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Episode 5: Parker
Name: Episode 5: Parker
Series: A Year Under The Sunset
Written by: Sophic2
Release date: August 3, 2013

Previous chapter: The Party Incident
Next chapter: Inspector Handsome

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===Note ===

This episode is written from the point of view of Parker Langerak

Sathurday, August 3rd

My mission was clear: hit on the new girl and bring her to Maywood Glen. There, Robbie will take things over. The instructions I got weren’t that clear, but for the money that I would get, you don’t think twice!

I met her at 8 PM at Oak Grove Road, at her house. River stared out of her window, peeking very suspicious. Does she realize what’s going on? Let’s hope not. Back to your job, Parker.

I rang at the door, and what a surprise… an adult man opened the door.

“So you are that guy who hitted on my daughter the other day and now want to take her I don’t know where today without her permission? You should be shamed.”

That was a factor I hadn’t foreseen, the worried dad. With some quick thinking I said:

“Sir, you have to understand. I’m so deeply in love with your daughter, you can’t even imagine. You could know, if a boy meets the girl of their lives, all the boy wants is to be with his girl.”

“Yes, but you creeped out my daughter last night. Did you realize that?”

“Last night I was wrong, but tonight, I will make it right again. Would you just give me one chance, Sir?”

“Ah, okay. But you just be careful with her: the sudden move to Sunset Valley has made her emotionally instable, I guess.”

“Don’t worry, Sir. She’s going to be allright.”

After a while, the new girl came off the stairs. She looked very tired and she didn’t look very excited about our date.

“So, you must be Parker.”, she said.

“Hello, sweetheart. Ugh, I know I was wrong last night, I really think we should talk, and there’s no better place like the peaceful park of Maywood Glen.”

“Ugh, allright then.”

Beside the thing she didn’t really look excited at all, everything went according to plan. Strange, normally everyone falls for my fit body, smooth pick-up lines and my irresistible kisses.

“So, did you want to tell me something?”, she said.

“I just wanted to say: My pick-up lines seem a little macho-ish, but when I do, it’s not to impress someone, it’s just because I truely love that person. The first day I saw you, yesterday, it was like you fell out of heaven.”

Again she gave me that awkward, ungrateful look. I waited for her giving a reaction.

“Well… thanks! It really overcomes me.”

“So, do yo want to…”

“…kiss me? Yes, I do.”

Yes! Everything went just so right until now. Let’s liquor her up now! We kissed: for her special, for me a daily event.

“So, sweetie. Did you ever taste the sweet love of alcohol?”

“Well uhm, shouldn’t we be 18?”

“Who cares? We should try! We are young and we live to do risky things, right?”

“Well allright then, I’ll give it a shot!”


I filled two glasses of vodka. Let’s hope this step also goes easily. And yes, it did! As expected, she wasn’t feeling well about drinking a glass of vodka and it made her faint. I did the sign to Robbie and I runned home as fast as I could. The boss will be elated about my work, and hopefully that comes with a big cash bonus too.