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A Pleasant Story is a fanon written by AsherÉire. It is about a young man named Richie Hutchworth, who has moved to SimNation from England. This tale is about his struggles of learning Simlish with the help of his new friends.

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New Beginnings/ A Good Day (Chapters 1 and 2)
Name: New Beginnings/ A Good Day (Chapters 1 and 2)
Series: A Pleasant Story
Written by: AsherEire
Release date: 24 Feb 2012

Next chapter: Lilith's Pleasant Change

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Chapter 1: New BeginningsEdit


Richie sighed. As his alarm clock roused him from his dreams of home, he knew today would be hard. Today was his first day at Pleasantview City School. Richie recently moved to SimCity from England and spent most of his summer learning as much Simlish as possible. From what little time he had spent outside, he thought Pleasantview was a pretty place. Bright sun, with expensive-looking houses, each equipped with very tidy front gardens. He got out of bed and looked in the mirror. He saw a good-looking, teenager with short brown hair and very light stubble which lined his cheeks. Richie sighed. The reflection did as well. Richie got dressed into his best clothes. Look on the bright side, his thoughts told him You don't have to wear school uniform anymore. A smile crept across his face. Since he was four, he would have to wear a neat school uniform for five days a week. At least that was a plus.

He went downstairs for his breakfast, greeted his parents, got into an arguing match with his sister, Leona, who was two years younger, and caught the bus. Richie watched the scenery go by. After five minutes, the bus stopped outside a house where two sisters, probably twins, with bright ginger hair where squabbling. The clambered on board. One of the girls, wearing a flowery green dress sat next to Richie. Richie felt the bus getting warmer, and wondering whether to start talking. After all, his Simlish was proficient, right? "Hi." Richie said, cringing at what he thought was a bad pronunciation of the greeting. The girl was caught-off guard. She could tell he wasn't a native Simlish speaker, but was impressed by his accurate pronunciation. "Hi." She replied.

"I'm Richard Hutchworth, or "Richie". I'm new here." And you are?"

"Angela. Angela Pleasant" Angela was blushing. She knew Richie had seen the argument with Lilith. "Where are you from Richie?"

"I moved here from England."

"Do you know Mortimer Goth?"

"Nope. Who is he?"

"He is the father of my mum's friend. He move to SimCity from England when he was a boy. Maybe you should pay him a visit now and then. He should help you- if you're struggling. I, uh, didn't mean to offend you- your Simlish is really, really good!" Angela felt like an idiot. Richie didn't mind. He took it as a compliment. The two talked all the way to school. Maybe today will be good thought Richie.

Chapter 2 : A Good DayEdit

Richie enjoyed his day. He counted himself lucky to be put in the same classes as Angela. He saw her rise above all of the class. She was exceptionally bright, kind and... pretty. Seeing her made Richie's stomach do a back flip. He liked her red hair, her green eyes and her face- wow! Richie thought of a song from home, something by Bruno Mars? He heard it on the radio a couple of times. It had the same meaning as to what Richie thought. She was perfect. On the bus home, Angela asked Richie if he wanted to meet up after they had done their homework, to see the sights and to meet a few of her friends and family. "I would like that." said Richie. Angela hopped off the bus with Lilith. As the bus was pulling away from the Pleasant house, Richie gave Angela a final wave before she vanished from sight.

When Richie got home, he was struggling to do his homework. The constant distractions from Leona made him lose his focus. When Richie finished his final sentence of his essay, he quickly read it over with pride.Nice one his brain said. "Thanks" he replied.


It was Angela!

"Hello. I'm Angela. Is Richie in" No! Lee had opened the door! She could ruin Richie's big moment. Richie grabbed his glasses off the bedside table, crammed them onto his face and dashed downstairs. "Hey Angela."

"Hey Richie." Richie cast a glance over his shoulder at his 14-year-old sister with her long brown hair tied into a ponytail. "Shall we go?" Angela nodded.

"Do you think your sister should come? I'm mean, she's like us, you know." Richie nodded. After all, what could go wrong?

As the trio walked to their destination, Angela said one thing which made Richie blush: "I've only just realised- you're wearing glasses."

"I forgot them earlier."

"So that's why you kept asking me what was written on the board!" She grinned. "I thought it was because you couldn't read his handwriting!"

Richie didn't know what else to say. He'd been caught red-handed. "Yeah... I couldn't see what was written. It was just one big blur."

They reached the front door. Angela let the Hutchworth siblings inside and introduced them to Mary-Sue.

"Mum, this is my friend, Richie Hutchworth and his sister, Leona."

Mary-Sue beamed. "Well it's very nice to see some new faces in Pleasantview." A heavy thud of metal music came on directly above the kitchen. Mary-Sue's face dropped. "That's Angela's sister, Lilith."

"She's got good taste" The look of Angela's face said otherwise. "I guess I'll go say hello." Angela led the way to Lilith's room. Angela was about to burst in when Richie stopped her. He knocked on the door. The music's volume decreased rapidly. The door opened. A girl with emerald eyes lined with heavy eye-liner, red hair and black lipstick anwered the door. "Hi" said Lilith

"Hey, I'm Richie. I believe you're Lilith?"


"What's that song?"

"Monkey Failure"

"It's pretty cool."

"Thanks. Angela, are we leaving soon? I can't wait to get some fresh air."