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A Garden of Roses
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Name: A Garden of Roses
Genre: Fantasy
Created by: Vpetmad

Original run: 17/10/15 - 6/2/16
Status: Complete

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A Garden of Roses is a Sims 2 fanon story written by Vpetmad. It follows the story of the Rose family, a colony of PlantSims. The family have lived for generations in a sleepy little forest, untroubled by the outside world. But now Larch is beginning to rebel against the rules and taboos of PlantSim society. Can he foresee the true consequences his actions will have, and more importantly, will this garden of Roses manage to bloom despite them?




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A Garden of Roses Portal

The Spring Council - Overheard Words - A Little Mistake

By the Lake - Something Much Worse - A Midnight Arrival

Back to Normal? - Bad Omens - Consequences

Willow Explains it All - The War of the Roses - part I - The War of the Roses - part II

A Garden of Roses - Epilogue


Rufus Lowell: Werewolf of Sim State

XXV 1279: The Making of an Alien


Willow Rose - Oak Rose - Reed Rose

Moss Rose - Holly Rose - Lily Rose

Larch Rose - Cherry Rose

Armand Rousseau - Rufus Lowell - XXV 1279