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Allonette Family
Name Allonette Family
Number of generations 1 generation
Allonette family
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Fanon-Allonette family
This family was one ordinary family,while they didn´t get to future.Now they are time travelers and they have 2 lives;one in present and one in future.
Name Allonette family
Members Dean Gipsy , Zoey Allonette , Kim Allonette , Felix Jonatan , Gina , Robocop
Funds §1,630,000
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Neighborhood Aurora Skies
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Normal futureEdit

Zoey,Dean and Kim went to future and they met there a lot of future Sims,Plumbots and future technologies. Zoey created her first Plumbot;Gina16 . Kim started learning play on Laser Rhythm-a-con and she get to 5 level. Dean began best friend of Emit Relevart , then they went back to present and Dean changet future to Utopic.

Utopic futureEdit

Zoey created her second Plumbot Benjo8754 but after three days she solt him. Dean won lotery and Allonette family began so rich.They bought new home in present and when they got to future again,they bought new home in Oasis Landing too.

Dystopic futureEdit

Allonette family angain went to present, Dean started writing books and he actived Dystopic future. They went to Dystopic future and there was statue of new time traveler;Dean Gipsy.Zoey created her third Plumbot;Robocop.


But in Dystopic future Dean almost died (meteor) so they went back to present and celebrate Kim´s birthday there. She met there Felix and they both fell in love.After few days in present Kim and Felix began partners and Felix went with them to Utopic future.

Utopic future 2Edit

Then Robocop and Gina16 fell in love when Zoey gave them Capacity to Love chips,Zoey gave Sentience chip to Gina16 and she began Gina .

And Zoey & Dean had weeding.

Family treeEdit

Allonette family tree



  • This family is inspired by gameplay series of Definitely Sims 3 lover