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Episode 9: Autopsy
Name: Episode 9: Autopsy
Series: A Year Under The Sunset
Written by: Sophic2
Release date: October 31, 2013

Previous chapter: The Nightmare
Next chapter: Parker's Side Of The Story

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Monday, August 12th

The moment I first saw the liveless body of Candy, I just thought it had to be a nightmare. I squeezed my cheeks a lot of times, unfortunately, without any saving result.

Maybe this could seem strange, but the first thing I did was just staring at her, for a long time. I stared at the big wound at her chest, it was like the wound was talking to me, but I couldn’t understand what it was saying.

Only after a while, I decided to call the police. It only took them 5 minutes to come over. The moment the police crew, consisting of Anne and Hank, entered, they started examining the xrime scene. Hank was analysing the foot- and fingerprints, the bloodstains and the shape of the wound while Anne was, once again, questioning me about what happened.

(All that questions lately, they drive me crazy. Why can't I just have a normal life?) I told her once again, I was going over to Candy’s to ask her about her relationship with Parker and the link between the robberies, and that I had nothing to do with the murder, although every suspect would probably say that.

While we were all busy examining the crime scene, we heard a sharp, loud sound of a motorcycle driving away from the parking lot next to the house.

Hank let the dogs loose and said: “Follow him!”. At the moment the dogs left the house, Hank followed them with the patrol car.

I decided to go home and take a warm bath to soothe me and to put everything at a glance.

The water of the bath was streaming, a sound that had always relaxed me. I let myself fall into the water harshly so that an amount of the water splashed along the sides. Normally, I would clean it up immediately, but at that particular moment, I honestly could not care less.

When the bath was completely filled, I stretched out and went under water with my hair and ears. "Let's start from the beginning..."

“The meteorite… we were never allowed to see the meteorite… and then they all robbed the houses… and Vita Alto was speeching… I have to call Anne.”

I stood up from the bath, so that even more water splahed along the sides, and called Anne. Unfortunately, this was the answer I got:

  • This is the automatic answering machine of Anne Song. I’m in lunch break. I will be your partner in crime when I finished my sandwich. BEEP BEEP*

I remembered River also went to visit Vita Alto the other day, but this time I went to the city hall by myself. At the reception, I asked if the mayor had any time to have a conversation with an unhappy inhabitant.

“One moment, please, the mayor is an a meeting right now.”

But at that particular moment, she walked down the stairs.

“Oh, well, there she is, young lady. Well uhm, Good luck!”

I ran to her and said: “Mrs. Alto, Mrs. Alto, I really need to speak to you.”

“I’m busy.”

And then she just arrogantly walked away. My mother always thought me to be kind to people, but if they were rude to me, I reacted the same way. I shouted: “It’s about the meteorite.”

When she heard that she petrified and turned around. She seemed a bit scared, like I already suspected, I had touched a sensitive snare there.

“Look, young lady, I am a very busy woman, I am not here to tell you some fun facts about the meteorite for a geology task or something like that.”

“It’s about a robbery that took place while the meteorite was falling.”

This time she really lost her nerve. “Young lady, will you please leave the building? Otherwise I have to call the security, and believe me, you don’t want that. Goodbye!”

There is just nothing to say against that woman, neither does the police, so I thought about some people who have a lot of mightiness in Sunset Valley: the Landgraab Family...