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Ran Away
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A Concluded Tale
Name: A Concluded Tale
Series: A Pleasant Story
Written by: AsherÉire
Release date: 25 July - TBA

Previous chapter: The End For One
Next chapter: The Lost Boy

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Fifteen years after the death of Mortimer Goth, and Pleasantview was a very different place. New faces were in the neighbourhood, some younger than others. Everyone had got the life they deserved.

The Dreamer FamilyEdit

Dirk and Lilith got married and had three children together: Rose, Ellen and Drew. Rose is the eldest daughter, Ellen is the middle daughter, and Andrew, or simply "Drew" is the youngest son. They have a two-year gap in between.

When Drew was 9, Ellen was 11, and Rose was 13, a burglar broke into the home. Thankfully, the burglar was apprehended. Six months later, the family had a house fire, and Lilith was nearly trapped.

"It was horrible." Lilith recalls "I nearly died in there, and that affected Dirk badly. Later on the same evening, I found Dirk in our room, with tears running down his face. It would have destroyed him knowing that he had lost me the same way he had lost his mother.

"Dirk was determined to make our children's childhood different from his own. He was an only child, and he hated it. Before we were even married, he had made his mind up about having more than one child."

Rose was the girly-girl of the family. Her parents noted the fact that she was like Angela.

Ellen resembled Lilith- someone who was charming enough to get away with the most mischievous acts.


The Dreamer- Pleasant Family

Drew was very much like Dirk, both in appearance and manner. When Drew was seven, he was asked what he wanted to be when he was older. He replied: "I want to be like Uncle Richie" with a big grin.

The children loved visits from their grandparents, Daniel, Mary-Sue and Darren, as well as visits from Aunt Angela and Uncle Richie. Drew became best friends with his cousin, Connor, who was the same age.

Lilith became an art teacher at Pleasantview City School. Dirk became Mayor of Pleasantview.

Rose is currently dating Joey Broke and is best friends with Sam Lothario.

The Hutchworth FamilyEdit

Angela and Richie got married and had two children- Connor and Paddy.

Richie was flattered when his nephew, Drew, wanted to be like him when he grew up.

Shortly after marriage, Richie quit his job as a patrol officer and became a top-ranking scientist. He was offered a job in Division 47, which he declined. Strangetown is too far for a father to work a

The Hutchworth- Pleasant Family

way from his family.

Angela, on the other hand, became a nurse at Pleasantview Hospital.

Connor, the eldest son, had a very easy-going personality. He was a bit of a neat-freak, which did get on his peers' nerves.

Patrick, better known as Paddy, was just as tidy as his brother, but was very shy. He didn't talk to many people. Paddy saw Joey Broke as a role model, despite the big age difference between the two.

The Broke FamilyEdit

Dustin was terrified on inflicting the Curse of the Brokes upon his family. He had made it very clear that he wanted to only have one child.

His parents had had more children they could afford, due to Skip's untimely death. Dustin was part of Pleasantview Military, and was a colonel. His achievements were recognised by General Grunt, previously the general of Strangetown Military. His job was dangerous, and he didn't want his family to be left in the way his was.


The Broke- Hillson Family

The two had only one son: Joseph, better known as Joey.

Mona retired from her career in order to allow her son to have a supportive upbringing

Joey is currently dating Rose Dreamer.

The Lothario Familiy (Lothario-Ellis)Edit

Donnie was originally a scientist alongside Richie, but his colleague's rapid promotion made him sick of his work. In order to take his mind off of things, he became a part-time session drummer for The Shifting Paradymes, much to his brother's delight.

Amy became a prep cook in one of Pleasantview's finest restaurants- Jack's Tavern.

The couple had two children together- Samantha, simply known as "Sam" and Derek.


The Lothario-Ellis Family.

Derek was different from all of his peers- he was silent, and didn't talk to many people, including his family.

Sam is your typical teenaged girl, and she is best friends with Rose Dreamer.

The Lothario Familiy (Lothario-Gorey)Edit

Much to everyone's surprise, Marty did find love, despite being marked as Forever Alone simply because he wouldn't break out of his "shy-shell". One girl did help him- Allegra Gorey.

Marty did experience some secret heart-break when he found out Allegra had been dating Casor Nova shortly after his grandfather died. His heart-break was even more severe when Castor started making fun of him being a loner. Marty snapped back with one of his harshest comebacks. Nobody had heard him speak that way before. Within seconds, Castor, who was generally quite a nice guy, turned nasty. Allegra knew it was the right thing to stand up for her best friend, who was defenseless, in a way.

Castor and Allegra broke up after that incident.

There were two occasions when the made is obvious they liked each other. The first occasion was a slip of the tongue from Allegra. She said "You're too innocent Marty. You're one of the cutest guys I know." before flushing bright crimson.


The Lothario-Gorey family

The second was on behalf of Donnie. He pushed Marty into a bush in a playful fashion. To stop himself from disappearing into the bush, he had grabbed Allegra's hand. And that was when the cupid had struck.

About five years later, they were married and had started a family.

They had one daughter- Sophie.

The Grunt Family (Grunt-Hutchworth)Edit

As everyone expected, Lee and Ripp got married. Ripp managed to please his father by getting a job in the military. He was in charge of surveillance. Lee got a job as an executive. It was what everyone expected.

However, there was one thing the family got that they were not expected- twins. They had a baby boy and a baby girl, named Chris and Lyla respectively.


The Grunt-Hutchworth family

Chris was the louder twin, whilst Lyla was more focused. These two, again, have been compared to Donnie and Marty Lothario.

The twins loved Uncle Richie and Aunt Angie, but they were quite fond of Uncle Buck.

And Everybody Else...Edit

Alexander Goth became the top-ranking scientist of Pleasantview, an honour previously held by his father.

Bella Goth passed away shortly before the birth of Sophie Lothario.

Marcus Pleasant fell in love with Nina Caliente. They both moved back to the US, and it is possible they married, thought it is still unknown.

Don and Cassandra Lothario are a sweet elderly couple. They keep in touch with their children and grandchildren.

Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant are also a lovely elderly couple. They are very pleased with their daughters' marriages. They love their five grandchildren.

Buck Grunt moved back to Strangetown to be with Jill Smith. He still keeps in touch with his family, often sending letters with gifts for his niece and nephew.

It is unknown what happened to Tank Grunt, but it has been speculated he moved to Veronaville.

Johnny and Ophelia Smith got married a few months before Ripp did. When they found out about about his wedding, they immediately headed down to Pleasantview for an "old-friend-reunion".


Before Richie moved, the residents of Pleasantview had their flaws. Lilith was unsure of who she wanted to be. Richie persuaded her indirectly to be who she felt she was. Although she never admitted it, Angela knew it was love at first sight when Richie said "hi" to her on the packed school bus.

If Julian Days, Richie's cousin, came over to Pleasantview, he would have a tough time trying to recognise Richie. He's changed a lot from that dorky-looking kid. Now he's a married man with two children.

They're still the same people. Marty's more confident, Lilith's more reserved than her cheeky teen-self, Dustin's moved on from his troubled childhood.

But, in the end, some things will never change.



The End.