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Aluna Island
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A world created by Flabaliki/The Sim Supply
Aluna Island
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Aluna Island v0

Aluna Island v0.4

Aluna Island is a brand new and exciting world for your Sims 3 game!
Name Aluna Island
Game(s) The Exchange
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Aluna Island is a world available for download on The Exchange. Download Here


Aluna Island is made up by one large main island, and a smaller island with a lighthouse. The world is created with all Expansions and Stuffpacks but will also be available in a Base Game-only version. At the moment all of the Base Game Rabit-Holes are all located in the world, and there is also an official Park, Art Gallery, Graveyard and some Beaches. Currently the World has 70 lots(including Rabit-Holes), which 2 of them are under water. The world has also a lot of Cliff-lots with houses builded on them.


Residential LotsEdit



A full view of all the lots in Aluna Island (not all houses)

Community LotsEdit

Rabbit-Holes not counted


Note, there are no actual official Families living in this World. This list is just suggestions of Families that might end up living here!

From Deligracy's Let's Play; See Here!
  • Bigwallet family Does not live here yet
Maybe some wacky old cousin to Lady Bigwallet ended up here on Aluna Island, with even more passion for money than Lady herself. See Lady Bigwallet's Story Here!
  • Ellsworth family Does not live here yet
Xavi had to run from all his previous lovers and what isn't a better place than Aluna Island. Xavier the allways woohoo-hungry could fit right in to this landscape! See Xavi's Story Here!
  • Elise family Does not live here yet
What happened to Aluna, the woman who named this island, after the last party that we saw in Isla Paradiso? Did the Elise family maybe move here? See Aluna Elise's Story Here!
  • Funke family Does not live here yet
The Funke's is an extrebly large family that seems to love islands like Sunlit Tides so it would just be weird if not some litle part of their big family ended up here on Aluna Island! See the Funke's Story Here!
  • Stencil family Does not live here yet
The Stencil siblings from The Sim Supply's The Sims 2 series 1 and 2 might end up here. Since the Sims 2 is set after the Sims 3 we might see The Stencil Sibblings parents or even grandparents live here! See Stacey Stencil Here! and See Stanley Stencil Here
From Deligracy's Let's Play; "The Wilikins is quite a fationable family, with the amazing Lynn with her interior design, her husband Pete that are a bit of a couch potato. She has two sons, Austin and Cody which both are really hot for sure!" See Here!


  • The first 'Let's build a World Series where The Sim Supply was creating this world was uploaded 18 January 2013 but was canceled only after 2 episodes. The third wasn't going to come out until 18 February 2014, more than a year after the first one.
  • The whole building process of creating this world is watchable on The Sim Supply YouTube channel. There are 10 episodes which all is 15 minutes long.
  • All of the official houses is created by The Sim Supply and he has a let's build for all of them, even the Rabbit Holes!
  • You can download this world yourself and create houses for it, then upload the houses to The Sim Supply's official website.
  • The Sim Supply has stated the tall of the houses he is going to build in the sims 3 in the future will all be lots for this world.
  • Aluna Island is named after the sim Aluna Ellis from The Sim Supply's The Sims 3: Island Paradise let's play.
  • The first ever let's play that Deligracy made was located in this world.
  • There is a story about the Haunting Aluna Lighthouse that is based on The Sim Supply's trouble to upload the lot Aluna Lighthouse. It was later discovered to be a glitch with an aqua slide that caused the game to crash.

The Poodle House in Aluna Island

  • On Aprli 1:st 2014, The Sim Supply uploaded a Building video where he created a giant poodle on the biggest 64x64 lot. This was of course an April Fools Prank!