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Alice Shutter (née O'Leary) was Lenny Shutter's wife and Emily Shutter's mother. The adopted daughter of Beverly O'Leary, she was raised to be who Beverly wanted to be, but Alice had other ideas.

Early LifeEdit

Alice was raised by her adoptive mother Beverly. Beverly was the oldest daughter in a strict aristocratic family, and her parents paid the least attention to her versus her three younger sisters because Beverly was an unnatractive social recluse. After Beverly's mother's last words to her were "You want kids? That'll happen!" Beverly decided to adopt Alice and groom her into the perfect child. Alice was forced into piano and violin lessons and she had to hang out with the school snobs. Alice formed a secret friendship with the poor Lexi Crosby, and would let Lexi sneak into her house for sleepovers when Heather and Odin Crosby were in heated arguments. Alice also took a heavy interest in art and photography, but her mother called those "hippie jobs" and wouldn't let her paint. Alice didn't tell her mother much because she was so controlling, but she loved her mother anyways.

Teenage YearsEdit

Lexi and Alice continued to be best friends despite Beverly's hatred for the Crosby's. Alice began dating the school's preppy nerd, Sheldon Badelia. Beverly HATED Sheldon because she pictured her little Alice dating a popular jock. At prom, Alice and Sheldon went together and Lexi went alone. Beverly saw Alice and Lexi talking, and she instantly knew they were keeping secrets from her. She went to Lexi and told her that Alice doesn't really like her and the reason they were friends was that she felt bad for her and Alice thought she was a creep. Lexi cut off all ties with Alice, and Sheldon soon followed. Alice became friends with the popular girls her mom wanted her to hang out with, and soon became one of them. She started bullying Lexi and told everyone that Lexi was diseased. Alice met Ken Nichols, the school jock and a player, and she fell in love with him. She graduated Valedictorian and was voted "Most Likely to Have A Big Family".

Adult LifeEdit

Ken and Alice moved in together. Beverly was practically in love with Ken. After a few years, Ken proposed and Alice accepted. They decided to start new lives in Bridgeport, and Beverly decided to tag along. Alice was depressed. Ken only wanted to woohoo all the time, and when Alice rejected him he'd woohoo with another girl. She told her mother and Ken that she wanted to become a self-employed photographer, but they freaked out and wouldn't let her. Ken was becoming famous for his numerous commercials and he had paparazzi following him everywhere he went. One night she went out to the art gallery, where she formally met Lenny Shutter for the first time. He was a paparazzo and artist, and she'd seen him taking pictures of them before. He showed her his artwork and they bonded over their love of art. Alice became very close to Lenny because of their shared interests. Lenny was secretly in love with Alice, but he'd never tell her. One night, Alice caught Ken kissing another woman. She ran to Lenny's house and he sat with her on the couch and he cuddled her. Ken barged into Lenny's home and called Lenny a loser and told Alice that her forbade her from seeing him again. Alice stayed with Ken for a few more weeks, but she realized her feelings for Lenny and dumped Ken. Beverly was furious. She cut off all ties with her daughter and moved out. Alice went to Lenny's house to find that he was now dating Polly Maloney. She was heartbroken. Lenny found out about her visit and that she dumped Ken, and he broke up with Polly. He and Alice began dating and they married at the art gallery in paint-splattered wedding attire. They honeymooned in Paris and enjoyed the fine culture there. Soon Alice found out she was expecting. She gave birth to a little girl named Emily and they lived as a happy family. On a trip to Shang Simla, Alice saw Lexi visiting with her new husband, Anthony. Alice made it up to Lexi and they became best friends again. Lexi became Emily's godmother. One day, tragedy struck. Alice went over to Lexi's for dinner, and Lexi's house caught on fire. Lexi was okay, but Alice died. Her funeral was attended by many people, including her mother, who wanted to make things right.


After the funeral, Beverly visited her son-in-law and granddaughter for the first time. Emily looked exactly like Alice, and it made her sad. She wanted to make amends for how she treated her daughter and Lenny, and she visited often. Emily started to show some of her parent's artistic talent and Lenny took her to the art gallery often. Lenny and Emily were very close, and Emily took care of her father. Beverly was now old and senile, and she wanted to be closer to her family before she died, so she moved in with them. When Emily was in highschool, she started dating artsy Tommy Tart. She went to LeFromage Art School but went to prom with Tommy. Beverly died the night after Emily's prom, feeling proud of her daughter and the amazing family she made. Lenny eventually started dating again, but he never loved anyone like Alice. Emily eventually married renowned photographer Mark DeBateau, and she had 2 kids, Alice Jr. and Alexandra.