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Adolescents and Puberty is an English upcoming fanon series created in The Sims 2, by Xaypay. Set in 1997, the series follows six teenagers with a lot of personalities and different life styles. The main characters are all of a different minority as well, giving viewers an diverse set of characters and backgrounds. The series is to end it's storyline around Fall 2002.


For a list of characters from "Adolescents and Puberty" click here.


The series has been announced to produce 13 episodes. It has not been revealed whether there might be another season.


The title for the series was inspired by Freaks and Geeks, the teenage television series created on September 25th, 1999 and ended on July 8th, 2000. With this, the series was also inspired by the likes of The Breakfast Club (1985 movie), Degrassi: The Next Generation, Zoey 101 and few known things such as Disney Channel's Original Movie, Lemonade Mouth.



Subjects Protrayed in EpisodesEdit

Most of the subjects on the series have to do with sex, teen pregnancy, date rape, drug abuse, self image, homosexuality, self-injury, suicide, abortion, domestic violence, death, racism and many other issues. This is very similar to Degrassi's piece of storyline.

Having to Do With Real Life EventsEdit