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Alexander's questions
Alexander's questions
Name: Alexander's questions
Series: All Blue
Written by: Auror Andrachome
Release date: February 28, 2011

Previous chapter: Mortimer's burden
Next chapter: Cassandra's engagement

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Alexander's questions are the second chapter to the series, All Blue. This chapter explains Alexander's position about having older parents, and not knowing his mother.


Alexander was a definite curious one, especially when the subject is the disappearance of his mother. "I'll find her, one day", Alexander always said. This unnerved Mortimer, how his son, who knew so little of his mother or her existence, was so determined to find her.

"Cassie, what was Mum like?", Alex asked. "Well, I could say a lot of things about Mum, but the one thing no one would question, was her beauty." Alexander had always seen the photo albums and the paintings of her in Dad's room, but was she really the crown jewel of the family? "Wow..."

Later that day...

After Alex finished his homework, he decided to take another peek at the old love letters Dad used to send Mom when they were teens. "Bella, you are as sweet as honeysuckle, and as beautiful as your reflection, will you be my girl?" "Yes, my dear Mortimer, I will be your truthful and most faithful love."

Alexander found another love letter, with a remarkable date; March 12, 1954

"Mortimer, you are the heir of the Goth fortune
And I, your best friend, the globe of the Bachelor clan
I mean, everything, even you, revolves around me
If I were to die and get sent to hellMortimer and Bella's burden
I would want only you to join me
Oh, Mortimer
We are such a pair!"
March 12, 1954

Alexander chuckled. Just the very thought of his parents being children once made him laugh. It was hard to believe Cassandra was even one. As Alex was about to open another envelope, he was caught red-handed. Mortimer was infuriated. The letters he had sent to Bella so many years ago had been trifled with. His hope chest had been opened, and the key was nowhere to be found. In a moment of hyped anger, Mortimer slapped Alex. There was a deep red mark on Alex's cheek. Alex, feeling a stinging pain on his cheek, quickly ran away. He didn't look back.

A week had passed, and Alex refused to talk to his father, even when Mortimer tried to apologize. Only one thing was in Alex's mind; Why did Dad not want him to look at the letters? What was so important about them now? At dinner, it was even quieter than it was before. No one talked. No one dared to break the silence. Or, at least Morty and Alex tried not to. "So, Alex, I here your academic studies are going well", Cassandra exclaimed. "Yeah, they are..." "Daddy, how do you feel about Don?" "He's an ungrateful manwhore who sleeps with every woman in Pleasantview. You'd better be stayin' away from him, Cassie." Cassie was both enraged and surprised from her father's comment. She had known Don for well over two years, and he never betrayed her, not even once. "NO, NO, NO!" Cassandra stood up from her chair, and calmly walked up the stairs to her room.

After dinner, it was obvious that the Goth family was no longer close as it used to be. Too many things were going on, and Cassandra, no longer under Morty's thumb, was going to continue seeing Don. Alexander, still with so many questions, got the guts to go up to his father. "Dad, I'm sorry I opened your old letters and hope chest without your permission." "Son, it's alright. I just got all bottled up from trying to get away from Bella's disappearance. Everybody has their own theories about what happened to her, but I know only two can be true.