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An espresso bar is an object from buy mode that allows Sims to buy espresso on a community lot, thereby gaining some Energy.

The Sims: UnleashedEdit

Travelin' Joe's Espresso Bar
Peddling coffee to Sims on the go is what he does...he's Travelin' Joe. Got a product to ship? Feel your date might just slip? Or perhaps you're a little bit slow. Never you mind, when you're in a bind, he can get your ideas to flow. Are you feeling drowsy? Or just a bit lousy? Can you no longer keep thoughts in your head? Drop by and see Joe, drink espresso, and stop thinking so much about bed!
Game The Sims: Unleashed
Buyable Community lot only
Price §4900
Type Needs
Size 2x1

Espresso bars were introduced in The Sims: Unleashed, with Travelin' Joe's Espresso Bar. When placed on a community lot, it would allow Sims to buy a cup of espresso for §12, and would spawn one of three NPC baristas; Travelin' Griff, Travelin' Greg, or Travelin' Joe. If placed on an Old Town lot, it would also spawn the wandering saxophone player W.C. Friendly.

The Sims 2: University / The Sims 2: Apartment LifeEdit

Impresso Espress-o-Matic
Impresso Espress-o-Matic
This new industrial Espresso machine is bigger, shinier, and will make more high-energy drinks faster than anything ever has before. Sims all around town will dash to this delicious drink dispenser like moths to a flame, eager for tantalizing tastes to tango across their tongues.
Game The Sims 2: University and The Sims 2: Apartment Life
Buyable Community lot only
Type Needs
Size 2x1

In The Sims 2: University, the espresso bar was re-introduced as the Impresso Espress-o-Matic. In addition to being able to buy espresso (for §20), a Sim could make a few simoleons by working at the bar as a barista. The espresso bar was also reintroduced in The Sims 2: Apartment Life.

If University and Mansion & Garden Stuff are installed without Apartment Life, the espresso bar will not appear in the buy mode catalog.[1]

The Sims 3: University LifeEdit

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The Sims 4: Get Together Edit

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