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After Dark
Series: Sims 3 Adventures
Written by: Ninjamellark
Release date: (Book) 10th February 2013 (Film) 20th February 2013

Previous chapter: Fanon: Adventurer's Life
Next chapter: Fanon: The Chase

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About Edit

Hurray! Schools out and Peeta finds himself away from those child years into a teen! But what happens when Peeta bumps into someone whose not one of his kind? A mystery and crime solving will change everything in Sunset Valley. Can you crack the code and help stop this creature?

New Name Edit

"When vampires lurk around" had been changed to "after dark" Thanks.

Part 1 Edit

  • Party whistles blow* "Happy Birthday Peeta!" Scream my family, as I blow out my candles. Hurray it's my birthday, and I am ready for college. I walk into the lounge to eat my piece of cake, while watching my favorite program while Mom and Dad go get the present. They take me outside, and when I open my eyes, it's a new car! Oh my god. I waited for a car forever! I'm gonna get my driving license when mom has the time. Jackson comes over. He hasn't got a car, and he is my age to. He gives me a new play station and goggles. I thank him, and go in to plug it up. Next comes Sally, who gives me a new iPod docket. Mom and Dad have another surprise. My new room is a garage, meaning the girls, Kate and Lily get my room, and Veronica gets their room. I get a spa, bed, new windows, dresser, bathroom and a TV with my new IPod Docket and Goggles. I make my bed then head towards the Winter Festival with Jackson. He gives me 100 simoleons to spend at the festival. We look at the new stands, and even buy me a snow-cone. I get cherry, he gets lime. We pass on greeting cards to our friends, and oh, you know Xavier? He gave me a Simbook Pro. I thanked him SO much, and he even added a desk and chair. I bike back to my place to try out my new PC games. As I log myself in, a detective news pops up saying An old vampire is haunting Sunset Valley. It's name is Archine, and I run over to the library to find the Archive marked with 1789.

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1 Released Date is due on the 1st of February.