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Angela + Dustin

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So, well, this is a romantic fan-fiction created by me, a super spy and future pop star (I'm kidding, I'm not really those things). This fanon is about Angela Pleasant and Dustin Broke. It's set ... about 10 years in the future, when they are 25. It's starts at their wedding.

The Big DayEdit

Wake... up...

Angela woke up suddenly, Lillith was standing next to her, she yelled You overslept! You're going to be late! Angela, who was still half asleep, replied Huh? Late for what? Lillith sighed Your wedding of course! Angela finally remembered and started to panic. The twins rushed to the car and started speeding to get to the wedding (but the speed didn't help because they got a fine!).

Angela and Dustin had been dating since they were 15 and everyone thinks they are completely incompatible (and they are!) but that didn't stop Dustin from proposing to her a few months ago. Dustin had changed a lot since they started daiting, he stopped working in crime and became an athlete, he had become funnier and a bit nicer (thanks to Angela), he became musclier ...

Anyway, well Lillith was trying to get out of the fine, Dustin was talking to his best-man, Ripp Grunt. Ripp had moved from Strangetown and became best friends with Dustin. Dustin was worried, where was Angela? She wasn't going to leave him at the alter, was she?

Angela arrived just in time, and Dustin was really relieved, now they just had to say I do.

The first dayEdit

You may now kiss the bride!

Dustin couldn't believe it, he was now married to the girl of his dreams, she had been there for him forever, even since before they were dating, she stood by him when his father died and they had had so much fun together, and now she was his wife. He also couldn't believe the grumpy look that Daniel, his new father-in-law, was giving him. Daniel hated Dustin and was convinced that Angela was too good for him. But Angela didn't care, she was obedient and good-natured, but she couldn't stop loving him. They had been friends since they were seven, and somewhere along the way she fell in love with him. He was always making her laugh, being nice to her and defending her. Dustin had had a crush on her since the first time he saw her. He loved everything about her: her smile, her laugh, the way she stutters when she's scared, the way she can be so shy when she doesn't know you, but when she does she can be the most outgoing person ever, the way she's always there for you...

The couple went to their new home. It was late so they went to bed (on a mattress because their home wasn't very furnished).

The next morning Dustin and Angela noticed that it was unfurnished. They went to the shopping center and started looking for furniture. Ooh, this is nice said Angela while pointing at a sofa, but Dustin, who was used to saving money, quickly said Look, honey, we just got married, don't you think it's a little pricy ? Angela eventually gave in, but she got other really nice stuff to make up for it.

Everything was going well, they didn't spend too much money and they got nice furniture, but then they went into the electronic store. Dustin wanted a hifi, a flat screen TV, a computer, a gameboy, video games... He especially wanted The Humans 3. It's a simulation game that sims love. Dustin had The Humans 1 an 2 and all their Expansion Packs, and now he wanted the prequel. After loads of begging and negotiating with Angela she finally agreed to let him have The Humans 3, the TV and the computer if she could have a few things that she wanted. So at the end of the day, the house was completely furnished and everyone was happy.