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An underaged mom
Name: An underaged mom
Series: The Not so Pleasant Pleasants
Written by: Glenn31
Release date: April 23, 2011

Previous chapter: None
Next chapter: Cheaters Never Prosper

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An Underaged Mom is the first chapter of The Not so Pleasant Pleasants.

It was late at night in the Pleasant Family home. Lilith Pleasant awoke to the sound of yelling downstairs. She wondered why she could hear yelling at 4 AM. She went to Angela's room to see if she could hear it too. But the lights were on in her room and Angela wasn't in bed. Lilith began thinking. Maybe she ran away and dad got angry. Lilith imaged life without her annoying goody two-shoes sister. She went downstairs to see if she was right. She went into her parent's bedroom to see Mary-Sue sitting on the bed and Daniel standing in front of Angela literally red in the face. Mary-Sue didn't look at all angry. Angela looked somewhat fatter than usual. Lilith was wondering what was going on until she heard Daniel say "I Can't beleive you got pregnant with that Broke boy!" Lilith had no idea what to think. Did Angela really get pregnant with Dustin? Angela was upset. She had never been in trouble with her dad before. Now she knew how Lilith felt all the time. Angela could still remember the night it all happened. The family had just gotten their new Hot Tub installed and soon Dustin came over to see Angela. Dustin was told of the hot tub and his bad boy instincts kicked in. He asked Angela if they could go into it. Angela said it was ok since it was hers. Soon Dustin and Angela were making out in the hot tub. The next thing Angela knew she could feel a hand on her back. The hand was trying to open the top of her swimsuit. Angela asked Dustin what he was doing. Dustin replied "Do you wanna do something really fun?" And soon Angela and Dustin sunk beneath the water. A month later, which was this day actually, Angela woke up at 4 AM to find that she had grown in weight, Angela knew what was happening and went downstairs to tell her parents. And that's when Lilith woke up.