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Episode 8: The Nightmare
Name: Episode 8: The Nightmare
Series: A Year Under The Sunset
Written by: Sophic2
Release date: October 29, 2013

Previous chapter: Private Detective
Next chapter: Autopsy

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This episode is a flashback about what happened with Candy the previous day. I would also like to give a special thanks to User:EllieVonSweetz whose idea I have chosen for the continuation of the fanfic.

Episode 8: The NightmareEdit

Sunday, August 11th

It was just an ordinary evening. Candy just had a meeting at the Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp. with the criminal gang of Sunset Valley. She had just been introduced by the newest member, named Lisa Bunch.

Vita Alto gave the start sign of the meeting. “Boys and girls, I’m glad to see you all another time. As many of you know, I aim for justice in Sunset Valley. Unfortunately, not everyone here in Sunset Valley has the same definition of the word ‘justice’. What I call justice… is me and my husband ruling the world. Unfortunately, my daughter is one of those hippies that think you aren’t allowed to fight for something you really want. Therefore, I call you: Candy Ashleydale, Parker Langerak, VJ Alvi and Lisa Bunch: the AFD, the Alto Family Descendants. We all aim for one thing: elimination of the Landgraabs. MWAHAHAHA”

The whole team of the AFD started applauding.

“Thank you, my children, thank you. As we have a look to the list of our devilish plans, I think we can tick our meteorite plan. Thanks  to my connections in the Science Lab, we could pretend to make a meteorite passing by and in the meanwhile stealing money from poor neighbours. That might not be nice, but as I already said, you have to fight for things you really want.”

At that moment Candy started to get plunged in thought. She didn’t know what actually happened, but she had a strange feeling, like someone asked her: “Why are you here, Candy? You don’t belong her. You aren’t an evil person.”

The reason why she made part of the AFD, was because the descendants of the Altoes, would get a large part of the family fortune. As she and her parents are in straitened circumstances, she would do it just for the money. But at that exact moment, the voices in her head started to tell her: “Stop it, Candy, this isn’t the right thing to do.”

The moment she woke up, Vita was talking about the new project of ruling the world.

“Now that we have enough cash, I have successfully bribed the head of the Stocks, the only thing we need to do is shoo the Landgraabs.”

Candy didn’t want to hear it anymore, she got out as fast as she could. the AFD watched her sweeping with an O-shaped mouth. What’s the problem with her?

Candy took her bicycle out of the cellar and drove as fast as she could to her house at the edge of the town and she fell asleep even before 9AM.

That night was the most horrible night that Candy had ever experienced, and also the last one, which she didn’t know then. She had the worst nightmare ever, where she and Parker were rich and famous, just because they had committed corruption, murder, robbery, and that all for someone who isn’t family to have money to buy things we don’t need.

That thought made her frightened, she got up and looked at her alarm clock: 2:54 AM. She wasn’t able anymore to think clear, so she grabbed the phone and called Parker.


The beep was lasting way too long… She was just too nervous to wait, but the other part of her body told her she just had to call Parker.


A sleepy, annoyed voice answered the phone.

“God thanks, Parker! Hello, it’s Candy here.”

“Candy? What’s up? It’s like 3 AM?!”

“I know, Parker, I know, but I just had the worst nightmare ever.”

Candy told him about her nightmare. Parker anyway was too tired and annoyed to properly listen to her story.

“Yeah, whatever, darling… you seem very upset, and so do I because I am called in the middle of the night. You should try to sleep, you’re probably strained, I already saw it on your face this evening. Just go sleep!”


Candy tried to stay calm, and at least, she succeeded at staying calm and experiencing the night without any trouble.