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Aptiva Mountains
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"Aptiva Mountains was founded about 40 years ago when some people got bored and decided to build something here. It was hit by an earthquake about a year ago, but the only sign of damage is the bridge in Palomino Creek. It is said that Estevan Tremblay and Allison Gueste have become so powerful they now take a major role in running the small city."
Name Aptiva Mountains
Game(s) TS3 Icon The Sims 3
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Aptiva Mountains is a small city created by LOLZpersonok. It consists of two peninsulas, an island, and a small country backside. The world itself is currently not complete.

Aptiva Mountains, is a temperate region, although on average, warm enough to allow palm trees to grow in certain places. The backside of the city is more of an alpine feel, along with Aptiva Valley, though Aptiva Valley is more urbanized, even though it isn't classified to be a part of the actual city proper.

The world is composed of four parts:

Downtown Aptiva Sommerset Bridlewood Country Area

Downtown Aptiva, is of course, the downtown part of the city which has all the skyscrapers, businesses and penthouses in the city. It is home to the beach, the outdoor pool, and an outdoor gym, although there is another indoor gym for vampires living in the city. Downtown Aptiva also contains the city's large 'mini mansions'.

Sommerset is the middle-class residential area of the city. Many of the houses are styled after those found in Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak, both of which are real life residential area in Calgary, Canada. Much of the architecture in the world is influenced by architecture in Calgary, Canada. (Note that the actual population of Calgary is around 1,300,000 people)

Bridlewood is a neighbourhood that is intended to reflect a dirty, grungy, old or undesirable district in a city. All of the houses and families that live within are all low-class and aren't big. The houses are small, and generally poorly maintained in general. This is where the junkyard is in Aptiva Mountains. Bridlewood is located on the city's only island.

The countryside, is of course, the countryside. There is only three families living in the countryside.


  • Palomino Creek's name was derived from a location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas .
  • Aptiva Mountains was named after a fairly unpopular consumer computer from the early to late 90's called the IBM Aptiva .
  • There is an abandoned mineshaft near Palomino Creek, which is basically a mineral reservoir.
  • Aptiva Mountains was supposedly hit by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake. It is hinted minorly in certain parts of the city and other areas, and noticeable scars are shown by the bridge in Palomino Creek.
  • There are no actual dead Sims in the graveyard.
  • There is a park in the center of Downtown Aptiva called 'The Core'. There is a shopping centre in Downtown Calgary called The Core.
  • There are several Sims in Aptiva Mountains who originally came from Bridgeport. These Sims are: The Hemlock Family, Flo-Flo Chique, & The Mixture of Good And Bad Family.
  • The names Sommerset and Bridlewood come from two real life districts in Calgary of the same name. Sommerset, however in real life is spelled 'Somerset'.
  • Sommerset's building style is influenced by its real life counterpart (Influenced by the average income)
  • Bridlewood, on the other hand, isn't.
  • There is another city nearby Aptiva Mountains called Angel City. It can be seen when one positions the camera from the top of the city's tallest building and looks towards Bridlewood.


Abandoned Mines

The abandoned mineshaft that is near Palomino Creek.

Amy Lee House

Amy Lee appears in Aptiva Mountains. This is her house, the interior heavily influenced by gothic style.

Aptiva Theatre

A screenshot of Downtown Aptiva.

Bridlewood House


Buckthorn Valley

Buckthorn Valley. There is a consignment store and a sports bar located here. The valley is named after the family that lives here.

Downtown Aptiva

The skyline of Downtown Aptiva.

Downtown Aptiva 2

Inside Downtown Aptiva.

Germinotta House

The Germinotta household mansion.

Germinotta House Second Floor

Inside the Germinotta household.

Home of Allison and Estevan

Estevan Tremblay and Allison Gueste live here.


The Laundromat in Aptiva Mountains

Millrise Condos

Millrise Condos. Note that in Calgary, Canada, there is a condo called Millrise Condos that burnt down.

Near Palomino Creek

The road that goes down by Palomino Creek.

Palomino Creek

Palomino Creek is a popular spot for fishing.

Rocky Ridge Homes

Houses in Sommerset are heavily influenced by those in Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak in Calgary.

Rocky Ridge House

Another house who's style was influenced by those in Rocky Ridge in Calgary.

Tuscany House

This particular home was influenced by home styles in Tuscany, also in Calgary, Canada.