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Episode 1: Pilot
Name: Episode 1: Pilot
Series: A Year Under The Sunset
Written by: Sophic2
Release date: July 22, 2013

Next chapter: Meet The Girls

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Episode 1: PilotEdit

Monday, July 22nd  

Hi, my name is Elli Blue. They say I’m a regular teenage girl with my regular teenage needs and my regular teenage interests. I like pop stars, bubble gums and I like romantic movies. My parents Doris and Leander moved into Sunset Valley because of a conflict with my uncle and my grandfather. Fled from my past, I landed in this strange, though interesting town.

When we were unpacking, someone called at the door. I looked out of the window of the door and I saw a girl, a bit older than me. She looked nice and I asked her if she wanted to come in.

“Hi”, I said.

“Hi”, she said back, “my name is River McIrish, I live her across the street. I saw that this house is finally inhabited and uhm… I just wanted to come out! It’s a beautiful summer day today!”

“Well, how nice of you”, I said, “shall we take a walk? I’m a bit tired of all that unpacking.”

“Allright, I’ll take you to the beach! It’s one of my favourite places around, and it’s a beautiful, sunny day which makes it perfect to hang out on the beach.”


Then we left the house off to the beach. She was very nice to me, but… she seemed a little strange. I asked her a few questions:


River and Elli at the beach

“So, do you have any brothers or sisters?”

“Nope, I don’t even have a father. My mom’s a famous journalist, she comes on TV a lot, you should watch tonight, there has been an accident this morning at Maywood Glen and she was the reporter. My mom had a difficult youth and now her and my life are under control. Well, they were…”


“It must have been two years ago, my mother’s best friend Molly French was at the door. She stood there in terrible tears, carrying a baby. I called my mother. She asked her to come in. We both sat in the living room listening to her story: “He’s left”, she said in tears. My mother tried to console her and after five minutes she felt strong enough to tell: “We were so happy. We loved each other, we partied together, we drunk together, and then… I got pregnant. He relied me and he said he was fine. And I showed him our little Sandi, and he was gone!”. Tears streamed down her face. And now that slob lives with her annoying baby. She goes out every night and at 1 PM, she comes out of her bed to go to work. So actually we have to take care of Sandi.”

“Oh gosh, what terrible. I think I know why you wanted to spend your Sathurday somewhere else.”

“Well, I have a friend in town, Claire Ursine. She’s almost 30 years old, but we understand each other, her heart was also broken…”

“What do you mean also broken?”

“Well, Molly’s heart was broken and unfortunately I have to live under the same roof with that b****.”

“All right, all right. So Claire, what was her problem?”

“Well, she is attending a baby with Jared Frio, an insensible jerk. He heard she was pregnant and he knew they would have come serious, so he left.”

“What a pretty little town up here.”

“Well, there are very fortunate people here too. Why don’t you join us at the diner Wednesday? I’ll introduce you to some of the friends of our age.”

“Sounds like fun!”

So, I made my first move to be a social butterfly around town and that makes me quite proud at myself. We lied at the beach for a couple of hours and we chit-chatted for a little while. I told her about my life so far and she told me she’s graduating soon and she would like to be a famous artist later on. Everyone in the village has its own interesting story, and I think there are still a lot to discover.

I went back home and we had dinner in silence. The feel has been like that for a few months and now I’m getting used to it. Our house is getting liveable again and tonight I first slept in my own bedroom. Full of curiosity for what the next day will bring and processing all the stories River told me, I went to bed.