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Ran Away
This fanon has been abandoned and isn't likely to be continued. Please enjoy the story without asking the author to update it.
All Blue
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Name: All Blue
Genre: Drama
Created by: Auror Andrachome
Rating: +12
Number of chapters: 5

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All Blue is a fan fiction series written by Auror Andrachome.


The series, "ALL BLUE", is based on the stories of Sims from The Sims 2. Right now, in the first cycle, the series takes place on the Sims in the town of Pleasantview. In the Goth family, Mortimer feels that Bella was abducted by aliens, but gives up on her ever returning and tries to move on. Alexander wants to know what happened to his parents, and what really happened that night. Cassandra gets engaged to the town Casanova, Don Lothario. Dina, hoping to cash it in deep, seduces Mortimer. What will happen to the shattering Goth family?


  • Mortimer Xavier Juan Goth - Mortimer is the main character of the series, who yearns for his former wife, Bella, and is involved with Dina Caliente
  • Cassandra Cecilla Goth - Cassandra is the first daughter of Mortimer Goth and protector of the Goth estates. She's involved with Don Lothario, and is strongly against her father's courtship with Dina, whom she refers to as, "The tramp"
  • Alexander Andreas Orpheus Goth - Alex is the only son of Mortimer and "prince" of the Goth estates, of which are being protected by Cassandra

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