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Episode 4: The Party Incident
Name: Episode 4: The Party Incident
Series: A Year Under The Sunset
Written by: Sophic2
Release date: July 31, 2013

Previous chapter: The Strange Accident
Next chapter: Parker

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Friday, August 2nd

I was really looking forward to this day for a week now. Finally I’m going to my first party in Sunset Valley and try to fit in with local teenagers. I had asked Candy if she could wait at Oak Grove Road, because I didn’t know where the hangout was. When I was about to leave my dad came to me and said:

“Young lady, be very careful tonight, don’t do stupid things, and when you come home, enter at the back door.”

Since we got that burglary the same day as the meteorite crash, my parents started to be a bit paranoid. But I always say: you’d better have worried parents than neglecting parents.

When I left the house, I met up Candy and we went together to the hangout. There weren’t too many people over there, since it wasn’t that late. We ordered a drink and we sat at a table.

“There aren’t very much people here today, right?”

“Sunset Valley is a small town, and many people are on vacation. When the dancefloor will open, you will see, it’s going to be rockin’ tonight.”

“Who are those boys sitting behind us? They’re actually really hot.”

“The one in the blue shirt with blonde hair is Ethan, he’s the oldest of a chaotic household of four children. He’s a nice guy, but he’s a bit a nerd, he allways earns A’s, he reads books all the time,… The guy with the hat is Parker, he’s a nice guy too…”

“Sweet. Let us introduce to ourselves to them?”

“Not now, Elli, Davy has just arrived! He's my boyfriend! He's a babysitter too!”

It seemed like Candy forgot I was also there. Candy and Davy started dancing, then drinking and then making out. It was clear to me that I wouldn’t hear something of Candy tonight. And there I was… left alone in a room full of people I don’t know. I saw Ethan coming to me.

“Hey you, you’re looking a bit lost. Are you allright?”

“Uhm, yeah, I’m new in town and I… actually don’t know anyone.”

“Ooooh, I see. Well I’m Ethan, I have 2 sisters and a brother and I love reading a lot. Should I introduce you to my friend Parker?”

“Uhm, why not?”

Parker walked to me and came very close to me, a bit too close to keep it comfortable actually.

“Hey, girl, you’re looking very pretty. I’ll pick you up at 8 tomorrow, and we will have a night you will never forget.”

I didn’t know exactly what was the expression of my face, but it wasn’t very gallant, though. I didn’t know what to say so I stuttered:

“Y… Y… Yes! O…o…okay, see you then!”

At that moment, I just ran away, Candy wouldn’t even had noticed I guess. Ethan ran after me.

“Elli, Elli, STOP! You don’t have to be scared of Parker he always does that.”

“Don’t be scared of hitting on me out of the blue and arranging a date?”

“Don’t feel bad, Elli. He probably just want to impress this friends and score a date.”

“You think I’m okay with it that a boy in the town I just moved in uses me as a show piece? Ethan, it’s not you, it’s Parker, so leave me alone.”

Actually, Ethan is a really good guy, I just couldn’t think about that at that moment, because I was so upset. I went to River’s to talk about it. When I rang at the door, she opened it and said:

“Elli? What’s up? Why are you here so late?”

She saw that I was in tears and I talked about it with her. Finally I decided to go an the date tomorrow, and see what happens. After the conversation with River, I had a real angry look from Molly, because I woke up her baby. I went home and I tried to enter as quiet as I could. I didn’t sleep that night.