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Peregrine Falcons are a signature item in The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles.

The Peregrine Falcon is renowned for its speed. It is highly sought-after by experienced falconers.


There are several ways in which a falcon can be aquired, depending on the type of falcon. A peregrine falcon is the easiest to obtain and is sold at the Village Shoppe. They can also be purchased by clicking on the bird perch, if your Hero Sim owns one or by visiting the merchant. The peregrine falcon costs 200 simoleons.

Another falcon is the mechanical falcon. This animal can only be aquired by assembling it. For it, you will need a mechanical bird brain, which is made from 3 crystalised falcon souls and a raptonium, and a lifeless mechanical bird, which is made with 5 raptonium.

Interactions with FalconEdit

To summon a falcon, the player must click on the falcon whistle in the Sim's inventory and use the interaction "Call Falcon" (once the player has named the falcon, the interaction will change to "Call (name)").

  • Give name to Falcon. (Note: This option only works once)
  • Pet (Falcon's name)
  • Feed (Falcon's name)
  • Send to Attack (Note: This will bring up a menu of sims in the area)
  • Send Hunting

If you purchased a perch from furnish mode, you can assign your falcon to that perch. When not hunting or with your sim, the falcon can be seen sitting on its perch. When a falcon is assigned a perch you can call it by interacting with the perch or its whistle.

Hunting Edit

If you send your falcon hunting, it will fly away for a period of time before returning with the results of its expedition. While it is gone, you will not be able to interact with its whistle. (Note: If you also have another bird whistle, you will be able to call your other bird and interact with it, but you will not be able to send it (treasure) hunting as you can only have one bird deployed at a time.)

Once your falcon has returned from its hunt, it will show up at the end of your action queue. If you schedule actions after its queued icon, the falcon will deliver the results of its hunt and fly away without further interaction options. It must then be called again from its whistle. If no actions are queued after the falcon's return, it can be interacted with immediately. NOTE: While the falcon's return will not interrupt actions like eating or sleeping, it will immediately interrupt and cancel the actions of a Blacksmith in the middle of forging an item and any Hero Sims using the Interrogation Chair.

Items a hunting falcon will deliver:
Item Use Value Chance*

-Pigeon Soup

5 simoleons

2.8% for 1 piece,

5% for 2 pieces

Fowl Meat

-Fowl Soup

-Stewed Fowl -Large

-Hunter's Stew -Large

15 simoleons

2.8% for 1 piece,

5.3% for 2 pieces


-Eel Soup

-Eel Stew - Large

-Sea Bounty Stew -Large (Quest item)

26 simoleons 2.5%

-Herring Soup

-Fish Stew - Large

9 simoleons 1.8%

-Trout Soup

-Fish Stew - Large

-Sea Bounty Stew - Large (Quest item)

-Seafood Stew - Large

10 simoleons 2.8%

-Turbot soup

Trench - Trench soup 3.6%

-Salmon soup

-seafood stew - Large

50 simoleons 3.9%

-Rabbit Soup

-Hunter's Stew - Large

-Rabbit Stew - Large

25 simoleons

6.4% for 1 piece,

6% for 2 pieces


-Venison Soup

-Venison Stew - Large

-Hunter's Stew - Large

Sausage 88 simoleons 1.8%
Frog -Frog soup 40 simoleons

3.2% for 1 piece,

1.8% for 2 pieces

Dead Falcon Crystalized Falcon Soul (Wizard or Spy crafted item) 10 simoleons 6.8%
Dead Parrot 4 simoleons 5.3%
Dragon Tooth ingredient in Reconstructed Baby Dragon Skeleton 30 simoleons 7.8%
Tiny Bones Used for making undead parrot etc. with Necravian vessel 30 simoleons 3.2%
Dead Rat 10 simoleons 8.5%
Dead Chinchilla 15 simoleons 9.6%
Ancient Bones Ingredient in Reconstructed Baby Dragon Skeleton 20 Simoleons 6.8%
  • chance is based on 281 hunts from a peregrine falcon.

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