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Allison McKeller
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Allison McKeller
'Meet the Roommates, three friends who hope to make it big in the Sim world! Can they balance their growing social lives with their careers? Allison, James, and Andrew are about to find out!'
Name Allison McKeller
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Parents Clark and Jen McKeller
Sibling(s) Julia
Romances Jay Brennan Married
Child(ren) Juliana (miscarried), Gina (adopted)
Zodiac sign Aquarius (sign) Aquarius
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blonde
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims Icon The Sims
Neighborhood Sim Lane
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Biography Edit

Allison was born on January 1, second child of Clark and Jen, younger than Julia by fifteen months. Up until she was fifteen, Allison led a normal but uneventful life. But that all changed when she was diagnosed with leukemia. On New Year's Eve (and the day before her sixteenth birthday), months after her diagnosis, Allison was pronounced dead at the hospital. Then as the new year began and after being dead for ten minutes, Ally suddenly woke up! To this day doctors are still baffled at her sudden recovery. After a year and half of treatment, Allison was cured and never had any more problems.

Life in The Sims Edit

Ready to take on the world by storm, Ally and two of her longtime besties James and Andrew move to Sim Lane to jump start their lives. Ever since her ordeal with illness as a teen, Ally strives for a medical career track, determined to help Sims of all ages. She plans to become a pediatric oncologist. At one point Ally and James went out together. It resulted in her becoming pregnant with Juliana, which put an end to their relationship. The miscarriage was the final nail in the coffin. Their relationship is fixed but Ally isn't sure if things will ever be the same for them. But as long as they're on good terms things are okay.

For a while afterward Ally remained single. Until she and Andrew were locked in a closet and they became an item. Ally doesn't know it is just a fling or something more but she wants to take it slow. Eventually the two decided to remain friends.

Later Ally met Jay Brennan, a pediatrician. The two dated for two years before becoming engaged. They married in the summer and stayed in Sim Lane for a while. Then Jay found a house in a nearby neighborhood and they moved there.

Epilogue Edit

Both Ally and Jay wanted children but were unable to have them. Eventually Ally learned that the cancer treatments affected her ability to have kids, which explained her first miscarriage. They decided to adopt. A year and a half after their marriage, they adopted Gina.

While raising Gina, Ally continued her studies. She met up with her friends at Sim Lane from time to time. She and Jay are planning to adopt another child this year.

Children Edit

Juliana (Baby) The baby was a result of a spur-of-the-moment thing with James. It was only a few hours before Ally miscarried the baby. No one (other than Andrew) knew about her and Ally and James prefer to keep it that way.

Gina Gina was adopted by Ally and Jay when she was a week old. Gina is curious and enjoys playing outside. She, according to Ally, is destined to do great things.

Relationships Edit

Fanon:Andrew Mason The two just suddenly got together. Sources said it started when they were trapped in the mall while doing some early Christmas shopping. To avoid crazy shoppers they tried to exit through a back door. Problem is they accidentally walked into a closet and locked themselves in. They were stuck for hours and spent the whole time talking to each other. Eventually they stuck to being friends.

Friends Edit

Fanon:Andrew Mason Met in preschool and have been close since then. Because they have similar work schedules they often meet up with each other. Both of them share so much in common it's like they're siblings! Sadly a relationship might not work out between the two since Andrew tends to be a bit of a flirt.

Jay Brennan Ally met him at the pediatrics center. The two started out as friends and eventually became a couple. Two years later Jay proposed to her. Ally was reluctant at first but accepted. They stayed in Sim Lane for a few months before moving out. They are living a happily married life together with Gina.

Fanon:James Finnegan Another preschool friend. The two were always close and even had a brief relationship together! It resulted in a baby named Juliana but sadly Ally miscarried. Eventually their relationship was too much to handle so they drifted away. They're still good friends though.

Fanon:Rachel Buchanan One thing the two share in common is their love of children. Not surprisingly Rach is a mother of four (and possibly more in the future!). The two love to gossip over their friends and whatever else is going on in the neighborhood.

Lana Buchanan The oldest of the Buchanan children. Despite their tight schedules they always made time for each other. Lana sees Ally like a big sister and always turns to her for advice. Plus when Lana does some cool tricks with her yo-yo Ally is always first to cheer!

Fanon:Josie McCaffery Need advice? Go to Ally! Young and inexperienced Josie realizes that she's going to need a little help if she wants to live large in the neighborhood. That's where Ally comes in! From giving her tips to introducing neighbors Ally is the go-to friend!

Fanon:Shannon Wimble Shannon's really sweet and is a really really talented pianist. Ally hopes that she becomes famous one day. She even taught her some piano! Her daughter Denni is a lot like her mother. They feel like they've known each other forever!

Appearances Edit

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