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Welcome to ArbordaleEdit

Arbordale is a Maxis neighborhood which was an empty "Neighborhood Template", I have built up a lot of families but I aim to make one big giant family tree that they (the sims living in the neighborhood) will all be related in some way.

Here on this "Fanon" I will post screenshots from in-game and write updates on the families.

The Waters FamilyEdit


This is a big family, and they want to make it bigger to send off generations of different sims but is that going to happen at all? Misty is a calm and relaxed woman but will she get the man of her dreams and have children? Murky is bringing in the cash, that's why her family have quite a bit of money but will she spend it? Camilla got a job quite recently, but will her age disrupt her work and end up her having to retire? Early has his job and he has more days off so he doesn't have to strain his back, but will Early keep his strength or will his age get out of hand?