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A Goth Day is the first chapter of The Goth Story


Summer is over for Alexander and its September, his favourite month of the year, but Mortimer is still upset from his wife's disappearance


BEEP!! BEEP!!! BEEP!!! a short hand reaches out to press the stop button on the alarm clock, a boy steps out of the bed, he reaches for his glasses, he puts them on and we recognise this boy is Alexander Goth, he gets dressed in his usual suit that his mother, Bella, bought him the day he was born, he didn't start wearing it until he was 7 but the suit's not important right now, Alexander walks downstairs to find his Elderly father Mortimer serving the usual breakfast of cereal, Alexander eats, about 5 minutes later foot steps come down the stairs and Alexander's 28 year old sister Cassandra, in her black dress, makes herself some pancakes, "Cassandra, why can't you have cereal like me and Alexander?" Asked Mortimer, upset that his daughter would rather not have the breakfast the poor old man prepared, "I'm Sorry Dad, I'd just prefer some pancakes, and I don't want you to go to all the trouble to cook them for me" Answered Cassandra, hiding the real truth that she just didn't like the sound of cereal or her father's cooking. Half an hour later a bus pulled up outside, "That's my bus" Said Alexander, grabbing his book bag and running out the front door, Cassandra, who was washing the plate she had her pancakes on, says goodbye to Alexander. "Dad, how's the work going?" She Asks, "Great" Said Mortimer, who was lying. the "Work" was research on aliens to see if Mortimer could get his precious Bella back, 1 Hour later, Cassandra grabbed her car keys and headed to the Garage to get her car, Mortimer watched her pull out of the driveway and after he saw Cassandra away from the house on her way to work, Mortimer went to his bedroom and walked over to a bookcase he made after he began alien research, he removed a book from it and the bookcase moved into the wall revealing a dark room with only an elevator inside, Mortimer walked into the room and closed his secret bookcase door, he entered the elevator which brought him down deep under the house, the elevator opened to reveal a secret laboratory, Mortimer walked in and began more research, suddenly an alarm rang and a screen on the wall focused on somebody moving towards the front door, it was Dina Caliente, Mortimer quickly teleported to his bedroom just as his doorbell rang, he went downstairs and opened the door, "Dina, how nice to see you" he said to the attractive woman at the door, Dina walked inside and dragged Mortimer up to his bedroom.........