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First Person (Hal,) Second Person (Krik,) Third Person (Jenny,) Fourth Person (Erik,) Fifth Person (Maggie,) Final Person in on the left (Lily.)

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A Normal(Ish) story is a Fanon written by Combineguy. It is about 2 family's who were Friends so much they moved together, and a two of the family members are in love!


Hal Inimem: A Teenager who wishes to discover the secrets of the world, he never seems to get in trouble with his parents.

Kirk Inimem: Father of Hal. He loves to cook and needs every thing clean! but be warned this man never likes a joke.

Jenny Inimem: Mother of Hal. She always wants to be with her family and unlike her husband loves joke everyday! and something need fixing? call this Gentlewoman!

Erik Thousand: Father of Lily. Erik's your kinda guy who hates sleep, he loves work! and never misses a day expect those Swim days that the boss hosts every month Oh, and you might not want to talk about those "Supernatural" with this guy. One last thing for some reason his favourite word is rosebud.

Lily Thousand: Another Teenager, Lily wakes up early and hopes everyday its snowing! Lily worries a lot sometimes missing School thinking she left the stove!

Maggie Thousand: Maggie uses the Computer all the time but, that doesn't mean shes silly, in fact shes ready for thing most of the time.

Chapter 1: Edit

As they all walk up to their new house, Erik exclaims "Wow, this is the new house?"