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Chapter 11: The Garden Lady
Name: Chapter 11: The Garden Lady
Series: A Year Under The Sunset
Written by: Sophic2
Release date: November 30, 2013

Previous chapter: Parker's Side Of The Story
Next chapter: Fanon:A Year Under The Sunset/Chapter 12

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Tuesday, August 13th

I didn’t sleep well last night. Actually, I haven’t slept well for several weeks now, actually, I haven’t slept will since I moved to Sunset Valley. So I was a little grumpy today. When my alarm clock rang, I punched it so hard, that the alarm clock split and crumbled into pieces. R.I.P. Alarm Clock, how beautiful was her sound, thou shall never ever hear it again.

I went downstairs and I saw mum and dad at the breakfast table. “Sweetheart, is there anything wrong? You’re very pale and you look like you haven’t shut an eye last night.” 

“Well, maybe that is because I haven’t, mum. A friend of mine is… let’s say, in trouble, and I’m trying to help her… and I am very committed with that… troubles she has.”

“Maybe you should stay home today, you’re looking really sick. You know, we only live her for three weeks, you shouldn’t be stressed like that allready, you are too young for that, you should still be enjoying life at your age. We know it is difficult for you: moving to another town, but you just need to calm down a little bit. Why don’t you stay home for today? I’ll make your favourite today: my world famous spaghetti.”

That was another tough cookie I had to bite on, a cookie shaped as Doris Blue. At one side, that “cookie”is my mum, she knows what’s best for me and she is concerned about my health, which is certainly a good thing. At the other side, I am burning of curiosity, and who knows my new hometown will get in great danger.

“Can River come over, mum?" 

“Sure, she can eat with us, maybe that will cheer her up a little, because her situation at home isn’t that easy too.”

I crossed the street and rang at River’s door. Her mother opened the door and called River downstairs.

“Hey, Elli. Long time no see!" 

“Yeah, I need your help, River. Why don’t you come over? I’ll explain it you in a safe environment with a nice cup of tea.”

I talked to River for a while and I automatically started feeling better. We decided to pay a visit to the Landgraab family. Whe made ourself up, because River told me that the Landgraabs are one of the most prestigious families of Sunset Valley.

The Landgraabs live at the whole other side of the town, so we went by bike. When we finally arrived after a long drive, we saw that two motorcycles were also parked outside of the big Landgraab’s mansion.

When we parked our bicycles, my cellphone rang: 

“Hello Elli, you are speeking to… you know who.”

I don’t know why, but I assumed it was Anne. (Joking, of course it was Anne, do you know other people who speak like that?), I answered: “Have you found any more clues, Anne?”

“Well, I’m glad to tell you we allready caught the… perpetrator. I tried calling you yesterday but you didn’t answer.”

“Glad to hear, Anne. Maybe the thing I am doing right know would also be of interest…”

I told her the story, but she didin’t seem very interested. Well then, time to meet the Landgraabs…

Me and River walked full of nerves at the gravel path of their huge front yard. River recognised the garden lady: her name was Jocasta Bachelor , a passionate gardener who gets some extra money by tending the garden of the Landgraabs, a significant additional income, as the Landgraabs are the richest family of the neighbourhood.

Jocasta saw us and came to tell us something: “Girls, what are you doing over here? You know it’s very dangerous over here, don't you? I just saw two teenagers coming over here by motorcycle. You don’t belong to them, do you?”

“No, we’re not, on the contrary. I guess they would be our ‘enemies’.”

“Oh, great, you see, I’m a little bit scared over here. Because of all those things happening here the last few months. Since Vita Alto is the mayor of Sunset Valley, people get robbed, evil gangs appear, it’s like she is helping the town to its doom. Me and my husband considered moving. You know, this isn’t the right place for children to grow up. My daughter is feeling really bad about it, because she doesn’t want to leave her best friend Mortimer… Anyhow, I hope you are here to protect the Landgraabs, they are one of the few people I can still trust.”

Inspirated by the pep talkof the garden lady, we continued our walk through the large front yard, until we finally reached the front door. I rang the doorbell. 

We didn’t get an answer for a whole minute. I rang once over and still got no answer… Curiouser and curiouser...