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Ran Away
This fanon has been abandoned and isn't likely to be continued. Please enjoy the story without asking the author to update it.

Welcome to my first fanon! Please continue reading below for all the information of the story.


The following story is about interviews with different sims and how the players treat them. The related The Sims game with this is The Sims 2. (Recommended to try out the game before reading)


  • Will Gates (Reporter)
  • Hilda McKennedy
  • Fattening Mohawk
  • Stupid Sim
  • T0rNaD0 StEv1e
  • Grim Reaper

Part 1: Hilda McKennedyEdit

Will Gates:Hello! Hilda, to start the interview, please tell us who your player is.

Hilda McKennedy: My story is an interesting one! My player is a rich man who has all the Sims 2 expansion packs and likes to share his fortune with the Sims in Pleasantview, sadly he likes to kill us.

Will: (giggles) Okay, so who was the first sim that was being killed?

Hilda: This angers me a lot! I don't know the reason, but when my husband was cooking lobster for my birthday celebration, the cake, the phone and the fire alarm disappeared, then my whole house was on fire and killed him!

Will: (coughs) Since your player has all the expansion packs and there's a cellphone in the University pack, don't you have one to call the fire department?

Hilda: I have one, but I also disappeared, just like the fire alarm.

Will: Are you the only sim in Pleasantview then?

Hilda: Nope, but I'd rather be alone than be with this guy called Sickening Smelly Sim! He is very sick, very smelly and very unfriendly, then he mysteriously moved in with me, and he insults me the whole day!

Will: Isn't this kind of sim like you a player's entertainer?

Hilda: (A veeeery long lowered relationship sign appears above her head) What! Hey you! STOP INSULTING ME! You sickening reporter! I'm getting out of here!

Suddenly, Hilda wails for hunger and dies. The Grim Reaper appears from nowhere.

Grim Reaper: Tsk, tsk. This is the fifth dead sim I'm collecting from this player. Ugh!

An urn appears on the floor then Hilda and Grim vanishes.

Will: That was an interesting interview! I'm going to send this report to the newspaper! Now where do I move the urn to...

Part 2: Fattening MohawkEdit

Will: Hello, Fattening! Tell us about your story!

Fattening: First, call me Johnny instead. Second, can I not tell about my story?

Will: Then why are you here?

Fattening: Alright, I'll tell you. I went into this normal looking room, then I suddenly looked like chopsticks, then a giant meatball! My face became from bones to a ball!