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Adam and Adriana Crumplebottom are the illegitimate children of Ethan Bunch and his mistress, widow Agnes Crumplebottom. A few days after there birth, Ethan was electricuted and set his home on fire, thankfully the fire went out but Ethan tried to fix the Dishwasher again, this time it ended up killing him. Adam and Adriana were not told about their father's death, but Agnes told them that their father was some guy from Bridgeport who ran off when Agnes told him she was pregnant. Adam and Adriana later found out the truth and met their half-siblings, Arthur, Jessica, Andrew, Ameila and Brooklyn.

Adam CrumplebottomEdit

Adam was the eldest of the twins and the first born illegitimate child of Ethan Bunch and Agnes, or the first illegitimate child of Ethan althoughter and the first child of Agnes. Like his sister, not much is known about Adam except his traits are Artistic and Excitable. Adam only met his father once as a baby when he came to have more children with Agnes.

Adriana CrumplebottomEdit

Adriana was the youngest of the twins and the second illegitimate child of Ethand Bunch and Agnes. Ethan only met his daughter once when he came to inpregnant Agnes again. Like Adam, not much is known about Adriana except her traits are Light Sleeper and Slob.

Nate Crumplebottom Edit

Nate was born at 2:23am on a Friday. He never knew his father as Ethan died a few days before his birth. His traits are Athletic and Loner

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Sorry that this page is rather useless, I am working on it. These two children are also members of the Bunch Family, please do check that page out as well :).