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Alice Lutti in some games
Original: Alice, the unflirty, cheerleading copycat!

Alternative: Alice, the totally 'flawless' diva!''

Name Alicia Sophie Gutierrez (née Lutti and Rodriguez)
Gender TS2 Female Female
Rodriguez/Lutti/Gutierrez Family
Parents John Lutti Step-son, Nayah Lutti Step-daughter Adoptive
Sibling(s) Lisa Garcia Female, Juan Pablo Rodriguez Male, Other Unknown Half-Siblings, Other Unknown Siblings
Romances Lorenzo Gutierrez Married, Mason GutierrezDivorced
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Carlos Gutierrez Son, Carla Gutierrez Daughter, Unborn Baby Gutierrez Daughter
TSC icon

Young Alice Lutti (The Sims console closeup)

Alice Lutti Grown-up (The Sims console closeup)

As an original child: After a tragic earthquake from her original hometown, miss little Alice was adopted by her happy new parents. But now, she has to get used to new parents. Will Alice become happy enough to deal with her new parents?

As an alternative grown-up GAL Sim: Poor Alice, a girl who is facing major difficulties and obstacles in this 'mode'. Somewhat timid, Alice doesn't want to have her marriage arranged with the Party Guys. Will Alice ever go on and propose a specific party guy, or will she just end her life right away?

As an alternative grown-up The Sims mode Sim: Alice, a very cute girl you will ever meet. A huge hopeless romantic, Alice does want to settle in marriage. But! You'll have to impress her with the best looks possible: A short brown hair, and a slightly thick figure! But not too big or fat, since Alice doesn't go for big guys.''

Age TS3-Child Child
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Zodiac sign Libra (sign) Libra
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Grey Eyes Grey
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims (console)
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Willville
Bo logo
Alice Lutti (The Sims Bustin' Out)
Original: Alice is under a lot of pressure by her stepmother Nayah, and she is still finding a way to get out of this situation before it's too late. Alice is wishing that a handsome guy would get her out of the situation, even though she loves her stepparents very much.

As a Bust Out Sim: Feeling active and ready, Alison is confirmed to be ready to save the world and show how gorgeous she is. Can you help her succeed from her dreams? And can you find the perfect man both looks-wise and personality-wise for her?''

Age TS3-Teen Teen
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Zodiac sign Virgo Virgo
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game Bo logo The Sims Bustin' Out (console)
Playability Playable
Neighborhood SimValley
Ali Rod
The Urbz Logo
Ali Rod Posing1
Name Ali Rod
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Human
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Grey Eyes Grey
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Urbz: Sims in the City (console)
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Urbzville
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The Sims 2 Logo
Age TS3-Teen Teen
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
School School Public School
Grade A-
Zodiac sign Virgo Virgo
Aspiration Family Family
Secondary aspiration Popularity Popularity
Turn ons
Brown Hair (chemistry) Brown Hair
Cologne Cologne
Turn off Facial Hair Facial Hair
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Grey Eyes Grey
Skin color Skin-tan Tan
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Twinleaf Valley
The Sims 3 Logo

Alice Headshot1 (The Sims 3)

Alice Headshot2 (The Sims 3)

Alice1 (The Sims 3)

Name Alice
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Fairy icon Fairy
Education and Employment
Film career icon Film
Pets Foppa, Tasha
Trait Neat small Neat
Trait Shy small Shy
Trait Friendly small Friendly
Trait Good Sense of Humor small Good Sense of Humor
Trait Hopeless Romantic small Hopeless Romantic
Trait Animal Lover small Animal Lover
Trait Vegetarian small Vegetarian
Hidden traits
Trait French Culture
Zodiac sign LibraLN Libra
Fav Latin Latin
Fav Pink Pink
Hair color Haircolor3-TS3 Brown
Eye color Eye-grey Grey
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
4 celebrity stars
Social group
Nerd social group Nerd
Rebel social group Rebel
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Twinleaf Valley
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The Sims 4 Logo
Alice1 (The Sims 4)
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Trait TS4 Neat Neat
Trait TS4 Good Good
Trait TS4 Family-Oriented Family-Oriented
Trait TS4 Cheerful Cheerful
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Fabulously Wealthy Fabulously Wealthy
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Grey Eyes Grey
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Willow Creek

Alicia Sophie Gutierrez (née Lutti and Rodriguez; born 24th September 1986), better known as Alice, is an actress, comedian, dancer, singer, model, and a part-time rapper created by Wikierzz1122. She is BFFs with Sierra Richies. She has joined and collaborated various groups like the duo Alisie, the trio Ultimate Trio (of Kimmy's), and the ultimate four group 4 Cute/Elite Peeps. She is 1/2 French, part Mexican, and part Brazilian. Alice is of blood type A (Her biological father A, Her biological mother O)

Early LifeEdit

Alice was born on September 24, 1986, on Mexico City, Mexico. She is the seventh of eight children. She has two half-brothers, two half-sisters, two brothers, and an older sister named Lisa Garcia. Her real mother was a housewife and her real father worked at an unknown career. She was next door neighbors with her soul mate Lorenzo Gutierrez. Around October 1987, her parents, half-siblings, and her brothers died from an earthquake, even though there is no earthquake death in The Sims. Alice's maiden name is Rodriguez. She was then sent to Twinleaf Valley to be adopted by John and Nayah Lutti.

Childhood and Teenage YearsEdit

Alice has been encouraged by her step-mother Nayah that Alice could become a famous star, because her step-mother loved how 'pretty' Alice is, due to a commercial that shows that Kimmy's Entertainment is open for auditions on January 2nd, 2000. Alice later auditioned for Kimmy's Entertainment and started debuting in her TV show called Alice in Tennessee, where she stars as herself; a girl who's trying to balance education and stardom. On 2003, Alice had a huge crush on Lorenzo Gutierrez. She had her crush dreams come true; she married Lorenzo in 2009. Alice was a very popular cheerleader, due to the fact that her high popularity at high school is from Alice starring in her own TV Show. Later in senior year, Alice was not crowned homecoming queen,but crowned as a homecoming princess in Twinleaf High School of 2004-2005. Alice of course did graduate.


Alice actually has lots of alter egos, and her alter egos have different personalities. She is best known to be a shy lady, although she appears to be outgoing when you watch her on SimsTV. Alice is often shown as smarter, obedient, and more mature than her BFF Sierra as she often knows much more about the world than Sierra does. She is sometimes childish, as she is somewhat playful and cheery, and sometimes calls her husband 'Dad'. Alice is described to be sweet and friendly, but male people whom she possibly dislikes calls her rude and sour. It is because she dislikes boys whom she finds unattractive. Alice cares very deeply to her friends, family, and animals. Resembling Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Alice is a curious person. She doesn't like boys as much, because she is highly feminine and is rather unflirty, but she cares very deeply to her husband Lorenzo, because she admits that Lorenzo is her true love. Her chinese zodiac, mental disorder, and blood type explains that she cries easily when in an uncomfortable situation, and is also sometimes with Lorenzo. She is often cheeky as he usually teases Sierra around. Be aware that if you or your sims are a celebrity, Alice will become very angry if you/they steal her hair and/or her stage name. She hates thieves, so you'll/they'll have to look a little bit of unique if you want (them) to meet her without her hurting you/them. Also, try not to insult and/or offend her, or she'll counter you/them back, as she can be hot-headed. If she likes someone as a friend or lover and gets offended however, she will most likely cry or lecture you/them. She is most likely a diva and a bit hot-headed, but it all depends on who she interacts with. She also seems to work 'extremely' hard for others to be able to like her and to influence people to be more 'beautiful' in a better way, making her somewhat of a perfectionist due to her zodiac.

She can be 'frenemies' (either friends or enemies) with her older sister Lisa, as she strongly dislikes it when her sister annoys her, but she cares deeply for Lisa and never would wish that her sister were dead. Alice just wants Lisa to mature and calm down.

As of early 2015, she has calmed down to tolerate friendly male people with the help of her husband and has decided to 'slow down' due to her semi-retirement from her life of fame career, caring for her family and children.

Due to her somewhat childish nature, she sometimes will call her husband 'Dad' and other times call him 'Big Brother', since they seem to look a bit similar to each other, but overall, she is intimately in love with him.

Alice actually has slight autism, explaining her 'extreme' personality, her creation of her alter egos, and sensitivity.

It is found that 'Alice is the goddess of her alter egos'. Alicia is also found to be more 'dangerous, and strong'. According to the fake 2014 movie Alise and Alisa, Alise is the more serious one who doesn't like being called childish when called by people whom she dislikes and is enemies is while Alisa is described to be very "cute", sweet, and soft. Ali probably has the grow up aspiration, so her debut explains that she starts with whatever she thinks is wrong. Ali has been 'officially' retired in 2004, due to the 'birth' of Alicia. Alicia is described to be 'a dangerous diva who wants the world to be perfectly beautiful'. Alicia was 'born' in 2002 and gained her power at the start of 2005. Alicia is first shown somewhat evil and then she confirms it possibly at the start of 2005 or 2009. Due to Alice's real Mexican name, Alice says that she doesn't always act evil because of her real name, but is reasoned that she got inspiration. That explains her possible Leo/Virgo ascendant; 4 AM.

To see more information about her alter egos, make sure you go to these pages:

Alice (the real one, and you're already on this page!)

Ali (fanon coming soon!)

Alison (fanon coming soon? Yeah)

Alise (fanon coming soon!)

Alisa (fanon coming soon!)

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Alex (fanon coming soon!)

Ali Rod/Alisha (fanon coming soon!)


Alice has brown hair. She says that she isn't herself without bangs. Her eyes are grey, but it is recessive. Her figure is of an hourglass figure. She prefers wearing girly and cute clothing. She doesn't like wearing boyish clothing, but has cut her hair and worn boyish clothing at 2005-2006 to show that she doesn't want boys to say that she's caliente looking.

Alice's hair in The Sims (console) is straight and shoulder lengthed. She wears a white shirt, pink skirt and pink sandals, because pink is her favorite color.

In The Sims Bustin' Out, she is wearing pigtails with pink ribbons, and her clothing is a bit similar to what she has worn in the Sims (console), except that she wears a pink sailor styled top with a green ribbon tied.

In The Sims 3, her hair is longer than it was in The Sims (console). She wears various outfits.

In The Sims 4, her appearance is very similar to what she is wearing in the Sims (console), except that her hair is longer and is wearing jewelry like a Sapphire necklace; a necklace that represents her birth month.

She said that she might outgrow her bangs between the age of 40 to 50, because her strong and dangerous ego Alicia keeps telling Alice that she looks cuter with bangs.

She is slightly taller than average; she is 5'4" (164 cm)

For more information, go to Alice's alter ego pages.


Alice's voice seems to be squeaky, soft, girly, and childish. Even though Alice is actually older than Sierra, her voice sounds less mature than Sierra's actual voice.

Unlike Sierra, whose voice change over the years, Alice is voiced by Cree Summer no matter how old she is. At every movie Alice appears on, she is instead voiced by Chiara Zanni most of the times.

If she appears in The Sims 2 as an adult, she will be voiced by Zoe Galvez.

In The Sims 3, she has Voice 1.

Fame and FansEdit



Coming Soon!

Her Visit To The Sims UniverseEdit

One day, her boss and creator Rachel/Kimmy had a device that sends the whole 'Kimmy's Celebrities' to any video game universe that they would ever want to explore in person, so she decided that visiting a game universe would be fun. Her boss then decided to see what the Sims universe is like, by visiting and 'teleporting' to the Sims universe, where the main language of the Sims is Simlish. Alice and the rest of Kimmy's employees at first could not understand what the Sims were talking about, or doing, but then, once they were 'stuck' in the Sims universe for now, the Kimmy's employees are now able to speak Simlish, even though Simlish is not any of the Kimmy's Corporation language. Alice's native language is English and Spanish, not Simlish.

Her Life In The SimsEdit

Life leading up to The Sims (Console)Edit

Alice makes her first appearance in The Sims (console). She is 14 years old, although there is no exact age and teen life stage at this game. She is renting a house at 6 Sim Lane. Her stepparents are John Lutti and Nayah Lutti. Alice has a good relationship with her stepfather and is friends with the Richies family. She has an A on her report card. She enjoys swimming in the swimming pool and playing with her dolls.

As a grown-up, she hates being forced to pair up with any of the Party Guys and is rather unflirty, even though she acts more cheerful and cute. She claims that she will be better off pairing with a male sim with short hair.

Life leading up to The Sims Bustin' OutEdit

As a Bust Out Sim: Alice is instead adopted by Mom Landgraab. She is 17 years old, but like in The Sims (console), there are no teens, stating that she is still considered as an adult. Alice starts in a weird dream, where she's forced to kiss an male Sim named Peter Tutti, whom she rather finds unattractive, so she will rather run away and call for help. Alice is then woken up by her stepmother Mom Landgraab who is divorced with Malcolm Landgraab.

The player then has to help Alice make friends and help them improve their locations. Once the player stops at the point where she is first able to get married, she will want to marry Lorenzo. On the next level, she will be able to have children with Lorenzo at anytime. Finally, if any of her careers are at level 9, she will be able to hang around and redecorate Malcolm's Mansion at peace.

Dudley seems to find Alice cute and adorable as he is seen flirting and tickling her, which Alice seems to enjoy. Max also constantly likes to Bear Hug Alice too.

If Alice is at a high friendship level with any male sim like Vaughn Braun, General Payne, Chase Skurtz, Max Toane, Dudley Landgraab, or any others, they may do a romantic interaction with Alice, because it may be that they find her very cute and adorable. Be warned that if you want to see a male sim kiss Alice, her husband better go to another room, or else he will hate that other male sim.

As a Free Street Sim: Alice is a marriageable candidate, as she can be married on marriageable places like Casa Caliente and Malcolm's Mansion. Her biography states that she is 17 years old, although there are no teens in this game. But there is a glitch if you play a child then evict them and turn them into an adult, they'll still go to work, but will not get paid, so if it happens to Alice, it can be considered for her to go to high school. She still lives with her stepparents, although she can still be romantically involved with them as she is considered to be the same age as her stepparents. Her house is similar to The Sims (console), but it has expanded, adding the office room. Alice will least likely want to work in the Paramilitary or the Gangster career, because Paramilitary is too boyish for her and the Gangster career is not so fitting, as her alignment is on the good side.

If the player chooses not to marry Alice, she will most likely remain single and rather depressed, but if you befriend her however, she may romantically interact with you whether you are married to her or not.

She has a good relationship with her stepfather. Be aware that they may fall in love, since they seem to be the same age, regardless of Alice being aged as a teenager and her stepfather as an older adult. She is friends with many marriageable candidates like Sierra Richies, Nellie Yang, Nikki Yang, Betsy Yang/Jung, and Rachel Thammavong. She dislikes Peter Tutti and Rod Tutti.

Life leading up to The Urbz: Sims in the CityEdit

Alice returns in The Urbz. She goes by the name "Ali-Rod" to remain mysterious when visiting Urbzville. She is either at the reputation group Diamond Heights, South Side Bridge, or Skyline Beach. She is playable but she can't really teach you any hand gestures. She can be seen roaming around Cozmo Street, Diamond Heights, South Side Bridge, and Skyline Beach.

Life leading up to The Sims 2Edit

Alice doesn't appear in this game, but if the creator finds a perfect hairstyle for Alice, then she would appear. Lorenzo and Alice might not pair well, due to their aspirations. Alice is a Family Sim and Lorenzo is a Romance Sim. These Sims' wants often clash, so the player might want to change Lorenzo's aspiration in order to make Alice and Lorenzo have a happy marriage in this game.

Life leading up to The Sims 3Edit

In The Sims 3, her age ranges from 22-27 depending on the release date, making her a young adult. She works in the film career. Her father has died from drowning to the ocean somewhere around the summer of 2009.

Alice doesn't feel like falling in love with anyone in this game, because no hairstyles seem to attract her, or her husband doesn't appear in this game.

Life leading up to The Sims 4Edit

It has been confirmed that Alice will be reappearing in The Sims 4. Alice's age is 27+, due to the release date. Her husband does not seem to appear in this game, due to the fact that his signature hairstyle only appears in The Sims Bustin' Out.

Alice is a Young Adult, 10 days away from becoming an adult. Alice is unemployed at the start of the game, but the Entertainer career would fit perfectly for her, because in other games, she is a celebrity.


The Sims Bustin' Out

Image Skill Level
Skill CookingCooking10
Skill MechanicalMechanical10
Skill CharismaCharisma10
Skill BodyBody08
Skill CreativityCreativity04

Coming Soon!

The Sims (console)

Libra - Big
Sloppy 03 Neat
Shy 06 Outgoing
Lazy 03 Active
Serious 06 Playful
Grouchy 07 Nice

The Sims Bustin' Out (as a Bust Out Sim)

Libra - Big
Sloppy 03 Neat
Shy 06 Outgoing
Lazy 03 Active
Serious 06 Playful
Grouchy 07 Nice

The Sims Bustin' Out (as a Free Street Sim without cheats)

Virgo - Big
Sloppy 08 Neat
Shy 02 Outgoing
Lazy 05 Active
Serious 04 Playful
Grouchy 06 Nice

The Sims Bustin' Out (as a Free Street Sim with cheats)

Virgo - Big
Sloppy 10 Neat
Shy 04 Outgoing
Lazy 05 Active
Serious 06 Playful
Grouchy 07 Nice

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


  • Out of all of the Kimmy's characters, Alice has the highest number of alter egos.
  • Out of all of Lorenzo's entire known romances, Alice has the most number of children: with 2 (soon 3). It is because Lorenzo and Alice are said that they are meant to be truly together, due to Alice only in love with Lorenzo.
  • Alice's name in The Urbz, Ali Rod, is a cut off name of her name Alice or Alicia Rodriguez.
  • Although Alice is known to be insane, she actually does not mainly have the Insane trait, as she is known for her insanity of her alternative egos, because the creator was wanting her to cutely accept any marriage proposal, because of Alisa.
  • Alice was originally going to be 16 years old in The Sims Bustin' Out, but since age is not introduced in The Sims Bustin' Out, the creator thought that 16 year olds are way too young to get married, so the creator has decided to alter her age depending on the release date of any Sims games.
  • Ironically, although it states that Alice is seventeen years old in The Sims Bustin' Out, there are actually no teens as she is considered to be an Adult, so it may have been glitched out as she is considered an adult and is marriageable.
  • In The Sims Bustin' Out, she seems to have the exact face as Sierra Richies and Rachel Thammavong.
  • She had a Spanish name back when she was a Mexican citizen. Her real maiden name was Alicia Rodriguez, but it has been changed by her stepparents since she has moved with them.
  • Alice is the only Cute/Elite Peep to not have ADHD, but have Autism instead.
  • It seems to have found that Alice is slightly addicted to Jennifer Lopez's music.
  • Alice is prone to covering most songs, so she will sometimes be singing some popular songs.



Ask Alice a question! :) As long as she doesn't have any info listed in this Sims profile. :)

Hi, I was wondering, do you like her/play her more in TSC, TSBO, TS3, or TS4? ~A Curious Person

Actually, I love playing with her more in The Sims (console) and maybe The Sims 4, than The Sims 3 and The Sims Bustin' Out. TSBO looks make my eyes kind of uncomfortable and The Sims 3... I CANNOT find a perfect hairstyle in it! X( Oh well, I love playing with her no matter what. :) --The Creator

Dear Alice, WHY DO YOU LOVE LORENZO SO MUCH?! I like you a lot! ~A Male Obsessed Fan

Whoa! Calm down, son! The reason why I honestly claim that Jason Lorenzo Gutierrez is my true love, is because you know... his image... It's clearly gorgeous! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE his very cute face, smoking hot body, and his nurturing personality! And when I was an infant, Lorenzo was my playmate; I remember the time he gave me that beautiful necklace... Sigh~ And don't be so angry at me for me marrying Lorenzo. Go blame yourself, honey... ---Missus Alice

So Alice, I was wondering why you have created so many insane songs. ~A Curious Fan

Well, THAT certainly sounds like a long story. (To be accessed later, because the creator had to go to sleep) ---Alice

So, what do you think about babies? ~A Curious Fan

(To be accessed later, because the creator had to go to sleep)

What do you think about toddlers? ~A Curious Fan

(To be accessed later, because the creator had to go to sleep)

Why do you and Sierra sometimes fight?

(To be accessed later, because the creator had to go to sleep)

Why does Rachel and Kimmy prefer you over Princess Sierra? Princess Sierra is cute and sweet! ~A Highly Curious person who is possibly a fan of Princess Sierra

The reason why my boss prefers me over Princess Sierra is because maybe my body hypnotized her eyes and head to favor me. But! My boss really respects me and Pwincess Sierra alot, so there is absolutely NO way my boss would ever diss on Missus little Pwincess Sierra! Such a cutie. I would never want her to die. Hmph! --Alice

Hey! No need to call me a little girl! I'm grown-up, and I understand that I act like a baby when I want to, meanie! But it's a good thing that you would want me to stay alive. :) (To Alice) ---Princess Sierra Richies who becomes enraged about Alice's teasing, but then become happy that Alice want her to stay alive

'Hmm, I wonder what ascendant are you?' ~Curious Fan

'Hmm, could you be a Leo-Virgo Cusp ascendant?' ~Another different Curious Fan

'Why si, I could definitely be a Cusp of Exposure ascendant. (More to answer later, I guess.)' --Missus Alice

'Do you like Justin Bieber?' ~An anonymous Belieber

'EWW! NO WAY! I DON'T REALLY LOVE HIM! (Eww!)' --Missus Alice is already faithful to Lorenzo. DUH!

'Why do you and Bethany don't get along?' ~Possibly Bethany Carbon's fan

'Lotsa curious people... It's because she and I seem to be opposites. She's too flirty, and I'm not really THAT flirty (Even though I'm sometimes prone to intercoursing with Lorenzie). She's slobby, I'm a neat freak. That doesn't necessarily mean that I'd fire her from Sweet 'N' Sour, but she seems to have a good spirit... Yes, she can get very annoying, but I don't blame her too much. :/ Gracias for asking. (Never hurts to ask I guess...)' --Missus Alice

'How much do you believe in astrology? Just curious. (To Alice)' ~Curious Fan

'Well, sometimes I do believe in astrology, but that doesn't mean that I hate Lorenzo! I LOVE Lorenzo a lot annd... *blushes* he loves me too! I guess a Vibra with a Lergo ascendant should go okay with a Virgo with a Geminicer ascendant, but us? UNSEPARATABLE! (Well, rarely, but we still love each other). --Missus Alice honeey

'It's true that it is! (Even though I may flirt with cute girls) ^.^' ---Mister Jay Jay (Lorenzo)

What's your favorite song? :) ~A Fan of Alice RLG

Oh, well... sounds like a hard million dollar question to me. Are you talking specifically all time? As a kid, or now? Well, I would say that my favorite song right now would be 'We Are One (Ole Ola) by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and that other Brazilian Star. I think it's because it tells people about heritages. I like learning about heritages. My favorite song as a kid would be Maria by Ricky Martin. I like Single Ladies by Beyonce too! Also, my favorite SNSD song would be Twinkle and Mister Mister, and Flower Power. Flower Power is why I like flowers alot. Thanks for asking! :) --Alice

What languages are you good at? What languages can you speak? And what languages do you like to speak? ~A Curious Fan

I am fluent in English and Spanish. I can also speak a little bit of Japanese, Korean, and Brazilian Portuguese.

What is your favorite type of dance? What do you like to dance the most? ~A Curious Fan

Ooh! That sounds like an easy question! I LOVE to salsa dance, do any Hispanic dances of some sort, ANND hula dance! THAT would TOTALLY MATCH my heritage. ;) Dancing is TOTALLY life to me! Gracias for asking! :) --Senora Alice ;)

Do you like to... Hip dance? ~A Curious Fan

What?! Umm... Si... pretty much. --Senora Alice

Whose your favorite Hispanic Artist? ~A Curious Fan

Um wow, sounds like a hard question. I would say... Pitbull or Jennifer Lopez. Gracias! --Senora Alice ;)

What zodiac do you think you would act like? ~A Curious Fan

Hmm, well... I'd say that I would be a Leo or a Virgo, The Cusp of Exposure. I am born in a Cusp of Beauty, so I have recieved HUNDRED THOUSANDS of compliments. :) Thanks for asking! :) --Senora Alice :)

Are you able to reach high notes when singing?

(tries to reach high notes, but ends up groggy) Uh, unfortunately, I don't really think I can. Lo siento... --Senora Alice

What's your favorite type of music?

Sounds like an easy question! Did you read exactly what my favorite music is here? Well if you want a slightly specific answer, then my favorite types of music would be anything that has anything to do with something from Latin America due to my heritage and maybe Pop music. And also, I like K-Pop music, because of my Korean friends like Betsy and Nellie! Thanks for asking! :) --Senora Alice ;)

What's your favorite animal? ~A Curious Fan

Hmm, that sounds like a hard question. I would say... A Peacock! Peacocks to me are very beautiful and majestic. I also LOVE dogs too! Malteses and Yorkies are SOO... fluffy! Gracias for asking! :) --Senora Alice

What's your immigrating history? Where have you traveled?

I like traveling and my husband likes to travel too. :) I first was born in Mexico and then after the earthquake of... um... October 1987, I was sent to Twinleaf Valley, Tennessee, at the United States and was raised there. My stepmother Nayah was unfortunately too alcoholic and of course influenced me to be a Model, so then I became a model. She also gets excited when I am in a beauty pageant and I was like, Wow! I have traveled to various places: most likely Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Canada, Machu Pichu, Peru, and that's all I can think of. I often go to Mexico, my hometown. I have recently gone to Mexico to see if my older sister Lisa is my sister, and then I found out from my uncle and auntie that she and I are hermanas! (Hermana means sister in Spanish) Gracias for asking! :) --Senora Alice ;)

Do you like to cover and sing some songs?

Of course I do! I have covered lots of songs lively like On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez on stage in 2011, and covered with our former band Sweet 'N' Sour singing Into The New World by the realistic Korean Pop Group SoNyeoShiDae or Girls' Generation on 2007. I would tell you that Sweet 'N' Sour may have copied SNSD. :) Thank you so much for asking! :) --Senora Alice

What do you think of your Cree Summer voice? ~A Curious Fan

I love it! It sounds cute! :) --Missus Alice

I was wondering if you're a citizen of the United States. ~A Curious Fan

Um, I don't really think so. I was born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States when I was an infant. Thanks for asking. --Senora Alice

If you could be a video game character and take over their world, what video game would you be? ~A Curious Fan

I would DEFINITELY be a ruler (not the object where you measure things, silly!) in The Sims and maybe X-Men. Thanks for asking! --Missus Alice

What's your favorite game? ~A Curious Fan

My favorite game would be The Sims Bustin' Out,

What's your favorite instrument? and what instrument can you play? ~A Curious Fan

Um, my favorite instrument would be an acoustic guitar from the Latin America, and some bongos. I can play the piano a little bit, but I'm not really that good with piano. Thanks for asking. --Senora Alice

What's your least favorite part about The Sims, and why? ~A Curious Fan

My least favorite part would be not able to take a perfect picture in The Sims: Hot Date and not being able to control what the Sims are talking about in some Sims 1 series. For example, my Sims that looks exactly like me talks about how she likes criminals and that I DON'T like criminals. Thanks for asking, though. --Senora Alice

Do you like History? And do you like to learn about history? ~A Curious Fan

Si. I like learning about history. My favorite subject would have to be Social Studies, Art, Acting, Dance, and Choir. Social Studies is pretty interesting to me. Gracias for asking! :) --Senora Alice ;)

What do you think your boss's favorite subject is? ~A Curious Fan

I would have to guess... maybe she likes Social Studies a lot! And I know that she really LOVES art. She can be very enthusiastic. Thanks for asking. --Senora Alice

Si, you are correct! I LOVE Art and I like Social Studies too! ---The Creator

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Can you teach me Spanish! Annd Brazilian Portuguese?! ~An Excited Fan

Oh! Si! I would love to teach you these languages! But... I'm too busy doing my work in another job and taking care of my children and I'm not really an expert on Brazilian Portuguese, though. Gracias for asking! Gracias means 'thank you' in Spanish. --Senora Alice

Are you addicted to speaking Spanish in the United States? ~A Curious Fan

Hola! Well, it's not like I'm addicted to speaking Spanish in the United States. I speak Spanish, because of my heritage. Gracias for asking. --Senora Alice

Is music life to you? Just curious. ~A Curious Fan

TOTALLY. I do like to make and remix some songs. Miss Rachel or Kimmy is SOME songwriter. SHE is THE BEST. But I don't always life songs. I also act and stuff. Gracias for asking! :) --Senora Alice :)

Will you marry me? ~A Male Obsessed Fan

Que?! Um, Lo siento, but I'm already spoken for. I understand that you love me alot, and I get that, but I belong to Lorenzo. Sorry. :( --SENORA Alice

Are you addicted to Jennifer Lopez? ~A Curious Fan

Oh? Um, si... I am totally 30% addicted to listening to Jennifer Lopez's music. Thanks for asking. --Senora Alice

Is your friend Rachel Kimmy addicted to listening to Jennifer Lopez's music? Just curious. ~A Curious Fan

Huh... Maybe! She seems to love me a lot! She is right now listening to Jennifer Lopez because of ME! O_o Gracias for asking! --Senora Alice

Why do you sound like Jessica Jung and Betsy Jung? ~A Curious Fan

Do you think Jessica Jung, Riyu Kosaka and Betsy Jung are related? Just curious. ~A Curious Fan

Whose your favorite SNSD member? ~A Curious Person

That sounds like an easy question. I like Nikki Yang the most, because she was in the same grade year as me! I was the Homecoming Princess and Nikki was the Homecoming Queen. We both were in the class of 2005! :) --Senora Alice

I wonder why you like Nikki Yang so much and are prone to copying and mocking her. ~A Curious Person

Comments from her FansEdit

Have any comments? Feel free to comment her as long as it's very polite.


Yeah, I know! I get that alot Thanks alot! :) ---Alice

Alice, you are so wonderful and beautiful. ~A nice, gentle, and polite fan

Hehe! Gracias! :) ---Alice

YOU AND LORENZIE make a CUUTE! and adorable couple! ~An Excitedly, Obsessed, Happy Fan

Wow, hehe! Gracias. :) Lorenzo is my happy guy. ^.^ ---Missus Alice

You and Lorenzo make a perfect couple. ~A nice, gentle, and polite fan

Gracias. I am happy to hear that. ^.^ ---Missus Alice

'Hey Kimmy, I don't like how snooty she is, but I understand that she is your character, so no disrespect.' ~A gently... polite person who doesn't really like Alice

Well, good. No need to threaten MY girl. She is gentle if you don't offend her, but you can hate on her if you want. THAT'S your freakin' opinion, alright honey? --Me? Yeah, me.

'She has LOTS of alter egos! Now THAT's insane!' :O ~A very shocked fan

I know, it's VERY crazy and insane that she is! It's just who she is. :] I like her no matter what, except for the part that she can be very dangerous. --Me? Yeah, me.

(Sings in a tone of Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj) "BOOM BOOM Bun Bun Boom Bun Bun Bun Bun Bun BOOM BOOM!" ~Crazy Fan

"What? Are you silly?! Haha! Silly wabbit! XDDDDDD" --Missus Alice

I hate that your exact hair specifically in The Sims (console) does not appear in other Sims games. X( ~A Sad Fan

I know! I hate that too! X( I LOOK MUCH CUTER in THAT hair! I LOOK SOOOOOO cute. SO CUTE! --Missus Alisa

You seem to talk too much... O_o ~A Shocked Person

I know... That's what my alter egos are. They're weird in their own way... --Missus Alice

References and InfluencesEdit

Alice is inspired, influenced and/or referenced by the following characters and people:

Country/Royal Characters/People:

  • Disney's Cinderella (history?)
  • Disney's Alice (personality and name)
  • Harvest Moon's Katie (style and sometimes personality)
  • Harvest Moon's Celia (history)
  • Harvest Moon's Nami (personality)
  • Harvest Moon's Muffy (history and style)
  • Harvest Moon's Lumina (history, information and personality)

Metro/City People/Celebrity:

  • Jennifer Lopez (style)
  • Beyonce (style, personality, and tone)
  • Britney Spears (slightly, style)
  • Nicki Minaj (style and personality)
  • Katy Perry (style)
  • Miley Cyrus (history)
  • Anthony Padilla (personality)
  • Lee Hyori (style)
  • Former SNSD Member Jessica (style and voice)
  • BeForU's Miharu Arisawa (some info)
  • SNSD Member Hyoyeon (style)
  • SNSD Member Seohyun (personality and possibly style)
  • F(X) Member Krystal
  • Korean Pop Group Various 2NE1 members (2NE1)
  • Korean Pop Group Hello Venus (mainly Song Joohee; style)
  • Selena Gomez (style and obsession with JB, but Alice is obsessed with Lorenzo, not JB)