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Episode 10: Parker's Side Of The Story
Name: Episode 10: Parker's Side Of The Story
Series: A Year Under The Sunset
Written by: Sophic2
Release date: November 3, 2013

Previous chapter: Autopsy
Next chapter: The Garden Lady

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Monday, August 12th

The last day of Candy’s life started at Parker’s home. It was a little while past 8 AM, when Parker decided to get up. He brushed his teeth and he was thinking about ways to eliminate the rich and famous Landgraabs.

After a minute he realised that Candy had called that night. He just didn’t realise it very well while he was asleep, which was strange, because Candy was the only true love Parker had ever had. We all know Parker is a bit cold-hearted when we talk about love.

Candy used to babysit at Kaylynn, Parker’s little sister, and from the first moment he saw her, he got a warm feeling deep inside, his blood rose to his head and he started to breath unisually fast and then unusually slow.

Parker could remember her saying: “I don’t want to live like a criminal, I don’t want to live with an evil persons enheritance.”, which means she didn’t want to live with him, he thought.

When Parker realised this, he started again breathing unusually fast and unusually slow. What has he done to make her change her mind? What has he done to not make her fall in love with him? How could she lose his faith? 

He got downstairs and grabbed a bottle of whisky out of the cupboard. He could not care if it was 8.30 AM or not. He took the bottle and started drinking. He took his motor cycle out of the cellar and drove to the edge of the town.

On his way, the landscape wasn’t green and bright in his eyes, although it was a beautiful summer’s day. In his eyes, the landscape was red and dark. He felt the anger rising from the grond to his head. “How could she?, HOW COULD SHE?”. He screamed all over the street, so that he scared the car drivers.

“Holy ****, man, what is wrong with you, dude? I was almost there, lying in the ditch, you stupid ****”

He didn’t notice what he did to the other people, because he just couldn’t care anymore. He took another zip from the bottle and continued his mission.

When he arrived at the Ashleydale’s house, he parked his motorcycle and got into the house. From the moment he saw Candy, he grabbed his Swiss knife out of his pocket and he pressed it as hard as he could into her chest. He didn’t know whether he should be happy or not, he just felt satisfied, not guilty.

He heard the noise of a car driving up the gravel path, so he got out through the back door. They should never ever see him again here, he promised.

He hid himself in the back yard. He saw that girl he met at the party the other day, Elli Green, or was it Elli White… whatever, it was a colour. She just stared at the body. What was wrong with her? He made use of that occasion to replace my motorcycle, but when he reached the front door again, he saw a patrol car parking, so I hid myself into a bush.

While they were busy examining the dead body, he drove away. But he wasn’t aware of the fact, that he was followed by dogs, so he turned over into maximum speed. He lost control and it was him, who fell into the ditch this time.

Game over for Parker.

He was arrested by Hank, maybe for the rest of his life. Hank brought him to the office, where other agents could question him. Hank thought that it was useful to inform Elli that the case was solved.


She did not answer the phone. Well then, she will contact us by herself, I guess, maybe she’s in a bath, relaxing, cause that is what young girls can do, although it’s us to do the heavy job. He sighed.

He called Anne, the famous questioning lady, she came over as fast as she could.

“You know, Hank, you said my name again over the phone, people could get suspicious, you know. And I know my profession, so I’ll know, won’t I?”

“I’m in the same branch, Anne, please back to work: here’s the murderer of Candy Ashleydale. Make him fell uncomfortable. Blair will take notes.”

And there the three of them sat in the white room, it really couldn’t be more uncomfortable. Anne started with a striking question:

“Describe your relationship with the victim?”

“Well, we were friends, good friends.”

“And that’s why you murdered her?”

“No, no, not at all.”

“To the point, please. I promised to take the kids to Disneyland tomorrow and I still have to pack, so I don’t want to sit here all day. Why did you murder Candy Ashleydale?”

“Well…”, he swallowed twice, “I was in love with her, and she didn’t want to live with me.”

“Classic story… unfortunately, we can’t solve this without giving you a punishment. We will contact your parents, and we will put you in jail until your trial.”