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Anne Rodehersian
Name Anne Rodehersian
Gender Female Female
Rodehersian Family
Parents Francis Rodehersian Deceased, Etta Rodehersian
Sibling(s) Alice Rodehersian Female, Agatha Rodehersian Twin sisterDeceased, Adam Rodehersian MaleAdopted,
Romances Trevor Brown Ex-romance, Horace Spectre IVEx-fiancée,

Allen SpacePartners

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The typical story of a rich girl turned bad, sort of...
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Human
Education and Employment
Ballet Dancer
Zodiac sign Taurus Taurus
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blonde
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes Blue
Skin color Skin-light Pale
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Kiera District
The Sims 4 Logo
The typical story of a rich girl turned bad, sort of...
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Trait TS4 Jealous Jealous
Trait TS4 Genius Genius
Trait TS4 Good Good
Trait TS4 Gregarious Gregarious
Aspiration  Friend to the World
Eye color TS2 Black Eyes Black
Skin color Skin-light Pale
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Lavisha

Anne Rodehersian is the daughter of Etta and Francis Rodehersian and the sister of Alice, Adam and the late Agatha. On the surface, Anne appeared to be the black sheep of the family but upon closer inspection, all of the siblings had something to hide.

Before BirthEdit

Before her birth, Francis inherited his family company and fortune from his parents who both had died on a yacht cruise. He married Etta, the daughter of a rival company and later merged the two together to increase his fortune. Francis was desperate for a boy as he believed only a boy had the 'knowledge' to continue the lucrative family business 'Rodehersian Motors'. However, their first child turned out to be a girl called Alice. Although Etta secretly loved her little baby girl and didn't mind too much about having any other children, she agreed to try again as Francis desperately wanted a son.

Etta later became pregnant with twins and Francis said he had a good feeling that at least one would be a boy. Etta did everything she could to have a boy but instead, she gave birth to have to identical twin girls, Agatha and Anne.

Babyhood Edit

Anne was raised mostly by a nanny although her mother would often dismiss the nanny whilst Francis was working to spend time with her children as Francis didn't allow her to spend much time with them as he believe that separation at a young age was essential to one's development. Etta disagreed but Francis was quite a forceful man and she didn't want to displease him.

Alice loved playing with her twin baby sisters and she used to play them her violin to help them sleep, although she was so bad at the time that all it ever did was wake them up.

Toddlerhood Edit

The nanny taught Anne all her toddler skills although Etta would watch when she could and give Agatha and Anne some encouragement even if it didn't make any difference to their learning.

Alice became very absent from their lives as Francis and Etta had sent her to Smugsworth Prep to learn how to be a lady. Alice came back very rarely and when she did, Francis forced her to study very hard.

Throughout her toddlerhood, Etta and Francis tried to have another child but after Etta kept miscarrying, Francis decided that he couldn't leave it up to Etta and decided to adopt a baby boy that he named Adam. Although legally, he was both Francis and Etta's child, Francis made it very clear that HE would raise his heir and Etta was simply a token mother.

Childhood Edit

When Alice and Agatha aged up, for the first few months they attended the local private school whilst their father enrolled them in Smugsworth like their older sister. Anne didn't want to leave her mother and was annoyed that Agatha didn't feel the same. She was looking forward to seeing Alice more though as she missed her and hoped that the three of them could hang out together.

Finally, the day came when the twins had to leave. Etta helped pack their bags and she remained very silent. Anne mistook Etta's quietness for a lack caring rather than sadness and vowed that she would not write home as her mother didn't care and she already knew her father would probably just bin her letters when he got them. Francis only had time for two things, Rodehersian motors and Adam Rodehersian.

At boarding school, Anne and Agatha both managed to make friends quite easily but she was upset that, the now teenaged, Alice refused to be seen with her as she was not 'cool' enough to hang out with her. Anne found some of the lessons a bit silly and unnecessary, did she really need to spend hours learning the correct pronunciation of Smugsworth Prep? Anne was a mediocre student unlike Agatha who excelled in school and was a favorite of all the teacher. Anne was not the brightest but she made up for it by being a kind, loving girl. However, Anne was disheartened to see that the teachers valued intelligence over kindness. Despite this the twins remained close and always looked out for each other.

Teenhood Edit

As a teenager, Anne began to rebel a bit more. She still got good grades and turned up to classes but at the weekends, whilst her sister socialized with the other mini aristocrats and upper class students whilst partaking in extra curricular clubs such as horse riding, Anne would leave and go over to the local village to hang our with the local teenagers that she deemed to be a bit more normal. Agatha knew that she wasn't just 'enjoying the scenery' of the village but she didn't tell anybody as in return for her silence, Anne kept Agatha's secret as well. Agatha was a lesbian who was planning on never telling Francis nor Etta. They were both from old traditional families and neither of them were very progressive.

Anne began a relationship with one of the local, working class boys called Trevor Brown. She wasn't in love with anything but Trevor was different from the boys at boarding school. His accent was different, he knew much more about the world and he seemed to be such a bad boy and Anne was fascinated by him. Agatha supported their relationship and on multiple occasions, she would help Anne sneak out to see Trevor.

As the graduation drew closer, the teachers kept a closer eye on the students to make sure that they were studying hard. It became harder and harder for Anne to visit Trevor. Weeks passed and Anne missed him so one night, without her sister's permission, she rode her sister's horse over to Trevor's house. He was very pleased to see her but sadly as she was entering the ground again, she saw that not one but ALL of the teachers were standing outside the school, waiting for her to return. They did not look happy.

She had to go to the headmaster's office, where the headmaster told her that this was unforgivable and she would be expelled for this. Anne began to yell back and argued with him in anger. She knew that the real reason they were annoyed is that she was going to see a working class boy, there had been cases like this before where the pupil had been let off as they were visiting a student from another private school.

Agatha tried to say that it was her fault but Anne stopped her as she didn't want both of them getting in trouble, especially as Agatha had very good grades and would definitely be a Valedictorian at graduation. Anne was forced to go home in disgrace.

Young Adulthood Edit

As a young adult, Anne spent a lot of time at her parent's country house. Agatha had graduated with very good grades and had been offered a place at the prestigious Simbridge University. Anne was happy for her and to be honest, she had a nice time just relaxing. She and Trevor broke up after her expulsion as neither of them were very dedicated to the relationship. Alice was at Sim State studying history so Anne didn't see her much either.

She enjoyed sketching the landscape as she found the small details of the countryside very beautiful. She wasn't very fond of her brother as she felt he was quite corrupt. Adam hadn't been sent to boarding school, instead he had been home educated by a private tutor and was frequently taken to work with Francis as he would one day inherit the whole business.

Anne was surprisingly happy with her life despite her expulsion and lack of qualifications. That was until one day she received a phone call, Agatha had been in an accident whilst horse riding. The horse had rode out of control and Agatha had broken her neck. She had died instantly.

This changed Anne's whole outlook on life. Agatha had had a huge future ahead of her and now it had all been robbed from her. Etta became depressed and if she had been a detached mother before, she now retreated into her own shell and never really came out again. Alice took some time of university to support the family.

Francis decided to use the grief of the family to marry Anne as he viewed her as good for nothing except marriage. He was sad as well due to Agatha's death but he was never one to waste an opportunity. Anne felt too weak to put up a fight so agreed to the marriage. The man her father had chosen was the eligible son of an ambassador, called Horace Spectre. He was nice enough but Anne never connected with him and although she had agreed to the marriage she decided she wanted to choose her husband for herself.

When she went to tell her father that she couldn't marry Horace, he became angry at her. He threatened her with disownment if she didn't comply. Anne replied that she didn't care but her father wasn't happy. He grabbed her arm and began to pull her outside forcefully. Anne screamed that he was hurting her but he didn't listen, he was too angry. Suddenly, Anne heard a gunshot and her father let go of her and fell the ground. Anne checked his pulse but Francis had been killed within seconds. She turned around in shock and to her surprise, she saw Alice holding a shot gun.

Both Anne and Alice got their stories straight and faked a burglary. As they were a well respected family, nobody even suspected Alice and the court claimed that Francis had simply walked in on a burglar. Alice later revealed that she had had other reasons for shooting Francis. Francis had found out about Agatha's sexuality and threatened to kill her the day before her accident. Agatha had called her up in a panic and Alice believed that Agatha had been distracted when she rode her horse and that was why she had died.

Adulthood Edit

Anne moved out of her parent's house and bought a house of her own in the Kiera District. She was openly known as the black sheep of her family but she didn't care. If anything she was pleased that people knew she wasn't like her father. She put the past behind her and decided to start a new life. She found out about the family from Alice who had now graduated from Sim State and was living with Adam and Etta. Since Francis's death, Adam had been struggling with his studies and had attempted to run away several times from home, only to be stopped by Alice.

Anne began to volunteer at her local park, planting flowers as she had always enjoyed being with nature. It was a nice, pleasant way to spend her days and she met so many interesting people that way. One day, a man with green skin offered to help her as it was a hot day and she had a lot to get through. She agreed and afterwards they went to the local café together. He told her his name was Allen and he lived locally.

They began dating and Anne helped get out and about more. She found out that he came from a very rich family but he was, strangely, quite poor as he refused to take money from any of them. He had two children, a boy and a girl, both of whom were expecting their first child. He also told her of his wife, Summer who had gone missing a long time ago. The story rung a vague bell in Anne's head, she remembered headlines of the new Bella Goth. She asked him if he thought Summer would return from space but he said he doubted it. What went up there, never came back down.

Allen told Anne that Nora had asked to meet her and he was sure that Toby could be persuaded to come as well. Anne was thrilled as she though it would be great to meet his children, Allen said they were great children.

At the dinner, Anne thought that Nora seemed very friendly but also quite on edge. Allen told Anne that there had been a lot going on in Nora's life, including the death of her husband, Mitch. Toby seemed quite ambitious and he seemed quite cold to his sister, especially when he lectured on her financial problems. Nora lost her temper and told him to shut up which he did. Despite this, Anne was glad she had met them and felt that this would really help her be a bigger part in Allen's life. She really liked him and could see herself ending up with him.

During their meal, there was a knock at the door and Allen went to answer it. She could tell instantly it was somebody important just by the expression on Allen's face. And when he said the name, 'Summer', she didn't know what to feel.

Summer's returnEdit

When Summer entered, Anne had no idea what to do or say. Firstly she was shocked by Summer's return as Allen had ASSURED her it would never happen. Secondly, she was shocked by how pretty Summer was. She reminded Anne of the pretty girls at her school who would talk to and be nice to Anne because they were in relationships with her sister, Agatha. Anne felt quite strange looking at her and knew that she had to go there and then or else these feelings might be misinterpreted as attraction and that could NOT be what was happening. She pulled her chair out for Summer and said they should talk about it. Allen didn't protest about anything.

Anne rushed out the house and for a second she just stood out in the cold, night air. Summer was exactly Agatha's type and Anne had always dismissed her feelings for them as jealousy that they were stealing her sister away from her. Anne began to think back but in her mind, she was still dismissing that these could have been anything other than jealousy. Anne couldn't be attracted to women, that was Agatha's thing. As she walked back to her house, she kept repeating to herself that this was simply confusion, perhaps jealousy. She decided that she just needed to sleep and in the morning she would see these feelings for what they were.