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Ran Away
This fanon has been abandoned and isn't likely to be continued. Please enjoy the story without asking the author to update it.
Accademia delle Artí (Italian:Academy of Arts)
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Name: Accademia delle Artí (Italian:Academy of Arts)
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Created by: LØVĘMÜFFÎÑ✦Ravenclaw✧

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Accademia delle Artí is a series created by LØVĘMÜFFÎÑ. It is centric around students in the player-created Veronaville college, Accademia delle Artí (Italian for Academy of Arts).


  • Prologue (in progress)
    • Hayley
    • Matt
    • Laura
    • Fiona
    • Dorian
    • Kristina
  • Freshman Year (in progress)
  • Sophomores (Coming Soon)
  • Juniors (Coming Soon)
  • Seniors (Coming Soon)
  • Graduation (Coming Soon)
  • Epilogue (Coming Soon)


Septem SororesEdit


  • All of the Generation One characters have graduated (in-game).
  • The Septem Sorores Fraternity lived in the BV Mansion that comes with Bon Voyage, with a few small adjustments (Adding cupboards, recoloring beds, adding more chairs to the dining table, adding some drawing career rewards, etc. The interior and most of the default furniture is still there.