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Episode 3: The Strange Accident
Name: Episode 3: The Strange Accident
Series: A Year Under The Sunset
Written by: Sophic2
Release date: July 28, 2013

Previous chapter: Meet The Girls
Next chapter: The Party Incident

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Thursday, July 25th

The day after I went to the diner, I woke up and went downstairs. I couldn’t believe my eyes: Candy was over there.

“Candy?! What are you doing over there?”

“Well, a meteorite fell down at Oak Grove Road. We’re just looking if everything is allright.”

“How nice of you, Candy. Where is that meteorite?”

“Follow me. Holly’s mom is holding a speech at the back of the house.”

Vita Alto: “I believe everyone is a little shocked by the events of last night. Apparently, nodody has seen or heard the meteorite and also no-one called the emergency services or the fire department. I demand a bit more duty for all citizens of Sunset Valley. We should do what we have to do.”

“Can I see the meteorite, Candy?”, I asked.

“No, the science team is still busy eximinating the materials of the meteorite. I’ll keep you up to date, Elli.”

“Thanks. Oh, Candy, don’t walk away!”

“What’s up?”

“Are you going to the party at the local hangout next Friday?”

“Sure, I will try to make it if I don’t have to babysit. Then I can also introduce you to my boyfriend Davy. He’s just an adorable guy. See ya, Elli.”

What a start of the day! Luckily it hasn’t hit our house. I went to River to look if she’s allright. When I was going out, my parents said they would go shopping.

“Say hello to the crazy guy at the supermarket, he’s the dad of a friend of mine.

When I arrived at her house, I saw her mother working in the garden at the frond yard.

“Good morning, mrs. McIrish. Is River home?”

“Sure. She’s inside, I’ll call her.”

Strange that Fiona is home, there has just been a massive accident in town and she’s easily working in her garden… on a Thursday! I’ve decided to stay polite and not question her too much. River came outside.

“Oh hi, Elli! Did you have fun yesterday?”

“I had, but I was just looking if everything’s okay. Did you hear about the meteorite?”

“Well, I saw the mayor and a few people there so I was expecting that there was something going on.”

“How strange that your mother is here at home.”

“Well, maybe it isn’t that important.”

“Oh my god, is it common here in Sunset Valley all those meteorites?”

“I don’t know, you don’t have to ask me. I’m not responsible for the working schedules of the business complex.”

“Allright then, I guess I’ll just go. Will you join us to the hangout next Friday. I asked Candy to go with me also.”

“Wow, how did you get besties in 12 hours? I don’t think I’m going, I have better things to go.”

River seemed a bit curtly today. I’ll ask her later what’s bothering her, maybe now is not the right moment. I went home and I shouted like hell. What happened here…?