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Episode 2: Meet the Girls
Name: Episode 2: Meet the Girls
Series: A Year Under The Sunset
Written by: Sophic2
Release date: July 24, 2013

Previous chapter: Pilot
Next chapter: The Strange Accident

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Episode 2: Meet The GirlsEdit

Wednesday, July 24th

Today was a day I have been looking forward to for a while: meeting a few friends of my age of Sunset Valley. I met up with River across the street and we walked to the Deep Hogans Fried Diner. There were sitting three other girls at a table outside, one with blonde hair, one with orange hair and one with pigtails. I took my place and I ordered a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

“So, who do we have here?”, asked the orange haired one.

“Hi, I’m Elli, I live here since a week now. How are you?”

“My name is Candy, Candy Ashleydale. Do you like it here?”

“Well, it has been long days and I heard from River that not all of the stories from this neighbourhood are so favorable.” 

“Yes, that might be true, but you have that in every town. I live a bit out of town. My parents aren’t big money makers so I babysit in my spare time to assure we can eat the whole week.”

“Oh my god, I didn’t know there was so much poverty over here.”

“Well, actually there isn’t much. VJ’s family is also very poor. His mother has left and now he kinda dislikes his father for what he has done to him and his brother. But VJ is not a great guy, I’ve heard he steals a lot and I also heard he isn’t very talented. He is also friends with Lisa Bunch, the biggest b**** of the school, I’m warning you!”

The blonde girl was being very quiet, I asked her a few questions.

“Hi, what’s your name?”

“Oh hello, my name is Holly Alto. You might have heard that name.”

“Well, it does sound familiar to me.”

“My parents own nearly every business in Sunset Valley, and when they don’t it is owned by the Landgraab family.”

“Wow, you must be very rich.”

“Yes, we’re quiet rich. But I’m cool with it. Next year, I’m going to college and I’m hoping to study politics so that I can finally lead the town in the good way, and not like my mother and father.”

“Our ambitious Holly”, snapped Candy.

The other girl with the pigtails also seemed nice, after Holly had told her story, she began:

“I’m Bebe, Bebe Hart. And please, do not judge me for my parents, they’re crazy.”

“Uhm, allright”, I said, “I don’t know anyone over here so you don't have to worry about that.”

“My dad works at the supermarket. He always helps the costumers with a big smile and a big joke. Nevertheless, everyone thinks he’s as insane as it could be. My mom has had some mental issues. Her clothes don’t match and she is wearing odd hairstyles.”

I had to stop myself before laughing with the strange hairstyle of Bebe itself, but I decided to stay nice.

“Next year I’m going to college with Holly and we will live at a dorm together. Her parents will pay the rent.”

“That’s awesome!”

The dinner was nearly ready. I didn’t liked the hamburgers very much, but at least I’ve met some friends today. I have actually just met some teens who are older than me. On the way back I asked River:

“Are there also people of my age around town?”

“Yes, but some of them, you better shouldn’t know. If you want, there is a big summer party at the local hangout next week. I’m sure there will be any people for you to meet.”

“Will you join me?”

“I don’t know, maybe I have to babysit on Sandi.”

“You just let me know.”

“Ok, goodbye Elli.”

At home we just were silent as hell, like always. So it is her in my little room with the little cupcake wallpaper.