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A Fan is a Sim found in The Sims: Superstar and The Sims 3: Late Night

The SimsEdit

Obsessed Fan

The obsessed fan is an NPC introduced in The Sims: Superstar. Celebrity Sims with three or more fame stars who do not pay enough attention to their fans attract an obsessed fan. Obsessed fans stalk the Sim at home and any community lot. They will dig through the Sim's garbage can, and eventually start sneaking into the Sim's home to steal awards. Buildings can be protected with the "Zeddy-Lock Celebrity Security Door," which prevents the obsessed fan and non-famous Sims from passing through it.

A Sim will continue to be stalked by the obsessed fan until they improve their relationships with their fans. However, there are ways to deter or temporarily get rid of the fan. Celebrity Sims can berate the obsessed fan and ask him to leave, but he will always eventually reappear. The butler will also fend him off. If a Sim is on a Studio Town or Vacation Island lot, the Sim can ask Lana or Kana, respectively, to shoo the fan.

NPC Superstar ObsessedFan

The obsessed fan often leaves black roses on a Sim's home lot. In The Sims: Makin' Magic, these roses can be used to produce the Price of Fame charm. If the charm backfires, five obsessed fans appear on the lot. Magical Sims can also use the Toadification spell to turn an obsessed fan into a toad, though the effect is temporary.

The fan bears resemblance to John Hinckley, Jr., a stalker of actress Jodie Foster who tried to kill United States President Ronald Reagan in an attempt to impress her.

The Sims 3Edit

In Late Night, when a Sim plays the guitar, fans will come and watch. The relationship level between the performer and the fan and the fun level continuously rise until either stops the interaction.

Fans can get autographs from Sims in the Music or Professional Sports Career when they hold an autograph session on a community lot.