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After Dark/Chapter 1
Series: Sims 3 Adventures
Written by: Ninjamellark
Release date: 25th January 2013

Previous chapter: N/A
Next chapter: Chapter 2

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We look everywhere in the library. No results. But it's got something to do with The goths. We run over to the goth household, and they do know something.

"We need to know about the dissappeance of Archine" I say.

"Sorry we know nothing" she replies.

"Oh really. She was missing the day you were born" Jackson says.

"Ok. Alex might know something. I'll ask him"

"He knows about this. He's visited the vampire 6 years ago. He was a friend with Alex. Then he had his first daughter, Alexis, named after Alex" Bella replies.

"Will you help us search?" I ask Bella

"Yes. But you must stay silent" she says, as she sneaks into the kitchen and grabs 3 plane tickets to Bridgeport. We run to the airport to make the airport claim our tickets.

On the plane, Bella and Jackson played on their IPods, while I researched on the laptop. Alexia Johnson-Evera. Born 2004 on the opening of Pleasentview. Was taken to Three Lakes and was raised as a vampire. She was bitten on August 15th, 2008, at the age of 4, and soon knew how to sprint and run by the age of 7. After 1 year, she knew how to suck blood. She is 9 years old. "Guys, we need to go to Three Lakes" I say.

"No bro. We are visiting Bridgeport, and we are already departing in 2 days. So deal with it, man" he says.

"We'll that's where Alexia is. You know that cute, little girl wrapped in pink blankets? She's a vampire. So we go, or we cancel the trip" I say.

"Oh man your killing me!" Jackson responds.

"Sorry Jackson, but I'm on Peeta's side. We need to visit Alexia" Bella responds.

"Yeah 2v1 your dead man" I say mimicking his voice.

"Fine we go to Three Lakes. But at least stay 1 night at the nightclub"

"Alright, we will stay at least 1 night at Bridgeport. But that's it. We leave 6am sharp tomorrow"


We arrive at a flash city, known as Bridgeport. We give our passports for a stamp, then as Jackson says, head for the nightclub.

"Okay whose a celebrity" he questions us.

"1 star. My moms a 2 star celebrity"

"Okay you get us in" he says.

"Fine" I respond.

We walk over to the bouncer. "Name?"

"Peeta Tyler"

"You may enter"

To be continued