it Pleasantview, as they were the first ones there. They did some landscaping and slowly, some of the old residents moved in, as well as new ones. The old sign was replaced with a new one. Everyone was happy. Yet after the leaving-at-the-altar, Don caught Dina woo-hooing with Mortimer and slapped her, causing Morty to attack him. Morty told Cassandra, Dina and Nina, while the gossip slowly got passed around town. The lovers of Don chased him down, along with some friends like Brandi. Cassy, the smartest, laid some traps for him and deliberately flirted with Darren to enrage Don, she had placed a time traveling pad on the floor between her and Don. The lovers and friends were hiding, an laughed. He ran over the pad, only managing to get sent back to Pleasantview in the days that it was Riverview. And thats my story. Oh by the way, the thing with Dina and Morty woo-hooing and Don catching them, it happened on my game. I made Darren and Cassy get married. So she got her happy ending :)
  • Just to be different... Angela and Lilith Pleasant finally learn to get along with each other in college, and they both join a secret society. Part of their initiation is to lure someone from their hometown into a teleporter, and the two decide Don Lothario, whom their mother, Mary Sue Pleasant, is having an affair with, is the perfect target. They use their mother's email account to trick Don into meeting them at a park in Downtown, where the group has a teleporter set up. The laughing women are Angela Pleasant, Lilith Pleasant, Juliette Capp, Hermia Capp, Mimi Landgraab, and several unknown members of the secret society. PCHS-NJROTC (talk) 23:12, March 28, 2013 (UTC)