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Episode 7: Private Detective
Name: Episode 7: Private Detective
Series: A Year Under The Sunset
Written by: Sophic2
Release date: August 11, 2013

Previous chapter: Inspector Handsome
Next chapter: The Nightmare

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Friday, August 9th

This morning I got River on the phone. She said she had tried to reach Vita Alto yesterday, but her body guards didn’t let her in. Meanwhile, I’m just roaming around the house and boreing myself to death. I’m waiting every day for something to happen, maybe another crime? I wouldn’t care, on the contrary, it would help me.

My mom came into my room.

“There is a woman here for you. She sas she’s an investigator, I think she’s rather crazy. Maybe you should go talk to her. And please keep it short, I just cleaned the living room.”

I guess Anne Song had arrived. I saw a woman with black, neat hair, rather formal clothes, she looked like she had Chinese or Japanese roots.

“Anne Song, SCSI (Sims Crime Scene Investigation), I have been chosen to solve the crime you were involved in. I’m here to ask you some questions.”

“Uhm, okay. Sit down.”

“Where should I sit down?”

“Wherever you want to sit down, Madam.”

“I see what’s your problem, miss, you are way too nonchalant. You have to be resolute and assertive. You know, Sunset Valley has changed, it isn’t as lovely as it looks like, and I can know!”

She looks indeed a little insane. But however, I let her take a seat in the couch, the most to the right, and no, there was no reason for that, and yes, I should think about everything I do, blablabla. Can we please get to the conversation now?

“I already listed two of your problems, you know. So tell me about happened Sathurday, August 3rd please.”

I told her the story again (it’s really getting me bored after a while). Anne nodded.

“Great, great, listen very carefully, I will say this only once: I’m going on a steak-out tomorrow at Central Park. I will let you know what I heard, my bush costume is just back from the atelier. Oh, I love that costume so much...”

I must say, I don’t have too many confidence in Anne, but I have decided that I would give it a shot. She left the house and I… was sitting alone, so lonely, so bored, again... What shall I do today? Maybe I should do some origami, like yesterday. Unfortunately, all the medium-boring things to do are already ticked on the list.

Monday, August 12th

Finally, the telephone! Maybe my personal Sherlock has got some research answers. Full of expectation, I answered the phone.

“Hi, it’s me, you know who.”

“Yes, Anne. Tell me what’s up.”

“Do not say my name out loud. They can hear us everywhere. So, hum… the hens are found out of the henhouse and maybe he worked together with the dog do frighten other chicks.”

“Seriously, Anne? It’s 10PM, I am not in for code languages. Could you just tell me what you found out about Parker?”

“Alright then… I was just behind my 'bush' disguise, listening to what other people had to say in Central Park. I was actually really bored, so I took a few books with me, but that isn’t the point. Anyways, I heard Bessie Clavell speaking to Beau Andrews. As a matter of fact, when the meteorite was reported, the Clavells were also robbed. I heard Bessie saying she had a visit from Parker a few minutes earlier.”

“Oh well, Anne, that’s very interesting.”

“Of course it is, that’s my job, eavesdropping on people to learn interesting facts. If it wasn’t interesting, I wouldn’t have told you, you know me.”

“Alright, alright, calm down. And did you hear anything else?”

“Actually, yes! Bessie said that Parker was there to ask older people whether they were alright, because they would have led more risk, which is obviously not true.”

“That’s just insane. He could have had found out a better excuse if he wanted to keep it plausible.”

“I’m glad this is a simple case finally. You don’t know which masterplans criminals imagine these days.”

Beside the fact that my investigator is a little bit crazy, we now found out that Parker and Candy work together. Now would be the right moment to face Candy about the facts, as she visited me too right before we got robbed.

I snuck out of the house (what a badass am I, actually I couldn’t go out, mwahaha). I made a disguise and I left the house. I took my bicycle, because it is a long way to Candy’s house.

After a half an hour, I arrived. The door was open. I decided to be impolite and go in. I didn't see anyone. I went for a look in the back yard, and then... I screamed very loudly!!

… Candy was lying on the floor… with a large puddle of blood around her body. And a big knife through her back.


There will be a break of two weeks right now, please leave a comment to say what you think that has happened to Candy. Be as creative as possible and use your imagination'''''. Maybe your story will be used, with of course your credit and stuff... Next episode will be released at August 25.