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For The Sims 2 career, see Show Business.
Not to be confused with Celebrity status.

The Fame career track is found in the Superstar expansion pack for The Sims. Sims can enter this career by using the Studio Town tabloid, which Nancy the Paper Girl delivers each day, to find an agent.

Unlike other careers in The Sims, earning money and advancing relies on successfully interacting with fame objects in Studio Town, in addition to mood, skills and friends. There is no carpool, and there are no set hours of work. Famous Sims can call a car which will take them to Studio Town lots for free, but can only visit Studio Town once per day. Famous Sims do not have to visit Studio Town every day, but if a famous Sim does not visit Studio Town for two consecutive days, their starpower will begin to decrease.

Star Level Position Pay Requirements
0 Nobody Tips
0.5 Stepping Stone $50 1 charisma, 1 creativity
1 Insider $65 2 charisma, 1 body, 2 creativity
1.5 Name Dropper $80 3 charisma, 2 body, 3 creativity
2 Studio Fly $100 friends w/2 starpower, 4 charisma, 3 body, 4 creativity
2.5 Sell Out $150 friends w/4 starpower, 6 charisma, 4 body, 4 creativity
3 Trendsetter $200 friends w/7 starpower, 6 charisma, 5 body, 6 creativity
3.5 Player $325 friends w/11 starpower, 7 charisma, 6 body, 7 creativity
4 Talk of the Town $425 friends w/14 starpower, 8 charisma, 7 body, 8 creativity
4.5 Celebrity $750 friends w/18 starpower, 10 charisma, 8 body, 9 creativity
5 Superstar

The number of famous friends a Sim has is irrelevant; what's important is their total starpower, so having two five-star friends is equivalent to having five friends with two stars each. However, it's difficult for a Sim to make friends with celebrities who don't have similar levels of starpower.

Trying to get higher in the star leveling can be difficult, even if the Sim has enough friends and is in a good mood. Usually, it depends on the combination of actions picked with the advanced sets. The player will have to choose three actions in each combination. If the Sim is failing, there will be three combinations. If they do okay, there will be two. If the Sim performs perfectly, there will be one. Some of the actions for the sets and studios do not require any combinations. These actions don't pay as much and give less star power, but can be performed by Sims with lower star ratings.

If Makin' Magic is installed, magical Sims can use the Price of Fame charm to get 4.5 stars, but only if they don't have more than 3.

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