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The Onomatology (study of names) of the families in Dragon Valley

Dragon: comes from the Latin word "draconem" meaning a huge serpent, itself from the Greek "drakon", meaning a serpent or giant seafish.

Valley: comes from the Latin word  "Valles"  meaning a valley or vale.

The Cromos FamilyEdit

  • Cromos: unknown
  • Riley: May have derived from the Irish surname Reilly, which is a shortened form of a name meaning honorable tribe. As an English surname, it may come from a place name meaning 'rye catcher'.
  • Zoe: This means 'life' in ancient Greek, and is a translated version of the name Eve.

The Delaney FamilyEdit

  • Delaney: This can come from the Irish surname 'Ó Dubhsláine', where 'Dubh' means black, and 'sláine' is the name of a river. It can also be derived from the Norman surname 'DeLaney'.
  • Dorren: A version of Doran, which means 'stranger' or 'exile' in Irish.
  • Emma: Comes from the German word for 'universal'.

The Dolan HouseholdEdit

  • Dolan: An Anglicised version of the Irish surname 'O'Dobhailein', which contains the word 'dobhail', meaning unlucky.
  • Finn: This comes from Irish and means 'white' or 'fair'. It was the name of Finn Mac Cumhail, a legendary Irish warrior.
  • Sarah: Means 'princess' and comes from Hebrew.
  • Byrne: An Anglicised version of the Irish 'Ó Broin', where 'Broin' is derived from 'bran', meaning raven.
  • Wynn: Means 'fair' or 'pure' in Welsh.

The Eames Family Edit

  • Eames: Comes from the Anglo-Saxon, and means son of 'eme', where 'eme' means uncle.
  • Martin: Means 'warlike', or 'of Mars', who is the Roman God of war.
  • Maeve: An Anglicised form of the Irish Gaelic name 'Medb', which means intoxicating.
  • Liam: A shortened version of the name 'Uiliam', which in turn came from the Frankish name 'Wilahelm', which means 'helmet of war'.

The Hooley Family Edit

  • Hooley: From 'Hoole', a place in both Cheshire and Lancashire, the former coming from the Old English for hollow, and the latter from the Middle English for shelter.
  • Robin: A diminutive for Robert, which descends from the Old German for fame.
  • Marian: A variant of a Hebrew name meaning either sea of bitterness, rebellion or wished for child.

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