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Episode 6: Inspector Handsome
Name: Episode 6: Inspector Handsome
Series: A Year Under The Sunset
Written by: Sophic2
Release date: August 8, 2013

Previous chapter: Parker
Next chapter: Private Detective

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Sunday, August 4th

I woke up the other day at Maywood Glen with a huge head ache: maybe because of all the questions going trough Elli’s mind, or maybe, and that’s the most likely, because I was feeling sick because of drinking a huge amount of vodka. There were two police agents standing around me. One of them was very handsome actually, the other one was pregnant… or just fat, I don’t know. I wasn’t conscious already. They put me on the back seat of a police car. It all went a bit too fast to follow.

At the police station, they first let me sleep a little while. When the head ache was reduced, the handsome officer came in. I was guided to an office. The office had a strong smell of fresh coffee. There were two people inside the office.

“Good day, miss. I’m Hank Goddard, head of the local police, and this is my trainee, Blair. And your name is…?”

“Elli, Elli Blue.”

“Okay, miss Blue. We have to ask you some questions about yesterday night. You know what happened, right?”

“Actually I don’t really remember a lot. I know somebody I’ve met, Parker took me to Maywood Glen, and he let me drink a half bottle of vodka.”

“Alcohol? How old are you?”

“Fifteen… but sir officer, it wasn’t my fault. It really wasn’t! He pushed me!”

“Write that down, Blair. We have some interesting facts here. Allright, miss, do you have any idea what were his motives?" 

“Nope, maybe I should call him?”

“Oh, you have his phone numer. Write down, Blair, we will tap his phone line immediately.”

I searched my cellphone, but hey… where was my cellphone? Where was my bag anywhere? Where was my wallet? I’ve been stolen.

“Write down, Blair. A robbery… Okay, miss. We will let you know when we have received any other information. Provisionally, you will get a restraining for inappropriate, public behaviour.”

I was kinda freaked out, it was the first time a was in a police officer, and actually I didn’t experienced it as something fun. I mostly feared going back home after the incident, and right I was. My mom was expecting me already.

“Where were you last night? We were worried! We have endured agonies, we almost called the police! You don’t realise how difficult you’re making it for us and for yourself.”

I told her the whole story, and I was banished to my room. Actually, I couldn’t do anything else because of my restraining. I decided to sleep a little bit to organize all the facts that were going on.

Thursday, August 8th

My mom woke me up in the morning. River was at the door. I was actually very pleased to actually see someone where I could talk to.

“Hi, Elli. I was a bit worried! I’ve heard nothing from you since a week now. Is everything okay?”

I invited her in, because going out wasn’t optional. I told her the whole story and the story intrigued her.

“Should I tell my mom about this? Maybe this case can lead to a promotion for her?”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to involve the media. It’s been hard enough for me since I got here. Maybe we’ll rest the case a little while.”

“Are you sure?”, said River with a lot off amazement, “this is serious business! Remember the meteorite incident? You think that was a coincidence too? It clearly is the work of a gang. We have to warn the mayor.”

“Uhm, okay. Let’s do that.”

“Maybe she can talk to the citizens and maybe she can help the police solving this case.”

Right when we decided to go to the city hall, I realized I can’t go out, and the telephone rang.

“Hi, is this Elli Blue. It’s me, Anne Song, an investigator, the town of Sunset Valley has chosen me to follow up this case. We have to talk tomorrow. Be sure you’d be there. *CLICK*.”

Interesting, a private detective. It’s like I’m living in an action movie. Hopefully she will help me get through this case as quickly as possible, because I actually just wanted an ordinary life here in Sunset Valley. Unfortunately, they probably don’t know that here.