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NoProblem's new series called "Pleasantview" started few days ago. Two episodes are already uploaded on YouTube. This series is going to discover all mysteries about Pleasantview - what happened to Bella Goth? Is Dina going to be new Mrs. Goth? Did Brandi move on after Skip's death? And is Dustin growing up? Who's a mysterious black-haired woman who's looking for Caliente twins? DISCOVER ALL THIS IN "PLEASANTVIEW"!

List of watchable episodes!Edit

1.1 - "Friends With Benefits"

1.2 - "Love Me"


CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL : NoProblem Productions


"Pleasantview" includes all Pleasantview characters. From playable ones that live in the city, over inhabitants from other cities (mostly from Bluewater Village), to random NPC townies!