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Anoki Moon was a student from Sims University, persuing a degree in Physical Education until he contracted lycanthropy by fellow classmate and werewolf Sharron Arkers. He later goes from career to career, most notably military and law enforcement before finding himself a guardian and teacher at the Skyhold Home for Gifted Children, an orphanage for supernatural children.

Anoki first appears in the fanon Survivre avex les loups, living in Bridgeport attempting to live a relatively quiet life. Lucy, the teenaged waitress in the diner he frequents, nicknames him "Mean Man," but because she senses Anoki is more sympathetic than he looks, suspects he has powers and knows she needs protection from the gun-toting, macho cult known as the Brothers that's chasing her, she tentatively approaches him for help. After Lucy is murdered, Anoki pursues the killers into backwoods of Appaloosa Plains. Anoki's investigation parallels the work of ATF agent Cassie Lathrop, who's also on the trail of the cult for firearms violations, and she can accomplish some things that he can't. After finding and killing the Brothers and their leader Anoki travels back to Bridgeport letting his guard down in a bar full of other supernaturals, as he ponders what he's done and whether he's really human or just a talented, somewhat evolved beast.