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While this deadly sword can deliver gaping wounds to the most armored of opponents, its cursed history is filled with the tales of many masters, all of whom met a horrible end.

The sword was eventually lost to time, its last known owner driven insane. He was rumored to have wandered the world looking for a man or beast capable of defeating him in combat...

The Doomsword is a weapon in The Sims Medieval, which is craftable by the Blacksmith hero.


  • Attack: 10
  • Weight: 0

Crafting RequirementsEdit

  • Profession: Blacksmith, level 10
  • Recipe: Manual of Blacksmithing: The Cursed Doomsword (gotten from a random event in the forest)
  • Crafting Object: Forge and Anvil


  • Adamantle: 4
  • Doomsword Blade: 1 (gotten from a random event fighting the pit beast)
  • Doomsword Hilt: 1 (gotten from a random event fighting the pit beast)
  • Mana Stone: 4
  • Mithral: 3

Special EffectsEdit

When using the Doomsword, the Hero gets a negative buff called Doomed that gives -50 focus. This includes when sharpening the sword. The hero does not get this buff when the sword is not being used and is equipped though.