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One of Alistair's many disguises

Alistar High-Bride (Or Alistair High-Bride) is an extremerly rare sim to find. He is the creation of his father Archibald High-Bride

Personal LifeEdit

Alistar is not fully accepted by the other sims because he is a hybrid of all of Sims 3 species. His best friend is his father Archibald and he is good friends with his adopted brother Robert High-Bride (Archibald's actually son) and his Horse Checkers. He is also friends with Matthew Hamming if you find him on The Sims 3: Late Night and the Wolff Family of Moonlight Falls. As well as being a hybrid of many species, Alistair was born (or created) with all Traits and Hidden Traits and all Skills and Secret Skills learnt. If you discover High-Bride he will normally marry a rich women: for example Nancy Landgraab or Daydream Ivy when she becomes a Young adult. Alistar will never age, so he will stay a young forever and he will never die unless he is murdered. He is also the youngest and only surviving test subject.

Original Test Subjects Edit

It is unknown the full amount, but there has been between 130 to 200 original test subjects created by Archibald, all of which went mad and died. Alistair was the last and only non-crazy test subject, although he was born with the Insane trait. The first test subject survived for one month until he went mad and killed Archibald's oldest brother Reginald and two other men, as well as injuring five men including Archibald himself. Despite this Archibald continued creating people until he created Alistair, the so-called 'Perfect Sim'.

Trivia Edit

  •  Alistar can be shorten to Ali, and Ali is similar to All, whilst High can also be spelt as Hy and if you take away the e from Bride you get Brid. If you add all that togeth you will get All Hybrids