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Adventure's Life (Book 1)

Adventurer's Life
Bella and Mortimer in the playground
Series: Sims 3 Adventures
Written by: Ninjamellark
Release date: (Book) 24th January 2013 (Film) 31st January

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About Edit

My fanon is about the 4 seasons that surround Sunset Valley. My sims like Summer the best, so I am doing an experiment on what the do when it's cold (I have sims 3 seasons) so there will be a book, and a video, so hope you like it. I will film from different locations, Like the dance club, festival. Please be aware that the video does have slight changes to the book, like for example, if one of my sims describes and sees what's happening in the book about the pool party in the lounge where the nightclub is, I can't film because that's a rabbit hole, but instead I will film outside. This is Peeta's point of view

Concept Edit

The Concept of this Fanon is that the main picture is that a Child is describing his way around life, and his friends, and how we picture what we do in our lives. I created this book to express how Ordinary sims have a way of expressing life to viewers like you. I really hope you enjoy this book!

Authors NoteEdit

Hi. I'm Zack, and I am a very well structured story writer or what you call it, author. I live in Queensland, the main state in the Commonwealth of Australia, or just Australia. I love just logging onto the Sims wiki, doing some writing then log off and go back onto the Sims. I have written a few canons if you look them up on the Hunger Games wiki. Thank you for reading this page.

Part 1 Edit

I woke up to Lily, my sister crying on the floor. Great. Another day of school, where I heard Veronica, my other sister talking about what's going to happen to the Vampires that lurk around. Mom packs me some lunch and breakfast as I sprint out the door looking out into old pier beach. I walk onto the lounge to wait for the bus, when "BEEP BEEP!" As I see a brightly colored bus covering the driveway where the pool used to be. Another morning that includes school. I have 3 sisters. Kate and Lily, the twins, And Veronica, my obnoxious little sister. As I walk onto the bus, I wave, and take a seat. The bus pulls up at the school, where I see Davey Linell, my old babysitter when I was a toddler. Aaaah. Those days just lying in my crib or playing with my toys. It's Fall now, and I am a few years away from a teen. Hooray! As I walk in, I just forgot to do my weekly homework that I should have asked dad to help me with. Well I am totally grounded of I get an F. Maybe I'll just say a dog ate my homework. Wait we don't have a dog. Hooray for me. I walk in and everyone hands their assignment to the teacher, while I just sit there. We sit at out desks waiting for our graded papers. She finally gets up, and gives us the papers. Molly gets a B, and she's one of the smartest people in our class. I get handed my paper which I did a tiny bit and find I got a D+. Well good enough, so I start to work on my Sceince project about why the world is so small. But that was nothing compared to what I did last year. I did one on Collectable rocks, and received a A. I got to get a new snowboard. Hurray, as school finishes. I do tend to say hurray, because I got my awesome new project.


Dad turned on the music this morning and did a work-out, when I went onto the laptop for my new science project. I grabbed a cookie from the fridge, and got to work. Molly French, the story editor, told the web that her daughter did s Sceince project on this 4 years ago at the winter festival. I could just copy her daughter's paper, but the on,y thing blocking my way is that she's nearly a young adult, which means it could be harder, since she's got a boyfriend, Nick. I told Mom and Dad about it, and as soon as they heard, they drove me to the library to look for books, not go on the computer. The whole time I was there, I managed to get a book in Bridgeport and the surrounding cities, and Tank Heroes. Tank heroes really has nothing to do with the project, so really what I did was just read and play computer games on the lagging computer with a bulky keyboard. I had to wait 20 minutes for it to start up. That took a chunk of time out of my weekend. I walked to the grocery store with the 20 simoleons I earned last week, when they had a special on books. I looked in the window, and they had Sunset Valleys history. Perfect. I walked in and paid the money, (12 simoleons) and walked out, proud that I can complete my Sceince project. Mom gave me a board so o could work with that, as tonight all I did was typing, printing and glueing. I stuck on pictures, and finally started to complete the assignment. Overall, I should earn and A+. So tomorrow is the Sceince fair, and I already have what I need to complete it. I had a quick meal of canned soup, then fell asleep, hoping that the maid would clean it up.

Part 2Edit

After the science fair, My teacher, Mrs. Grace lead us to the maths room and we completed assignments. We saw her write the alphabet to. I got my blue backpack, and then Mrs. grace called me back in. "Peeta Tyler, take a seat. You failed your science project. You got a D-. You got worst than Sally Jenson, the girl who stays back in class all the time" she says. "I know Mrs. Grace. Can you give me one more chance?" I ask. "No. No more chances, Peeta. You are in detention with Mr. Lopez, and hopefully you learn from this mistake" She says, as I walk towards the office. I see all my friends and classmates. Jackson, Cole, Xavier, Sally, Khloe, Tyson. All here. I invited Jackson, Tyson, Sally, Khloe and Xavier to my place, but didn't bother with Cole. Coles a bully. Xavier is my age, and so is Jackson. Khloe, Sally and Tyson are a year ahead of me. The principal walked in and snapped at us. He made us go outside. So all of us snuck out into the pool under Coles request. We swam the 50 metres, then hopped out. Mr Lopez waited for us. "Where have you been Miss Khloe?" He asks. "None of your business, Lopez" she responds. An anger waves passes Mr. Lopez. Right. "Khloe Perryson, detention until 9:30!" She moans, and goes to take a seat, while he lets us go. Tyson and Sally need to go home, and Xavier is staying at the nightclub for his parents. So me and Jackson go home, and he stays for a sleepover. The next morning, Xavier reminds us that we could bring our togs to sneak in the pool. Xavier and Connor walk in with a towel and togs. Next comes Cole, then Khloe. Later arrives Tyson and Sally, then Justin, then finally Josephine. The only people left behind was Eric, Teagen and Harley and Hailey. The are goody goods. We ran down to the Dairy straight after and bought some candy to go trick or treating. I can't wait!

Spooky Day

Ooooh! A new moodlet appears in my mind. It's spooky day! I rang Jackson, then I realized that he is in France for a week, so I didn't bother. Xavier is in Bridgeport, and so is Sally, and Cole is in Moonlight Falls, and Tyson is in Twinbrook. So it's just me and Dad. Dad said that he would take me to Bridgeport when I'm 16, but we would have to buy s house. There are no colleges in Sunset Valley, only a tiny one. Ariel Utah, a fellow classmate of mine also is trick or treating, but he is near the rocks, and we are near Old Pier Beach. Me and Ariel used to be friends back when I was a toddler in daycare. He would give me some of his Ducky Toys, and o would give him a race car. We were all happy until he left to the National Society of Moonlight Falls Education. All family's in our town move now and again. Mom used to live in Bridgeport when she met dad in sunset valley. She tells us that day. Veronica is still growing up to be a toddler, even though Lily and Kate are still babies. It's really annoying having sisters. Mom had a baby in her stomach, when I was 3. That baby I was hoping for was another boy. I guessed wrong. It was a girl, and they named her Veronica, the name of the band mom used to like, the Veronica's. It's 6:30, and me and dad are skipping to houses. First one is Molly French. She gave me a block of chocolate, and dad a candy bar. Next was Alto. Nick gave us a bag of rocks and a wet top when he splashed water on me. So that's 1 trick, and 1 treat. By the time I got home, it was 10:45, and Mom and Veronica were fast asleep. Dad crept into bed, and I ran to my room to see what I got. 1 candy bar from the French's, 1 bag of rocks from the Alto's, 2 pieces of gum from the Linells, and 6 chewy lollies from the Stevenson household. They are new, so we really didn't bother with them. This years Spooky Day was a success, my best score is now 9 of you add all candy together. Compared to last years 6. Well, good night. *lamp switches off*

Part 3Edit

"ROBOTS INVADED!" Screams the computer as I make my minion attack the robots. Oh good morning, I'm playing revenge of the robots 2 my friend Jackson lent to me for my laptop. I can't wait until I get my new IPod. It's really rare to get an IPod where we live. We are only Sims. I mean give us a chance. Anyway, Dad was really tired from trick or treating, so he made himself a coffee, then fell asleep. Our maid came to the rescue by cleaning the mess up. So now dad is really grumpy about this, and is probably not going to let it go. I keep playing until the bus beeps. I grab my stuff and run to the bus. After school, Jackson's Dad invites me to their place. I accepted, then realized that im going to get War Stud 39th edition that everyone has been telling me about. Jackson's house in currently in the market, and a new family is moving in. The kids name is Harry Forter-Odair, and he is moving in from France. Jackson went to France and saw his school. For some weird reason, he's gonna ask Harry if he went to France School?? And I was all like, why don't you just say what school did you come from, but he disagrees, saying he knew a lot about France, and that I haven't been there so I wouldn't know. So lets skip this, and move on to what I'm gonna do. Jackson said that his family is moving to China When he's a teenager, so I can visit him when he's there. I doubt that will happen, because we do t have enough money, and Lily and Kate both need caring. Kate and Lily are at Davy's house, so me and Veronica have the place to ourselves. *fist pump* apart from mom and dad, but oh well! Time to watch Shark Bites 3 instead of watching the alphabet turning into creatures. That stuff that Veronica watches is just plain creepy....

Last Day of School - Winter Semister

I wake up knowing this will be the last day of school. I slump to the fridge and pull out a bowl of cereal, then walk to the dining room to eat it. After my meal, I kill of some time by playing with Veronica. She's a toddler now, and looks like the crying and wrapped in a pink blanket are over. I overheard Cole talk about some Vampires lurking around this very minute. I know that's true, since I saw some. Anyways, the repo man came yesterday, and boy did that go wrong. You know how moms a 1 star celebrity? Well the repo came yesterday and took our recliner, and now everyone's looking shameful at her. She's quite upset, especially after losing her friend Beau Andrews, and now she's even more upset. So that's how her weekend off went. I walk over to the kitchen when the newspaper man drops us a paper. Mrs Grace is a 3 star celebrity and dating Jackson's dad. It's so gross, but true. Jackson also declared that he is staying in Sunset Valley until 10th Grade, so fingers crossed that he will. A few days ago, me and my group of friends went to the pool. Well what we didn't know was that security cameras were hidden inside the pool, and we were caught. So I was grounded from playing War and Cops 3 for a week. So me and Jackson just went to the new bookstore before school. We ran to school, and walked into class. We typed our story, and did some Maths. And on the final hour, we had a water balloon fight. The final bell rings, and everyone goes back to the bus, while I bike to my house. Finally, school is over, and next year is another year. I bike home and find that Mom and Dad have a present behind their back for me. It's War and Cops 4! I thank mom and she takes my banning off, because my writing grades increased to an A+. That's a great way to end a book!


Film Edit

On January 21st, Adventurers Life was confirmed to have a film which would premiere on YouTube on the 29th, while wikia on the 31st. Film is an unconfirmed time, since still filming, it likely 15 minutes to 20, including behind the scenes clip, trailer and tips on good movies. Film cover will also be announced on the 28th, just before the YouTube premiere. Book Cover will also release the in the 25th.

Tips Edit

On 22nd of January, Adventurer's Life would be doing a behind the scenes and tips guide. In the behind the scenes we tell you about our corridor for the school that I made so when my sim walks in the school, I film the house. Tips will include some of these: How to create a successful Film

How to film inside a school

How to download props

How to get all your characters in one room with out moving

Reviews Edit

I'll put each review that I study from the comments. Feel free to post a review in the comments section.

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