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A fanon inspired by this given my recent induction to the lower ranks of the fandom of the said thing (as I have yet to play one of the games I just got to play a game)

Characters... So FarEdit


Anthere Hekkaidekanyx: The "maid" of the group, Anthere is highly skilled in the art of house maintenance, most notably food preparation and hardware maintenance. Anthere works in the Science Career, taking advantage of the gardening skill and handiness skill garnered from the previous tenure at who-knows-where.

Traits: Handy, Natural Cook, Perfectionist, Neat, Proper


Nyx Lampra Horailophos: The "princess" of the group, Nyx Lampra is often viewed as lazy by many. However, Nyx Lampra is not lazy: although Nyx Lampra doesn't have the mentality for a standard employment, Nyx Lampra does other things in attempt to raise some cash and contribute to the household, having varying levels of success.

Traits: Couch Potato, Computer Whiz, Heavy Sleeper, Friendly, Unflirty


Theophora Oktapagos: The "mastermind" of the group, Theophora is far more ambitious and scheming than any of the initial members, and is matched only by Kallisto in terms of ability to scheme. As an ambitious one, Theophora has great drive towards skills, although Theophora doesn't start off with good set of skills. To compensate, Theophora has divine powers, which is portrayed by Theophora's status as a Genie.

Traits: Snob, Ambitious, Hot-Headed, Eccentric, Workaholic


Hiera Leukolotos: The "nun" of the group, Hiera is a very pleasant one to know. However, Hiera doesn't have a good past, having spent a good portion of the time in the Eye of Terror Magic Realms or better said, the Daemonic Realms. Needless to say, Hiera definitely finds the current situation to be better, and seeing humans (and supernaturals), Hiera finds a ripe population for her agenda...

Traits: Good, Proper, Supernatural Fan, Friendly, Vegetarian

Euodia Anemotheata: The "agrarian" of the group, Euodia prefers the company of crops over people. To reinforce this, Euodia generally doesn't take newcomers easily. However, Euodia is quite pragmatic, and does value the works of the others in the household, thus Euodia is generally in friendly terms with say Anthere, and to a lesser extent, Theophora as Theophora often requests materials for the elixirs, and Euodia does benefit from the effects.

Traits: Mean-SpiritedGreen ThumbVegetarianBraveEco-Friendly


Kallisto Oktaphrenia: The "smart one" of the group, Kallisto is not related to the big, fat, insanely overpowered and broken Kallisto at the other side of the user's creation list. Kallisto comes by default with the ability to produce all potions, and also gets a bonus at making alchemic elixirs. As a newcomer, Kallisto is surprisingly acquainted with Nyx Lampra unless you're into this addiction, and provides Nyx with stat buffs simply by being there.

Traits: Genius, Inappropriate, Perfectionist, Eccentric, Perceptive

Thalassa Nephela: The "action-y one" of the group, Thalassa is the most ready for physical action out of all the current members in the fanon. Thalassa has been trained in the art of foraging, namely because Thalassa lived off the land foraging mushrooms. Unfortunately, the lack of private property at Thalassa's place gave Thalassa a bit of tendency to do what the natives done to some of Schweitzer's material in his Gabonese mission. However, lack of technical support also forced Thalassa to adapt by having to learn how to maintain her own equipment, and this added bonus grants Thalassa quite a staying power in the household.

Traits: Kleptomaniac, Daredevil, Gatherer, Handy, Charismatic

First ArrivalsEdit

From the mind of the polypotes came legions of characters packed in a series of BSI difficult games. However, the theory of uncanny valley has stopped this particular user from directly. However, given the Philhellenic theme espoused by this user, a distortion occurred, and hence rose some new characters, hence making this definitely not Touhou.

The first arrivals would inherit the essence some of this user's most favorite of the bunch, namely the ditzy and carefree maid, the deity who wished to be a Void Dragon lord of science, and the pwnage-loaded NEET, named Anthere Hekkaidekanyx, Theophora Oktapagos, and Nyx Lampra Horailophos respectively. Lumped together forcibly, they would have to adapt to each other's ways. Landing on the quiet town of Riverview, the three disparate characters take their first step as a denizen of the Simnation.

Theophora: So, Sak... Ah... cut!

Anthere: Za... User, I can has time pause?

-After the blunder-

Theophora: So, Anthere. I presume you're waiting for your lady, do you not?

Anthere: Such would have been the case if the user was closely following the material of the original. However, such is not the case, especially since the user favors me, and the user wants me free. Rather than serving some "milady," I've become a diakonos to Megas Alexandros, whatever that means.

Theophora; Indeed? I suppose Megas Alexandros is like the Theos Mechanikos, eh?


NEET gives no darn about the conversation.

Anthere: Hmm... I suppose so. If you are interested in faith, you may wish to get your arse over to that place. Plenty of faith over there.

Theophora: Well, I need not faith, as I also am not directly inheriting from the original material. Nonetheless, science is good, and I think I can procure some followers.

Anthere: Ah. Well, look at that one over there.  Nyx Lampra certainly seems like the original material to me.

Theophora: Seems like Nyx happened to be more endowed with original material. Not that it is beneficial, of course.

Anthere: Well, I must procure some materials. I shall take my leave.

Theophora: Very well, diakone. Ahh... Alexandrou.

Nyx Lampra: Ah, the joys of importing the personality element from the accursed not-so-official work ...

-Some moments later-

Theophora: Modern entertainment is the stuff. Yes, I think I got more motivation to side with the Mechanikos.

Anthere: It seems like I shall go harvest some materials, then proceed to fulfill other tasks.

(Nyx Lampra continues to troll the chat)

Anthere: Harvesting duties are complete, Now to keep my brains sharp, as it is only right for a diakonos of Megas Alexandros to be educated like any of his Hetairoi. "Proceeds to solve problems on the whiteboard"


Hetairoi are educated, and it is only right for the disciples of Megas Alexandros to keep the mind sharp as well

-7 P.M.-

Nyx Lampra: Well, our stomachs are starting to show signs of vacuity...

Theophora: Indeed. Thankfully, we have a snack station over there. Why do we not grab some food over there to combat the gastral vacuity?

Nyx Lampra: A sound idea.

-At the Kitchen-

Anthere: Given that I have been derived from a maid, I do have my household skills. Seems like it is the time to exercise my innate skills.


Nyx Lampra and Theophora have little patience. Anthere: Y U TROLL?

-At the living room-

Theophora: It is a good thing we have the snack station, because we aren't equipped with the skill to provide for our own nourishment.

Nyx Lampra: Tell me about it. Now, where's Anthere?

Theophora: Beats me. "Smells Veggie Burgers" Aww crap.

Nyx Lampra: Seems like Anthere was cooking after all. Well, I guess we can have them at subsequent meals.

Theophora: Indeed. "Theophora and Nyx take their leave after finishing their snack-meal"

Anthere: Alright, you two! Get yourselves some... "discovers plate" Ah... never mind. "Anthere consumes her victualis" Now... Za War... Agh, cut!

-After brief transmission-

Anthere: There we go.

Two moreEdit

However, Anthere, Theophora, and Nyx Lampra would not be alone. They would be joined by three more from the Eye of Terror warp, named Hiera Leukolotos and Euodia Anemotheata.

Hiera: So here are those who have released me from the Eye of Terror Magic Realms... I think.

Euodia: That concerns you, Hiera? You are too nice. This house looks like kopros. Well, at least there are flowers and usable plants. Kopros, I say.

Hiera: Blasted Eye of Terror Magic Realms was loaded with daemons... Wait, I embraced them as I did any sentient ones, right?

Euodia: I think you're getting memory loss. Well, we can be grateful that this isn't the goddamn Ecclesiarchy Imperium of Man fundamentalist society. But then you are indeed a priest... Wololoooooo aiyo woo-oo...

Hiera: Stop it, Euodia, why are you so mean? I'm only at least as old as Raszagal... minus 45 at very least. This isn't helping me, right?

Euodia: See? You are indeed old.

Hiera: No! I am youthful! See? My physical status!

Euodia: Right. Wololoooo~


Nyx Lampra: "from inside" Anthere, Theophora, please get door for me, k? I got some work to do, since I am not willing to be in the "not in education, employment, or training" status.

Anthere: Oh greetings.

Hiera: So I presume you're the one who released me from Eye of Terror Magic Realms?

Anthere: I believe not. I suppose it's the work of Sim-Tzeentch?

Hiera: Meh. But it is good to be inhabiting the realm inhabited by both men and supernatural.

Anthere: Yes indeed.

Euodia: Ah, you're the tender of this small garden, eh?

Anthere: Indeed I am. I must always procure materials to facilitate the coming of Megas...

Euodia: You know what, I'll take it from here, so why don't you move along and address your business?

Anthere: Ok... Offer is appreciated?

Euodia: Excellent. I must now plant some more plants to my liking. Plants for the Plant thro... No, no, no. Plants for my garden! Get outta my head, Sim-Khorne! I'm not your bootlick!

Theophora: Did someone say Khorne? Milk for the Khorne Flakes?

Everyone: Not funny.

Theophora: The output of yours is most unappreciated...

Euodia: So are thine.

Hiera: Anyhow, we've come with additional funding. Shall we merge our resources together?

Anthere: Most certainly. We'll need that to expand this place, since we only have room for 3.

Nyx Lampra and Theophora: So, does this mean we can get that skill room that we desperately wanted?

Hiera: By all means!


Kaguya Nyx Lampra finding something interesting other than surfing internet in phone or computer.

Euodia: Whatever.

Anthere: So, we'll need to expand the house, and construction would take too long, eh? Za waru... -bleep-, cut again!

-After a brief transmission-

During the transmission which could be equated to the build and buy mode which in turn is rationalized by The World's Time Stop unexplicable stuff, the abode was given an underground chambers, adding 2 more bedrooms for the newcomers, a new restroom, big and small lounges, and most importantly, a big room that stored the skill items in a fashion too suspiciously similar to those featured in Ecclesiarchal Chapel-Barracks.

Hiera: Well, to thank you for your hospitality, I will take the liberty of preparing more food for us.

Anthere: Given that our first supply may run out quickly, I appreciate your offer, Hiera.

Hiera: No need for such kind words, I am only doing what is right. Well, I do have the skills, so you won't have to fear wasted funds.

Anthere: Very well. Please go on then. 

Oblivious to her status as vegetarian (and read forgetfulness by the user), Definitely not Hijiri Hiera cooks up meat hot dogs.

Hiera: With pleasure.

After the meal was cooked and had, all went to bed. By then, Anthere took a job in Science given her skill with the wrench (as a part of maintaining equipment) and gardening, Theophora a job in Business given her ambitions, and Hiera a job in law enforcement given her good nature. Euodia decided to register as a self-employed gardener, and took the responsibility of maintaining the garden from Anthere, whereas Nyx Lampra had no formal job. Nonetheless, Nyx Lampra would not be a free loader, as to be demonstrated as story progresses.


Theophora: I best get going, my job starts the earliest. Well, better complete my victual and hygienic rituals...

Anthere: Of course, Theophora. I for one shall need to prepare. My work will probably be rather burdensome on the body. How about you, Hiera?

Hiera: Oh yes. Wish all of you best of luck down there. Nyx and Euodia, I trust you will maintain the house in good order.

Euodia: Don't count on my effort indoors. However, I shall see to it that the garden is taken care of.

Nyx Lampra: I suppose it's all me then.

Anthere: May the monarch watch over your efforts, Euodia.

Euodia: Spare the religious talk. I will do what I must my way. And I prefer to keep it rather secular.

Anthere: As you wish.

-After the wage workers depart-

Nyx Lampra: Ah, back to my work. I may not have the physique or mentality for the conventional employment, but I shall not stand there and contribute nothing to this household. 

And so Nyx Lampra goes to sculpt, earning a modicum of cash. Nyx uses the cash to invest in a sketching pad, while Euodia over there continues to tend the garden, harvesting the materials and maintaining the plants' health for the household. After the botanic rites are over, Euodia hands some coffee beans and herbs to Nyx, just as Theophora returns. Noting Theophora's return, Euodia also distributes the beans and herbs to Theophora, saying that those materials will keep the household from unnecessarily wasting resources making drinks at the snack station.

And a day pass. Theophora however was growing ever more interested in alchemy for reasons only she kept to herself. To solve her skill-based desires, Theophora decided to invest in the Alchemy workshop, while adding a chemical lab to fulfill Hiera's wish for one.

Theophora: So, this is what is needed for me to manufacture them potions for my use, eh? Hmm, let's get going. 

Theophora's first endeavor isn't successful.


However, perseverance begets results.