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A Pleasant Story is the tale of fifteen-year-old Richie Hutchworth moving to Pleasantview, SimCity from his native Birmingham, UK.


Richie HutchworthEdit


Richie, our hero

Full name: Richard John Hutchworth

AKA: Richie

DOB: 17 January 1997

Sign: Capricorn

Origin: Birmingam, UK.

Parents: John and Mary Hutchworth

Siblings: Leona Hutchworth (younger sister)

Leona HutchworthEdit


Leona, the quiet member of her family

Full name: Leona Mary Hutchworth

AKA: Lee

DOB: 23 August 1998

​Sign: Virgo

Origin: Birmingham, UK

Parents: John and Mary Hutchworth

Siblings: Richie Hutchworth (older brother)

Angela PleasantEdit


Angela: the sensible girl of Pleasantview

Full name: Angela Danielle Pleasant

AKA: Angie

DOB: 6 February 1997

​Sign: Aquarius

Origin: Pleasantview, SimCity, SimNation

Parents: Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant

Siblings: Lilith Pleasant (younger twin sister)

Lilith PleasantEdit


Lilith- the teen with a change of heart

Full name: Lilith Sophie Pleasant

AKA: Lil, Lily

DOB: 6 February 1997

​Sign: Aquarius

Origin: Pleasantview, SimCity, SimNation

Parents: Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant

Siblings: Angela Pleasant (older twin sister)

Dirk DreamerEdit


Dirk has had it hard- the loss of his mother has damaged him.

Full name: Dirk Leonard Dreamer


DOB: 12 September 1996

​Sign: Virgo

Origin: Pleasantview, SimCity, SimNation

Parents: Darren and Darleen (deceased) Dreamer

Siblings: N/A

Dustin BrokeEdit


Dustin Broke, Pleasantview's most unfortunate teen- but he always has a smile on his face

Full name: Dustin Andrew Broke

AKA: Dusty

DOB: 21 March 1997

​Sign: Aries

Origin: Pleasantview, SimCity, SimNatio

Parents: Skip (deceased) and Brandi Broke

Siblings: Beau and Tommy Broke (younger brothers)

Donnie LotharioEdit


Donnie- the guy who everyone loves.

Full name: Donald Nicolo Lothario, Junior

AKA: Donnie

DOB: 30 September 1996

​Sign: Virgo

Origin: Pleasantview, SimCity, SimNation

Parents: Cassandra and Don Lothario

Siblings: Marty Lothario (younger twin brother)

Marty LotharioEdit


Marty is the quiet twin- in conversation, all he does is listens, nods and smiles.

Full name: Martin Joseph Lothario

AKA: Marty

DOB: 30 September 1996

​Sign: Virgo

Origin: Pleasantview, SimCity, SimNation

Parents: Don and Cassandra Lothario

Siblings: Donnie Lothario (older twin brother)

Mona HillsonEdit


Mona, the Veronaville girl

Full name: Mona Eleanor Hillson


DOB: 15 April 1997

​Sign: Aries

Origin: Veronaville, SimNation

Parents: Mark and Ellie Hillson

Siblings: None

Amy EllisEdit

Full name: Amy Lily Ellis

Amy, the artist. She was one of Richie's friends before he left. Now they live in the same village.


DOB: 18 May 1997

Origin: Birmingam, UK

Parents: Sam and Maddy Ellis

Siblings: Mark Ellis (older brother)

Ripp GruntEdit

Full name: Robert Adrian Grunt

For Ripp, being in Pleasantview is like being on another planet.

AKA: Ripp

DOB: 17 January 1998

Origin: Strangetown, SimNation

Parents: General Buzz and Lyla (deceased) Grunt

Siblings: Tank and Buck Grunt (brothers)


Season 1Edit

1) New Beginnings

2) Good Day

3) Lilith's Pleasant Change

4) The Broke Boy

5) Dirk and Lilith

6) Night

7) The One

8) "Not Fair"

9) Hard Times

10) An Angel's Anger

11) A Hasty Explaination

12) The Missing Wife

13) Birthday Bash

14) Rivarly

15) Fate

16) Complications

Interval: Ophelia's Mind

Season 2Edit

17) Insomnia

18) Bonding

19) Broken and Fixed

20) Reunion

21) "What Do I Do?"

22) Chain Reaction

23) Returned

24) "This Is It"

25) The End For One

26) A Concluded Tale

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