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Angela, Lilith... and Brittany is the 3rd chapter of The Not so Pleasant Pleasants, in this chapter, a New Member of the Pleasant Family arrives... but who is it?


Angela Pleasant

Lilith Pleasant

Mary-Sue Pleasant

Daniel Pleasant

Brittany Pleasant


It was Wednesday, Lilith had arrived home from school, Angela was 7 months pregnant so she'd been removed from school until her baby was born. Lilith walked in the door hoping Daniel wouldn't come to see her Report Card that she got that day, It had to be her worst! But her hopes were shattered, "Lilith, Let me see your report card" Said Daniel, walking out of the Living Room, Lilith handed her Report card to Daniel, After a minue, Daniel nearly had a heart attack, "Lilith Diane Pleasant! I cannot believe this report card, If you get one more fail this semester you'll end up in Summer School" He said to her. Angela came downstairs "Dad, Do we have any Chips?" She asked her, "Angela, You had a pack of Chips 10 minutes ago" Daniel Replied, "I know but I'm craving Chips" Said Angela, and she ran to the kitchen. Daniel turned to Lilith, "And another thing" he said "Wait until you move out before you get pregnant, Your sister's eating us out of house and home". Lilith went to do her Homework. That night, after dinner, Daniel and Mary-Sue called a family meeting. "As you both know" said Daniel "Your mother is infertile" Lilith leaned over to Angela "That means, too old to have anymore babies" Both the girls giggled, Mary-Sue looked at Lilith angrily, "So, We've decided to Adopt!" Said Mary-Sue. Just then there was a knock at the door. Mary-Sue went to answer the door. At the door, there was a Social Worker with a small dark-skinned girl around 11 years old, "Hi, Mrs, Pleasant, this is Brittany, Your new Daughter" Britaany went inside the house and walked into the sitting room. Lilith was disgusted, She' "Lilith! Don't you dare say that about anybody, thats extremly offensive" Said Daniel, Ready to ground Lilith for a year. Mary-Sue walked in after signing some paperwork from the Social Worker, "Britanny, your bedroom is in the basement, Come with me and I'll show you". Brittany and Mary-Sue walked away to the Basement. "Ok girls, time for bed" Said Daniel, Lilith and Angela made their way to bed.